The Game Awards 2018

  • Got Friday off from work, brother is gonna use his PTO at work, a few friends, and I'm probably gonna start making some BBQ sometime in the morning like some slow cooked ribs, and pork.

  • Yakuza 6 should have at least got a nomination but I guess majority is waiting for 3-5 so not many necessarily played the game.
    I honestly only remember one score from Spider-Man and that's saying I really didn't find it to be anything good really.
    Valkyria Chronicles 4 at least got one nomination so I'm happy about that.
    Categories having different amount of nominees is weird though. Keeping all at 4 or 5 and GOTY at +1 would have been more logical than "these have 4, others have 5 and these two have 6"

  • This gets me really hyped for Assassin's Creed Odyssey (I'm waiting for a Black Friday sale to buy it). Also I'm glad that Forza Horizon 4, The Banner Saga 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Detroit: Become Human have received some recognition.

    But why Fortnite was nominated? It wasn't released in the time period, right?

  • @hidz said:

    Also, is it just me, or is it weird that Life if Strange 2 got nominated for two categories when there's only one episode out?

    Very weird.

    @ffff0 said:

    But why Fortnite was nominated? It wasn't released in the time period, right?

    Has it ever come out of Early Access, even now? If it officially launched, I definitely missed that and don't remember reviews for it.

    Anyone else notice that besides Aces nominee for Best Sports / Racing, first party Nintendo is quarantined this year to Best Family Game despite the Switch trying to escape that stereotype for Nintendo? No Torna the Golden Country under Best Role Playing Game? Knock Ni no Kuni II off that. No Octo Expansion under Best Score / Music? There's clearly stuff on that you could cut in a heartbeat. I feel like expansions can count when they have so much music they get their own soundtrack. Plus we mentioned before a single episode of an episodic title and an early access game somehow are allowed to be nominated, so might as well throw all the rules out.

    Glad Into the Breach got some nominees, but let's be honest. It's just going to lose to the more "artsy" games in both the categories it made it into. Celeste will win Best Independent Game. Banner Saga 3 will win Best Strategy Game. Journalists LOVE games that have THOSE looks to them. I wouldn't be surprised if Celeste ends up picking up almost as many awards as Red Dead Redemption 2, because it has the marriage of that look, solid gameplay, and the dealing with emotional internal struggles that's basically the premise for the Games For Impact category. On the same note, I wonder if Octopath Traveler will win Best Art Direction. It is up against some titans, but that's exactly what Octopath Traveler is known for. It'll probably lose to hyper realism Red Dead Redemption 2 though. Also glad Yoku's Island Express made it into the Best Debut Indie Game category, but not sure it stands a real chance against the other nominees.

    Just some extra stuff I find amusing. Pubg and Fortnite in Best Mobile Game category. Sea of Thieves got Best Multiplayer Game nomination. Destiny 2: Forsaken in Best Ongoing Game category. Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War both got 8 nominations, 7 if you don't include Best Performance. Spider-Man got one less nomination than those two. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ONLY got nominated for Best Action / Adventure Game.

    Geoff Keighley needs to hire a new person to make the site for viewing nominations and voting, but it is super slow and broken. I think I remember it also being pretty bad last year as well. That's not even accounting for how the site gets smashed to pieces right after they revealed the nominees every year.

  • Im only watching TGA just for new game announcements. awards are just popularity contest. more mainstream game is, more its getting attention.

  • @hidz
    Yeah, I it feels a bit odd. Personally I think episodic games should only be included once 3 or 4 episodes are out.

    Although I guess its slightly better then PUBG being nominated last year when it was still in early access, and only had one map.

  • @mbun I try not to begrude award show lists since I learned long ago my tastes don't line up with the general publics (unless something drastically changes in the next month my top two games this year are a visual novel and an expansion pack for example) but a lot of these nominees are so bad that I have to assume that either I'm officially not "with it" anymore or there's some inherent bias against anything but western AAA titles. I don't want to shittalk the game as I haven't played it but the way these lists play out makes me almost think Celeste is only in the GOTY list as a pity nomination for people like me that don't care about your God of Wars and Red Dead Redemption 2s.

  • @hanabi said:

    a lot of these nominees are so bad that I have to assume that either I'm officially not "with it" anymore or there's some inherent bias against anything but western AAA titles

    It has always been kind of like this. Been getting slightly better over the years though. Even as successful as it was, I doubt we'd be seeing Monster Hunter World on there a couple years ago. Baby steps.

    I don't want to shittalk the game as I haven't played it but the way these lists play out makes me almost think Celeste is only in the GOTY list as a pity nomination for people like me that don't care about your God of Wars and Red Dead Redemption 2s.

    I mean we all know Celeste isn't winning GOTY sure, (prove me wrong) but it is also nominated for lots of other stuff I could easily see it winning. I did name a couple things I see as "pity nominations" in my post though. Things that the devs treated like a huge deal that ended up being mediocre to outright negatively received, that I imagine were only nominated even as a handshake to not upset the devs or publishers behind them in case Keighley wanted scoops from future projects of theirs or just to be generally nice to the people working hard on the games that got swept under by the hard hitters this year.

    I question a couple of the categories they got nominated for, but God of War was fantastic, and it sounds like Red Dead Redemption 2 has alot going for it as well. So I won't even be upset if they end up sweeping this year. Not a situation like some previous years where some game that in my opinion doesn't deserve it and snubs others who do gets a ton of awards because it was the perfect journalist bait that they can pat themselves on the back for voting on. Celeste is probably the closest to that kind of game this year, and we both know Celeste actually backs up that image with incredibly good gameplay and level design.

    Also, for all the scattered nominees I see and snicker at, I should praise them for making an extreme good list for the Best VR / AR Game this year. Least that's one category I can find no fault in.

  • As usual I have no interest in the awards, but I'm at least glad to see Valkyria 4 getting some recognition although I would have hope to see it in the RPG category, where at far as I'm concerned should take it for sure.

  • Personally, I find several of the categories pretty strong, and others a complete miss. That being said, I'm not surprised Esports getting even MORE categories as it's super popular, but I don't know if they're necessary. Best coach? Best Host? I generally just pass on all the Esports categories to begin with. I WILL say though, I like the idea of Best Moment. It's just I've never heard of any of them.

    Esports aside, there are other categories as well that I find odd:

    • As touched on, Mobile having Fortnite and PUBG nominations are... eeehhhhh....
    • Action (to me) seems REALLY weak this year.
    • Fighting also is the only category that didn't hit the five nomination mark, and one of those four is a rerelease of sorts.
    • I COMPLETELY concur about Family Game. It should just be rebranded as the best Nintendo game.
    • Why is Sports/Racing category a thing? I'll be surprised if Forza doesn't win again.
    • Anyone else notice "Trending Gamer" turned into "Content Creator"?

    But, with all of that said, I'm looking forward to quite a few awards:

    Game Direction: I'm pulling for A Way Out, Detroit, and God of War, but I'm thinking A Way Out will win because of the unique way it exists (this is not an endorsement or decry of its actual quality).

    Art Direction: Again, I would be happy if God of War wins, but Octopath Traveler is the best looking game to me (in terms of style), so it should win.

    Performance: Always one of my favorites because of the outstanding work by every nominee, this year is a little easier to root for, but just as difficult to predict. I want to see Bryan Dechart and Christopher Judge win, but I have a feeling Yuri Lowenthal or Melissanthi Mahut were more praised for their acting.

    Narrative: I want God of War to win, but I think Spider-Man takes this award.

    Games for Impact: I always like this award because the speeches are typically more heartfelt than the others, and despite not playing ANY of the games in this category, I get the feeling Celeste resonated to other people more than any of the other nominees.

    VR/AR: I think this maybe my favorite category for this year and I've never played VR or AR. All five nominees look like really fun games, and I'm cheering for them all. If I HAD to pick one, I would say Beat Saber, but ANY game here deserves the win.

    Action/Adventure: Poor Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Or I should say, the rebooted versions of the franchise in general. Solid games, just never as good as what comes out in the same year. That said: Go God of War, but Red Dead wins easily.

    RPG: This is one of the "forgone conclusion" categories. I want Octopath Traveler to win, but I'll be shocked if Monster Hunter World doesn't for one reason: It's nominated for GOTY and no other RPG is. Speaking of which....


    Before the nominations came out, I was trying to figure out between Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Celeste, and Monster Hunter World, which of those would be the odd one out for the five cut-off. Heading into the year, Red Dead and Spider-Man were absolute locks, and when God of War came out, I was happily stunned to see it score so exceptionally. So seeing all six nominees, there isn't surprise.

    What IS a surprise is God of War surpassing Spider-Man in terms of praise. This is NOT to take away from Spider-Man, but I thought FOR SURE it would be between Rockstar and Insomniac at this point. It's pretty clear what I'm pulling for, but I legitimately am unsure who will win, and I like that. Last year, it was a forgone conclusion Zelda would win in January, and maybe, MAYBE, Mario might supplant it. This year, that same zeitgeist has me believing Red Dead 2 will win. But I actually have hope it won't because in the midst of all the praise for the game, there are very slight gripes whereas I heard none for God of War.

    But no matter what, it comes to Red Dead 2, Spider-Man, and God of War.

    Regardless, I'm looking forward to the event, what "big surprises and reveals" Keighley has in store, and I'm curious to know if there will be another "Industry Icon."

  • Don’t forget that The Walking Dead won the VGAs GotY way back when, against Dishonored, Journey, AC3, and Mass Effect 3. Don’t sell Celeste so short!

  • It is a travesty that nobody from Yakuza 6 got nominated in the best performance category. Especially considering that Kassandra from AC Odyssey is just plain bad acting (mostly bad script, but I digress). Yakuza 6 should have also gotten a story nod but I'd be more inclined to let that nomination go over Best Performance.

    Extremely excited for the Best Student Game category. It must be a light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of these young adults. What a great way to start your careers. Games For Change is another great category that I'm glad is returning.

  • I still don't get it that we have this in early December, basically for the first 11 months of the year. What happens to the December games? No love for Smash Bros. Ultimate, for instance? Same thing happened to The Last Guardian a few years ago. All the other mediums have their galas in Q1, so why not games as well.

  • @dipset said in The Game Awards 2018:

    It is a travesty that nobody from Yakuza 6 got nominated in the best performance category. Yakuza 6 should have also gotten a story nod but I'd be more inclined to let that nomination go over Best Performance.


    Also Onomichi is a top 10 best town.

  • The games categories are stacked with great games, but the one game that matters is Rocksteady new game.

  • @sentinel-beach
    I think Geoff mentioned it once on his Facebook, but the cutoff date for games is usually something like November 25th, just a few days before the show goes live, also something about wanting games out for a week or two, but also far enough that that they can plan things out.

    I'll see if I can find the conversation about it.

  • I had a hard time on some of those categories, Action-Adventure especially. I was finally decided after reading the description on the page about combat combined with traversal and puzzle solving. So had to give it to Spider-Man since Web swinging is amazing.
    Ongoing game also ended up hard for me. I adore Overwatch but I didn't vote for it due to the updates feeling the same. I love it still, but I would love something more than just new characters and maps. So I voted for No Man's Sky since while I haven't played it since launch, I have to give credit where it's due. That game has vastly changed, and improved.
    Completely skipped esports categories, since I have no knowledge about them. But happy enough to see more people getting credit for their work.

    All in all I think it's a pretty solid line up. Awards aren't really important, but they're fun to have conversations about.

    Also, RDR2 is probably gonna win GOTY, with God of War as its closest contender... so I went with Spider-Man to give it love, and because I am happy with whichever game that wins. It's been an impressive year, especially for me as a PS4 owner.

  • @brannox said in The Game Awards 2018:

    Why is Sports/Racing category a thing? I'll be surprised if Forza doesn't win again.

    Question as valid as this: What are you smoking? Just because Forza has been doing so great lately doesn't make the category somehow invalid.

  • @ivanhoe My point isn't Forza doing so well makes the category invalid, but rather Forza is the ONLY thing in this category, year in and year out, the majority who nominate for this award has any investment in.

    This is NOT to say things such as FIFA and NBA 2K are not good, nor does it mean those games shouldn't have their fans and subsequently be nominated. It's just from an optics perspective, "Sports" and "Racing" were two separate categories, merged at some point because there isn't enough holistic interest for them both to exist separately anymore. And since Forza is THE premiere racing franchise and gets the most attention (both in terms of critical reception and conversation on non-genre specific outlets), it just feels like the category shouldn't be there, because the consensus always seems to be, between playing the newest Forza or the newest entry in FIFA or NBA 2K, Forza always seems to be the preference, as it wins every year.

    Granted, placing Forza in another category is difficult because outside of Audio Design, it doesn't have another nomination, and it wouldn't be eligible for practically any other categories.

    So, to me, having the Sports/Racing category just feels like what we all know: Forza is a great game, unlike many others, but it doesn't have any real competition for what it is, and its quality can't be ignored, so it needs to be recognized in some way.

  • A hard year to pick things....since I haven't played most of them, lol. Good on Monster Hunter World and Valkyria Chronicles 4 though, I guess. Is it just me, or did it feel like half the categories was devoted to e-sports? Ick!

    Speaking of injustices, how do we get a year with 3 Yakuza games and zero nominations?