The Game Awards 2018

  • @dipset said in The Game Awards 2018:

    It is a travesty that nobody from Yakuza 6 got nominated in the best performance category. Yakuza 6 should have also gotten a story nod but I'd be more inclined to let that nomination go over Best Performance.


    Also Onomichi is a top 10 best town.

  • The games categories are stacked with great games, but the one game that matters is Rocksteady new game.

  • @sentinel-beach
    I think Geoff mentioned it once on his Facebook, but the cutoff date for games is usually something like November 25th, just a few days before the show goes live, also something about wanting games out for a week or two, but also far enough that that they can plan things out.

    I'll see if I can find the conversation about it.

  • I had a hard time on some of those categories, Action-Adventure especially. I was finally decided after reading the description on the page about combat combined with traversal and puzzle solving. So had to give it to Spider-Man since Web swinging is amazing.
    Ongoing game also ended up hard for me. I adore Overwatch but I didn't vote for it due to the updates feeling the same. I love it still, but I would love something more than just new characters and maps. So I voted for No Man's Sky since while I haven't played it since launch, I have to give credit where it's due. That game has vastly changed, and improved.
    Completely skipped esports categories, since I have no knowledge about them. But happy enough to see more people getting credit for their work.

    All in all I think it's a pretty solid line up. Awards aren't really important, but they're fun to have conversations about.

    Also, RDR2 is probably gonna win GOTY, with God of War as its closest contender... so I went with Spider-Man to give it love, and because I am happy with whichever game that wins. It's been an impressive year, especially for me as a PS4 owner.

  • @brannox said in The Game Awards 2018:

    Why is Sports/Racing category a thing? I'll be surprised if Forza doesn't win again.

    Question as valid as this: What are you smoking? Just because Forza has been doing so great lately doesn't make the category somehow invalid.

  • @ivanhoe My point isn't Forza doing so well makes the category invalid, but rather Forza is the ONLY thing in this category, year in and year out, the majority who nominate for this award has any investment in.

    This is NOT to say things such as FIFA and NBA 2K are not good, nor does it mean those games shouldn't have their fans and subsequently be nominated. It's just from an optics perspective, "Sports" and "Racing" were two separate categories, merged at some point because there isn't enough holistic interest for them both to exist separately anymore. And since Forza is THE premiere racing franchise and gets the most attention (both in terms of critical reception and conversation on non-genre specific outlets), it just feels like the category shouldn't be there, because the consensus always seems to be, between playing the newest Forza or the newest entry in FIFA or NBA 2K, Forza always seems to be the preference, as it wins every year.

    Granted, placing Forza in another category is difficult because outside of Audio Design, it doesn't have another nomination, and it wouldn't be eligible for practically any other categories.

    So, to me, having the Sports/Racing category just feels like what we all know: Forza is a great game, unlike many others, but it doesn't have any real competition for what it is, and its quality can't be ignored, so it needs to be recognized in some way.

  • A hard year to pick things....since I haven't played most of them, lol. Good on Monster Hunter World and Valkyria Chronicles 4 though, I guess. Is it just me, or did it feel like half the categories was devoted to e-sports? Ick!

    Speaking of injustices, how do we get a year with 3 Yakuza games and zero nominations?

  • @brannox

    I love Forza Horizon as much as the next guy, but GT Sport losing to Forza Motorsport 7 a few years ago was a robbery. Granted, it was a competitive year, but its night and day which game was and still is better and the academy definitely made the wrong choice.

    Racing games aren't exactly dead and I think if the stars align one year we'll have another Sim vs Sim vs Arcade vs Arcade racing category where all the games are top notch.

  • @minamik said:

    Is it just me, or did it feel like half the categories was devoted to e-sports? Ick!

    Not half, but alot.
    so much esports
    Least they were segregated to their own section.

    @Brannox said:

    It's just from an optics perspective, "Sports" and "Racing" were two separate categories, merged at some point because there isn't enough holistic interest for them both to exist separately anymore.

    They really should be separate categories. They aren't remotely the same thing. Speaking of which, remember when we had a Handheld Game category? Then it was merged as Mobile / Handheld. Now it is gone completely. I guess with the Vita and 3DS being pretty dead now and the Switch making every console game for it also a handheld game, it'd be a pretty stupid category to keep around. Wish it could remain in a spiritual sense though. Something like Best Games on the Go, awarding games designed to be played in short bursts that don't drain your battery as fast that aren't mobile games, because mobile games are a whole different beast.

  • @brannox

    My solution: Get informed people to vote on the category and give the trophy to Forza until it's not the best anymore, which is going to happen sooner or later. Seems kind of harsh to just get rid of the category when both genres have plenty of fans and should really have own separate categories.

  • PES 2019 > Forza

  • I wanted the quiet man to be nominated for games for impact, you might say what impact? Will Square Enix cancelled FF15 DLC and tabata left the company just to fund the quiet man.

  • Nominees aside, i just want to say that i'm really diggin the 80's glitchy cyberpunk theme of the teaser videos.

  • @bam541
    It's like a hint of something

  • @DIPSET I believe Forza won out because the amount of car and track selection was way bigger and I THINK Forza had a couple of other features GT didn't have. But, not being a fan of the genre, I can't say one way or the other which one should've won, just express lack of surprise Forza took the award.

    I don't think they're dead either, but the Game Awards are determined by many outlets and influencers (I think I heard this year was around 60? I'm not sure), and many don't give the genre the time. In order for Racing to be competitive again, GT needs to reassert its appeal to the Playstation fanbase while things like Onrush need to get more mainline attention.

    @Mbun I completely agree, and I've always been confused as to why the merge happened. Can't rebrand the category "Competitive" because Multiplayer has that locked up. And for your point about Mobile/Handheld, I agree as well, and I do see the parallels.

    @Ivanhoe I'm not sure there are enough people who are informed though, and that's where my issue with it lies. From what I've heard from three separate outlets is the ballot needed to have at least three nominations from each outlet, regardless of category, and if anyone couldn't come up with that minimum, they needed to abstain. And with Forza being the ONLY racing game in the Sports/Racing category, it's pretty clear not many who are judges have investment in the genre.

  • Watching a few podcasts that were talking about TGA, and it seems as though if an outlet can't come up with more than a certain amount of nominations or don't feel comfortable enough with the category, they're allowed to just not involve themselves in it. But yeah, what Brannox said above me.

  • I picked MHW as my goty vote, but seeing it in the rpg category feels super weird. I don't really think of it as an rpg. And don't get me started on Ni no Kuni 2! The very definition of mediocre compared to the first one. Where the heck is Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

  • December is where you send games to die/forgotten like January is for movies. Many probably forgot about it being viable @Minamik
    Yakuza 6 being another big snub like I said because many are waiting for 3-5 before jumping in on 6. And Fortnite getting votes even when it's still on Early Access right?

  • @tearju-engi Yeah, Fortnite is weird, similar to PUBG from before. Weird to nominate a game that hasn't been officially released, but no one can argue about it being the year of Fortnite.

    Also found MHW being in RPG super odd. But I guess at its core it is a game where you role play as a Monster hunter.... but then most games would classify as an RPG if that was all it took.

  • Article was 403ing on me, but apparently (via Gameinformer) CBS will air this on television.