Love and Respect - Patreon's Comment System sucks.

  • I did something I would never usually do this week. I upped my pledge to $5, because I really wanted to submit a Love & Respect topic this week over the QA Tester fired from Treyarch and the things that he leaked about Black Ops 4, like the Co-op campaign, and the unfinished state of the Zombies mode when compared to the other modes.

    I wouldn't normally because I don't like having access to the Podcast early, the normal release time of the Podcast lines nicely up with when I finish work on a Friday night, and really signifies the beginning of the weekend for me. I don't trust myself to avoid it til then. But I really wanted to submit this topic, even if it didn't get pulled.

    I spent a long time packing as much info in as possible (because it's a complex topic), only for Patreon to eat my comment. I remade my comment (spent a little less time but still put some effort in), added a Safety Reply, and then triple checked it was still there in multiple tabs. Satisfied, I went about my business.

    I've checked this morning to see what other Love and Respect comments were posted, only to find that Patreon ate my comment AGAIN.

    It's beyond frustrating because I spent so long trying to submit this topic.

    As it's too late to fix, and this was the only reason for my increased pledge, I've lowered my pledge back down to $2 now, rather than wait til the end of the month. If by some miracle my topic did get pulled, or Kyle confirms he did actually get it before the comment was eaten, I'll certainly increase it back up to $5 before the end of the month and then decrease it afterwards.

    This problem seems like a really common occurrence, especially on Love and Respect posts. Surely the Allies can lean on on Patreon and be like, "hey, fix this, we bring in thousands of dollars a month for this website".

    Just made this post to vent, and also to explain myself in case my upping and lowering of pledges shows up on the back-end and Blood or someone thinks I'm trying to game the system to get Early Access to stuff without paying for it.

  • Note - Moved to Comments & Feedback as I think it probably makes more sense here.

    As for the issue, ya. Pretty much. I've heard this quite a bit about patreon. I don't think it has happened to me yet but it does really suck that.

    As for surely the allies have can push Patreon towards fixing it, I don't think they have that much sway. Patreon is it's own company full of shareholders, executives, Product managers etc who probably already know exactly what work they're doing over the next 6 months to a year. I'm sure it's something they are at least aware of but really people need to direct that feedback to Patreon, not EZA or whoever one supports.