Sony Skipping E3 2019

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    I know all of that. Saying "who can afford all this shit" was self-centered of me. I mean personally I can't afford all of the bells and whistles. I got a PS4 Pro about a year ago and I like it but I can't even use it's HDR functionality because I bought a smaller more budget 4K TV in 2015 and I don't plan on upgrading for the special graphical features that PS5 might offer.

    My all encompassing thought is that gaming is getting pretty damn expensive if you want to make the most of what your machine is capable of. Another example would be how my PC is very capable of running 4K @ 60f or 2K @ 100f+ but I can "only" afford a 2K 60Hz monitor so that's the route I went. Everything from groceries, to rent (20% above inflation rate), to electronics is absorbingly expensive in Toronto these days so I guess my whole outlook on this gaming hobby of mine is changing. I don't need or want the "best" anymore. It's too much. I need to save up for a vacation or something, ya know? I'll always be excited for the next generation of gaming but I think I'd rather put my money elsewhere when I can.

  • Assuming this means PS5 announcement is imminent, my question to you all is this: should I buy a PS4 when I make a (semi-permanent) move next fall? Or should I just accept the fact that I missed this generation and hope for ports of the biggest games to the supposedly beefy PS5?

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    From everything I hear PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 completely, with some games (mostly first party and major 3rd party games) getting getting PS5 patches.

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    @naltmank As long as you don't mind waiting a year and a half+, wait for PS5.
    Unless Sony goes completely out of their way to screw everything up and abandon X86 architecture for no reason, PS5 should be fully BC with the PS4's library.

  • @naltmank Just to add to what others have said, in the unlikely event that the PS5 can't play PS4 discs, you can still buy a PS4 console in the future and play all its games to your heart's content. There's no "I missed a generation of gaming", that's what retro gaming is all about!

  • So it turns out Sony isn't doing an event right around E3, but they're instead just dumping a bunch of trailers on their Youtube the day before to steal other people's thunder.

  • @mbun A youtube channel that they drop videos almost daily is getting new trailers :shock:

  • If you leave your thunder unattended - that's what's gonna happen in this day and age. Someone gonna come around and steal it.

  • the absolute State of Play.

  • Now that we're so close to E3 I'm really disappointed Sony isn't here. I get they may not have a lot to show but E3 to me feels like a huge celebration of video games and to have such a huge player opt out is just disappointing. I like the State of Plays but I'd rather have a big E3 blow out then drips of info through out the year.

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    @yoshi Somebody will laugh at that some day.

    I figured Sony would do something like this. They've got some of the biggest games in the industry bookending this gen, so blowing their load now would seem like a poor business decision in my opinion.

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    Somebody will laugh at that some day.

    Yes me! i will laugh at it! :3

  • I'm just hoping this ends up hurting Sony and they'll be back next year.