EZA Tabletop RPG Concept, Layout, Request for System Design Assistance, and Feedback: Nov 2018

  • To clarify the title:
    This is a concept for a D&D-ish like Table Top RPG about the Easy allies. I am going to explain my basic ideas and thoughts on how the game could work. But would LOVE assistance designing systems and appreciate any feedback. Think D&D meets Stardew valley meets Civilization 4. But mostly D&D pure pen and paper with concepts from those types of games.

    The Concept:

    • You are the Easy Allies
    • You will live out the EZA career from initial stream to current popularity and beyond.
    • Each Ally is a class and a character (So you may play as a specific Ally or make a character based on a specific Ally who would be the Class.)
    • The battles are Game reviews, community interaction, and attending/covering conventions
    • Other "Battles" would be larger raids Like E3.
    • Each campaign takes place over the course of a year
    • As a group, You build up your audience, reputation, equipment, and services
    • Each individual Ally will have individual stats representative of their strengths

    Character creation:

    • Each ally represents a class of reviewer
    • So there will be 9 classes Possibly a 10th class for a sports game reviewer class
    • You can make your own custom character, but their "class" will be a copy of an ally
    • Stats will represent capability to Review certain types of games, provide objective/subjective scores, host a stream, host a show, attend a podcast, promote via twitter, edit videos, and other technical and social skills to be designed
    • Based on "Class/Ally" chosen you will have max limits and starting points for certain skills
    • Each Class/Ally will have certain abilities specific to them
    • Leveling up occurs to each Player/Ally based on tasks they completed.
    • How well they complete a task decides how much XP the team gets (More in the Campaign section.)
    • The Ian class could unlock new skills like more efficient podcast setup
    • The Brandon Class can unlock skills like being able to record longer before his voice needs to rest
    • The Kyle class can unlock courage which allows him to give new ventures to the group like "Box Peek"
    • Essentially each Ally can unlock skills that progress them as a reviewer, Personality, Technical skill
    • As they level up these skills they will be able to do certain tasks more efficiently and with a greater chance of doing well
    • They will have other skill lines that allow them to assist other allies
    • they will have special moments they can unlock once they have leveled up a variety of skills enough.
    • Some tasks can be unlocked by any ally, Like Top 10's or Retrospectives
    • Some tasks will require all allies to level up (More details in the Campaign section.)
    • There will be "Breaking canon" skills which allow players to expand each "Class/Ally" beyond what they tend to do in real life. (Ian writing game reviews, Ben doing VO for reviews, etc..)

    An average gaming session:

    • Each player will represent 1 or more allies.
    • Decisions over what "Content" will be produced each day/week will take place
    • Players as a group can decide as a team and divide responsibilities for the week of work or the campaign can be designed with preset tasks each day/week/month/year to complete.
    • They can group up on many tasks, but not all (A review can only be done by 1 person, but editing, VO, etc can be done as a group.)
    • Once it is decided who will do what each task takes place like a battle, with dice rolls and other such systems(This is where I need help. To design ideas that work for treating each type of task as a type of "battle" or some other new system we can create from scratch.)
    • There will be weekly "Raids" that require most of the Players/Allys Like a Podcast
    • There can be multiple weekly events each week Podcast, Frame Trap, etc..
    • Some tasks can be stretched over multiple weeks/months as DM discression in how they design the time limit and skills needed to complete. Like a Top 10 video, 24 hour charity/patreon stream, etc..
    • There will be Monthly Raids like various game events like PSX, New big Drama in the gaming industry, etc...
    • There will be yearly Raids Like E3, Game of the Year, and The Greats.

    Detailing Campaigns:

    • An Average Campaign would be 1 year, April to March the following year (But the DM can make a campaing go on forever or multiple years.)
    • Each nightly gaming session is meant to represent a week on EZA time, and I hope to design it to take 1-2 Real life hours to play.
    • So a Campaign can emulate the actual Easy Allies "Adventure" thus far, by starting small and simple and expanding to what we see today, but with systems in place to represent what the Allies hope to achieve in RL.
    • The system will be designed both the represent and allow for the allies to grow to super huge status and have corporate offices and such if the DM and players so wish to have a campaign both that long. I want there to be systems in place to allow for it.
    • The game will also allow for skills that would be very unlikely / impossible in real life. Like 4 reviewers per a game to create Famitus/EGM style 4 score reviews, Get rid of scoring systems, AI Automated Video Editing. And just get more redciulous for crazy areas for campaigns to expand if to is players or DM so chooses.
    • Patreon Money, Members, Twitch Viewers, Twitch Money, and other revenue streams and amounts of EZA fans are what "Level up" the group.
    • So at the end of a Session Each player will earn XP based on tasks completed (No matter how good or bad they did, BUT the Group earns XP based on how well those tasks were completed.)

    An Example of XP to each player and the Group:

    This is all dependent on what systems get designed, so this area of the concept is subject to massive redesign.

    • But lets say you finish a "Dungeon" of a game review. 15/20 tasks were completed and you did very well on 10 of them, poorly on 5 of them.
    • The individual allies would level up based on amount of tasks completed, with each type of task giving it's own amount of XP. Depending on which ally complete the task in that "dungeon"
    • Now how well you did on each task decides how much new Patreon money is earned, Twitch/youtube followers are earned, etc.. BUT each task not completed ha s a chance of losing money and followers.
    • And so you get to choose group skills based on the amount of money you have and followers and such.

    Ok there are the... Basics of the idea.

    You can see why i need help.

    ALL of the stat types, what they mean, what they do.
    Designing each "class"
    Designing all of the Skills and abilities for each class and the group
    Designing how a "Dungeon" works as a game review.
    How a Dungeon works as a game stream
    How a raid works as E3

    I have a lot of loose ideas of how to do each item, BUT making a system that ties together, makes sense, is balanced, and is FUN is where I need help. I will do as much as I can... this is a sort of passion project. But I would love to hear all ideas and concepts you have.

    For now lets just throw around ideas and build from that.

    Thanks for reading,

    PS I dated this post with the month and year. So if I make a new post it will have the current month and year
    This way in the future as i get systems and designs completed I can make a new post, just like this one with, but with certain tasks marked as completed and fully explained.

  • Hey so I like this idea a lot, but an idea I had is that the campaign ends with E3. EZA has it's own level up system, so it is your goal to raise EZA's level (which equates to subscribers) so that they can successfully "beat" E3. You do this by producing content. Say you have a successful group stream, that gets you 10 subscribers or something to that effect.

    It is possible to increase the amount of subs per success by leveling your character up, or buying better equipment. There is also a seperate Patreon level that is leveled up differently, but I don't quite know how yet.

  • @capnbobamous

    I intend to have 3 different systems in place here:

    1. A pre-defined campaign just like D&D modules.
    2. An endless campaign mode of sorts, for campaigns to just go on and on.
    3. Customizable campaigns. (This is where your idea comes in)

    So in idea #3 where you want to have a specific goal like E3.

    You as a DM would work with the tools the system provides to create this challenge. You could Fine tune the campaign and even recreate years like 2016-2017 starting right after E3, and ending with E3 as the "Final Boss/Raid" of sorts.

    I would call E3 a "Raid" because I would expect it to have a variety of tasks, streams, videos, and other content. Each one accomplished via what i will for now call a "Dungeon Run" or "Battle" depending on which proxy better fits the future system. (Now is your chance to see if Damiani gives Zelda that 10/10)

    So in other words. YES! Absolutely.

    In fact my original thoughts on the Pre-written "Module" to be in the game would be a sort of recreation of the EZA First year. But with some creative license in having it end at E3 or some other large event.

    Great idea. Keep em coming!