Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4/XBO)

  • It's been like 12 years and the wait is nearly over!

  • Could this be turned into the game's official thread?

    Some first reviews are in now:

  • Do we not have an official KH3 thread? Crazy!

    Polygon with a highly critical review:

    • Repetitive combat
    • Bland worlds
    • Weird pace
    • A lot of dialogue

    Not that I've played KH3 because I obviously haven't (it isn't even out), and not to say Allegra Frank who wrote the review is wrong, but some of her points I can't get on board with. A major criticism of her's that I'm seeing is that she doesn't like the recent Disney catelogue and that because those Disney films are bland, their KH3 counterparts feel uninspired - especially relative to KH2.

    Again - she isn't wrong it's her opinion, but I remember my generation of Disney movies were the last of the 2D classical animation era and people shat on those too. Regardless, Hercules, Mulan, Oliver and Company, etc, are my favourites. Hell, even KH2 faced this same criticism.

    Don't get me wrong, I dislike Frozen as much as the next person but I think the older I get, I need to check myself cause some kid grew up on Frozen and its their favourite film just like Hercules was mine. And that same kid probably loves KH3 all the more for Frozen being in there.

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    Emperor's New Groove don't get no respect.

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    @el-shmiablo Yeah Im kinda disappointed. Thats one of my favourite Disney films.

    (I can turn this into offical KH 3 thread if we want?)

  • @lotias Yeah may as well.

    Maybe call it Kingdom Hearts (because I'm going to go through the series this year and want to share thoughts with everybody).

    @El-Shmiablo Square need to put some RESPEK on Emperor's New Groove.

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  • It's finally on its way! So excited.

  • So kinda a spoiler but apparently

    There are no Final Fantasy characters at all in the game

    Kind of a weird omission, although who knows maybe they'll be part of that DLC Nomura has talked about doing.

  • @dmcmaster

    I really do hate how they've gotten less and less important

    I would love to visit final fantasy world or see more of the was so cool seeing squall in the first game. Would love to have worlds liked FFVI, Midgar, hell even Chrono trigger would be fun. So much potential, would much more interesting than them reusing half the same Disney worlds

  • i'll get in a few months when it goes on sale.

    i've never played a Kingdom Hearts before. what exactly makes everyone so crazy about these games anyway? isn't it basically just Mickey Mouse & friends meet up with Spikey Haired Final Fantasy anime characters? lol

  • @yoshi

    They are fun games to play, the music is some of the best in any game and I'll put Dearly Beloved up against any song from any other game, and it feels like a really good disney film.

    The first game started with a good premise, combine disney and square, though its gone more to original and disney and very few square characters. The story has gotten crazier after the first, but I enjoy the characters and I played it when I was 15 so right about the age of the characters, so that helped too

  • @yoshi
    Just a heads up dont use your brain when playing any of them, use your heart.
    Same rule I used when watching Gurren Lagann.

    So let's say down the road they announce DLC 6 worlds, 3 old, 3 new. What do you pick?

    Also Jim Sterling attempts to recount the plot Kingdom Hearts.
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster Well clearly everyone wants Star Wars and Marvel.
    I would love something on the Square side actually. Otherwise I'd love a Sleeping Beauty world that has that painted look of the backgrounds from that movie and a Treasure Planet one would be interesting to see.
    It would be impossible to do, but a full Wreck it Ralph world would be amazing, but I'd settle for one that just has the Sugar Rush and Fit it Felix worlds.

  • @inustar
    I sometimes swear I'm like the only person who remembers Treasure Planet.

    3 Old
    Pride Lands (Lion King)
    Dragon Lands (Mulan)
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    3 New
    Treasure Planet
    Robin Hood (seriously how has this one not been done)
    Marvel World or Incredibles

  • @dmcmaster Man! Robin Hood, That should have happened already.
    If I get superheroes I would prefer Marvel to Incredibles. Or.... how about a Disney Infinity world? That might get Jones to play the game.

  • Played up to the first save before I had to leave for work, honestly thinking of taking tomorrow off to play it more

  • @dmcmaster

    Robin Hood is one of my favorite Disney movies, would love to visit it

  • Btw didn't get to hear him much but James Woods sounded a bit off as Hades this time around

  • So theres a 60FPS option (default) and 4K 30 FPS option (Stable)