Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4/XBO)

  • @a7x458 you can press L2/LT and jump to the next one, for example, if you have the tea cups and above you have flare, press the trigger and select flare

  • Banned

    I thought they lost the rights ta, everything

  • @forumnoxis12
    The only thing Disney has lost is Tarzan. Then again Tarzan is kinda an odd property rights wise

  • So with Kingdom Hearts 3 out and I assume most now starting to see the credits roll, any additions you'd like to see via a Final Mix update? Keep in spoiler tabs just incase.

  • I haven't played it for several days. Been busy and fallen back to RE2 a few times. Just need to finish 4th Survivor and the files to be done.

  • @dmcmaster

    For the Final Mix update I'd like to see them adding this and I also think these things are a easy lock:

    I think Verum Rex world is a easy lock. I hope we get old things back in Final Mix such as tournament cups in Olympus, Radiant Garden and personally, I'd like to see them implementing a couple of old Disney worlds, it kinda felt lacking with the Pixar domination.

  • At just north of 59 hours, I have done everything possible.

    While on the whole I enjoyed the game greatly, there are some things that bother me:

    Primarily, story threads unanswered. WHO are the new seven princesses of light? WHO is the mysterious girl that has been in Sora's heart for pretty much his entire life? WHO was the "traitor" of the old Masters? What is the deal with Luxu/Xigbar/Braig's Black Box? WHO IS the Master of Masters? What was the point of Maleficent and Pete? And of the course the coup de grace: Pretty much every single millisecond of the Secret Movie: - - WHAT?!?!

    Outside of that, feeling like worlds' staying power wasn't as strong as KH II, but I kind of understand this when the worlds themselves are massive areas. Granted, therein lies another issue I have:

    Toybox is only two locations. TWO. While I enjoy this iteration of Twilight Town more, there's less to it. San Fransokyo was just one open space (and other worlds like Olympus and the Caribbean had more to them than that). Also, the inclusion of Hundred Acre Wood was completely pointless. And personally, Arendale was about the most boring, both in terms of scenario and environment. At least the labyrinth changed it up a little.

    While most of that is negative, there are plenty of positives I enjoyed: Most of the story, combat, a large portion of the mini-games and Olympus and the Caribbean were true highlights where I constantly had a fun time. The Gummi Ship is the best in the series (IF you can find two particular ships, one leading to the other, making it MUCH easier). Plus the Ultima Weapon is now my new favorite game weapon ever.

    Overall, I'm satisfied with my time, though I wish some story beats were properly cleaned up. I hate ambiguity at the conclusion of a story (any story, whether it be a chapter or the whole narrative).

  • Because I was short on time, for Final Mix DLC/Edition

    More content to the worlds, weather that be new story content or just optional side quest or mini games.
    More worlds kept hoping that there was one or two not shown off in promo material, and was disappointed at the lack of radiant garden.
    Bring back the Overdrives from KH2, or at least introduce a new set of key blades that can access thier abilities.
    Coliseum, enough said.
    Expand some the worlds like making Elsa's castle explorable, or bring back the other sections of twilight town, or add more stuff to the islands in the Caribbean.
    One thing I've always wanted and was really wishing for was a world that brings together all your party members, allowing you to make whatever crazy party combination you want (Herc and Sully, Mulan and Jack Skellington, Auron and Mike, ect) was hoping for something like that in the final world but no dice.

  • So far the frozen world is by far the worst world, even worst than the opening world which had a silent character.

  • @a7x458 the bit that we're almost at the castle is bad, really good for leveling up, but yea, it's pretty bad

  • Finished the main story, almost got the platinum (3 trophies away) and the money farming method froze my PS4 pro.

    The ending was so emotional, the last 3 hours were the best section of the game, the combat was definitely the best of the main games.


    The ultima weapon makes the final boss way to easy, i wish we got to play as Roxas duel wielding key blades.

  • Over the past month or so I was playing all Kingdom Hearts games for the first time. Yesterday I’ve finished Kingdom Hearts III, so here’re my impressions about this series:

    1. This series has a lot of things I don’t like in old games. The worlds are small, objectives aren’t always clear, controls aren’t great (especially camera in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix). But my rule “if you bought it, you finish it” carried me through.
    2. Except for Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage (and movies) I needed to use walkthroughs and guides both for boss battles and to figure out where to go next. It’s not great.
    3. I tried starting Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on normal but after several hours it became clear that normal is hard. No difficulty change mid-game (why?) so I was forced to restart from the beginning. It’s not great.
    4. Even on the easiest difficulty these games are insanely hard. I was stuck on many bosses for hours and in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep I was forced to get EXP Walker and leave my characters running circles while I’m at work. And getting EXP Walker is RNG. Very frustrating.
    5. Except for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, my lack of Final Fantasy knowledge wasn’t a problem. In fact the overall story was easy to follow and I haven't felt like I’m missing something when I chose to ignore some complicated details.
    6. The worlds are interesting to visit, but there’s so much repetition that it almost hurt the feeling that they are actually big worlds. And there’s repetition not just between games, but even within one game (especially in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix).
    7. The games have a nice 20 hour length and lots of variety but they still manage to drag on and don’t know when to stop. I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts III, but ending the game with a series of 22 boss battles is way too much. Even movies felt too slow.
    8. Despite all of that I don’t regret buying and playing/watching these 10 games because all of them have some sweet moments. Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage is my favorite, then Kingdom Hearts III. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories I liked the least.

    Overall I would recommend looking at these games before buying them. If you are curious and intrigued, then you’ll probably have a good time. If they don’t speak to you then probably it’s better to ignore them.

  • im surprised you found the games difficult i always thought they were way too easy.

    i do agree that the older games didn't age well the first games camera is atrocious.

  • @ff7cloud I guess that's the result of my play style.
    I don't like grinding, but it's necessary (or at least killing everyone as you go forward is necessary), because bosses don't give you XP (at least in later games).
    I don't enjoy crafting and shopping and just use what I get naturally, which isn't enough most of the time.
    In combat I prefer to dodge and use simple attacks instead of combos and status alignments.

    I understand that the game should push me back for not using all of its systems, but I expect it to push me back only on harder difficulties. I was there only for the story and the worlds, and I expected that Easy difficulty will give me opportunity to play how I want to play.

  • I was thinking about Kingdom Hearts series for the past few days and my issues with these games seems way less significant now (I’ve finished them after all). At the same time characters, story and music grew up on me quite a lot. So I changed my mind: these games are great.

  • So Re:Mind is live, as a FYI.

    Also Doc Brown is now Xhanort, kinda like his performance in the 2-3 minutes of screen time he had (so far)