Bought a Switch. What games can you recommend (and why)?

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    Smash Bros. I honestly don't see the point of owning a Switch if you aren't also going to buy Smash Bros. Hell, it might even get you interested in some of Nintendo's other properties, given that it is somewhat like a Nintendo Museum with an incredible party/Fighter game wrapped around it.

    Hollow Knight is perhaps the best Metroidvania of this generation. Absolutely incredible.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Bought a Switch. What games can you recommend (and why)?:

    I honestly don't see the point of owning a Switch if you aren't also going to buy Smash Bros

    -3D Mario
    -Fire Emblem
    -Mario Kart

    etc etc....

  • I think it’s more like, what kind of Switch owner doesn’t buy Smash Bros? It’s blasphemous.


    Never played it on Switch but get Hollow Knight. It’s great, even if you don’t complete it. Once it clicks, it. clicks and you get sucked in.

    • Shovel Knight

    Can’t believe I never played this sooner. It’s great, it’s challenging but not TOO challenging. Like a perfect medium difficulty. It’s so simple and easy to play in short bursts.

    • Pixel Junk Monsters 2

    Very very challenging but also a blast. It demands perfection for you to progress but it’s all the better for it. Great to play in handheld as well.

  • You you might like Octopath Travler. It's a turn-based RPG with a really cool graphics style. I loved it but I know many of the Allies quit after only a few hours of playing. If your interested in Pokemon and you love Disgaea 5 it might be for you.

    Also Into the Breach is on Switch. I know it's on PC but it works great on Switch. I play it when I have to work out of town.

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    Outside of Metroid, not much on that list really tickles my fancy. Maybe Mario Odyssey, but to be honest I'm more excited about the prospect of playing Astrobot on my PSVR than when I inevitably get a Switch and play Odyssey, at least as far as 3D platformers go.

    I guess a Kart is fine too, but I absolutely annihilated that game on WiiU

    Tbh outside of Smash the game I'm most excited to play is Mario Party.

  • thx for all the advice...
    what is with my second question (couch co-op games where also "older" people still can have fun in)? Anyone experience with the mentioned games in my first post?

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    @guthwulf Overcooked is amazing fun in coop. It can get a little insane on some of the levels, but generally it is a blast.
    Diablo 3 is SUPER fun to play in couch coop, and you honestly need to try to die, at least in your first play through.

  • @guthwulf Kirby is definitely the easiest of what you mentioned to get someone into. The pace is slow, the game explains the controls clearly with visuals within the game itself that should be clear through any language barrier, and while it isn't too demanding, especially after all the free DLC, there's plenty of fun to be had with experimenting with all you can do with the combat with all the characters in the game now. Just keep in mind the main adventure of the game is on the short side. Likewise, when Yoshi's Crafted World comes out, that'll be a great chill game to explore with people not used to games and even has stuff like Mellow Mode so anyone can enjoy it. Looking to be the ultimate "take a knee" game with all the unique textures throughout all the levels, just a visual treat.

    Mario Kart would be a step up in difficulty from those games, but I think most people can get used to Mario Kart pretty fast. Plus there's always the lower difficulty options like 50 and 100 cc to ease people in. Also, Deluxe added the Battle Mode back, and there's lots of sub modes to try in that. Hard to go wrong with Mario Kart. Mario Party I think is a little more difficult, because it is Joycon only and every single minigame will require trying to explain the rules before you play it with them. Sure, you can practice on the menu before you go in the minigame, but if the people you're playing with aren't patient it'll get chaotic really fast and can easily be frustrating. Also, I know it is the "return to form" for the Mario Party series and the Allies seemed to love it when they played, but I honestly don't think it is the strongest entry, and it has lots of weird, questionable design decisions behind it. I'd maybe even recommend Mario Tennis Aces over it if the people you're playing with understand the basics of Tennis.

    Overcooked and the sequel are really intense, but they are great games if you two can get past that barrier. Smash Bros. really isn't as crazy as people make it out to be to learn. Start people off in no items 1v1 battles on Battlefield with a character like Mario and give them a little time to learn to move around and try out their moves before fighting and they'll be fine. As they get used to that, they can branch to other characters they're interested in, you can pick more complex stages, and you can set it up 2v2 with you two against 2 CPUs. Once they have a solid understanding from there, you turn items on and possibly swap over to 4 player free for all matches, although that's where it can become hard for nongamers to keep up with the action and where their character is. That said, stuff like World of Light doesn't have coop this time around, so that might not work for your purposes.

    Some other things you could try depending on the taste of the people you're playing with would be Snipperclips Plus, Super Bomberman R, (get this when it is on sale) Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Jackbox Party Pack 3. (the best selection of the packs imo) Oh, and I'm a shambozo if I don't recommend Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, even though I know you said you don't like platformers. The game is just amazing and does have coop.

  • @Mbun Thx for these amazing and comprehensive suggestions. My wishlist is growing :)

    [EDIT] Btw... is there no way to chat with friends on your friendslist? And do we have somewhere here a list for Switch players within the Allies to fill my friendslist a bit?

    My Switch library (so far) consists of:

    Switch Library

    I also tried the Kirby Demo and it is now very high on my wishlist. Brawlhalla (a Smash Bros "inspired" free2play game) seems to lots of fun and gave me a first impression how Smash Bros itself might go. So Smash Bros landed on my wishlist. And I'm very heavily looking at Starlink (love the idea, but might go for digital deluxe consideren availability and price of the physical toys). Octopath Traveler Demo is also downloaded (but not yet played). Same with the Pokken Tournament DX Demo (it is Pokemon after all).

  • @guthwulf said:

    Btw... is there no way to chat with friends on your friendslist?

    Besides playing games with them and using the dumb mobile app or Fortnite, not really sadly, until Animal Crossing Switch comes out, where you'll be able to type to them.

    And do we have somewhere here a list for Switch players within the Allies to fill my friendslist a bit?

    Here and even more Here

    And I'm very heavily looking at Starlink

    I think there are some good Black Friday type deals on that right now. Very repetitive game, but you might enjoy it. Since we're on the discussion of the crossover games, I'd way recommend Mario+Rabbids over it, which has a great deal right now digitally here which includes the great DLC with DK. If you like strategy games like XCom, you'll adore it, even if you don't have affinity for Rabbids or Mario characters.

    Octopath Traveler Demo is also downloaded (but not yet played)

    Remember, even though it cuts you off, you can keep restarting it to try out all the characters.

    Same with the Pokken Tournament DX

    I think that game is more dead than ARMS, fair warning.