Black Friday Hauls Thread

  • so during this Black Friday weekend sale, EB Games Australia has a really good deal for PS4

    You can get a 1TB PS4 console bundled with Red Dead Remption 2, Fallout 76 and Overwatch Legendary edition included in the bundle for $399 . all of this would normally cost us $700-$800 in australia,

    PS4 Games are also always $100 in Australia. but during the Black Friday Sale they also have Spiderman for $57, God of War 4 for $39, and Horizon Zero Dawn and Shadow of the Colossus both for $28 each.
    They also have 12 months of PSN for $63 instead of the usual $100 yearly subscription.

    Pretty sure people know how i usually feel about Sony and Playstation. i'm on the edge of buying a PS4 with all of those games for that price though while the deals are on.

    Tip me over the edge and convince me to finally make the jump and finally buy a PS4.

    EDIT* turning this into a general Black Friday thread for other people that want to list the stuff they got this weekend.

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    Pretty sure you're not gonna like any of my suggestions, except maybe the Japanesy ones, like Gravity Rush Remastered, one of the better PS4 games. Oh, but aren't you one of the ones who doesn't want digital titles. Never mind.

  • @ezekiel if they're cheap $10-$20 indie games i don't mind but fuck buying digital for full fledged blockbuster games

  • Well, when I got a PS4 Pro, it came with Far Cry 5 for free and I immediately traded it in at almost the full retail value and got Shadow of the Colossus instead.

    You can do that with, say, Fallout 76. I also am not a fan of multiplayer FPS so I’d trade Overwatch as well and get some of the must play titles.

    Honestly, Bloodborne and Yakuza 0 are games of the generation for me. At the least everybody should give Bloodborne a go.

  • Gotta admit that's a hell of a deal and definitely a hard one to pass up on (hell there's a X1X deal I keep going back and forth on weather I want it or not)
    As for PS exclusives you have
    The entire Yakuza series, remakes of 1 and 2, 0, 6, and remasters of 3-5 next year in western regions next year (which if they keep a similar price point as Japan should put them around $20-$30
    Gravity Rush series (highly underrated)
    Persona 5
    Uncharted franchises (which if EB Australia has the same deals as the US, Uncharted Collection, 4 and Lost Legacy should all be $10)
    Shadow of the Collssus remake
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    King of Fighters 14
    Street Fighter 5
    Ni No Kuni 2
    Dragon's Crown

    Also what's wrong with getting Blockbuster games if the digital price is low enough?

  • Yeah I don’t know how I forgot Uncharted 4 but it’s basically my favourite action adventure game of all time. I’d recommend it anybody who owns or has access to a PS4.

    My former roommate who has never owned or played a PlayStation game in his life wanted to try Uncharted 4 and was blown away. He ended up doing the whole series in order.

  • Buy one so I can live vicariously through you and pretend I took advantage of a sick deal.

  • @dmcmaster said in Convince me to buy a PS4:

    Also what's wrong with getting Blockbuster games if the digital price is low enough?

    i'm a collector. i want Physical copies damn it!

    Fuck digital!

  • @yoshi PS5 is coming and will probably be backwards compatible.

  • so i did the thing.

    just bought the 1TB PS4 Slim bundled with
    -Fallout 76
    -OverWatch Legendary Edition

    and because black friday was so cheap i was in a real "fuck it Why not?" mood. also picked up

    -Red Dead Redemption 2
    -God of War 4
    -Shadow of the Colossus
    -Horizon Zero Dawn
    -Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
    -Uncharted 4
    -Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
    -TLOU Remastered
    -GTA V (fuck it! as much as i despise the series it was dirt cheap so why not? i'll give it another shot.)

    Total: $752.00 Australian

    while i'm on a spending spree i might also shop for cheap PS Plus as well.

    Did i do good allies?

  • Hell all that for just about $800 (assuming the $727 was before adding plus) not bad.

    Because I don't feel like making a thread for a separate thread for it (since its basically the same question yoshi asked.
    Xbox 1 X
    Fallout 76
    Battlefield 5
    Extra controller
    3 months of Gold and Gamepass for around $600

  • For $800 damn that's a lot. But my fuck that's a lot of money. Gonna take a while to get through those as well.

  • @dipset
    True RDR2 took me probably somewhere in the ballpark of 60 hours till the credits rolled, Horizon is maybe around 30 or so, plus another 8-12 for the DLC
    God of War 4 is maybe around 15 although I honestly dont remember, just know I had one free day after putting an hour or so into the day before, and played till the credits rolled.

    Also Kingdom Hearts Story so Far collection is worth a purchase, cant think of anything close to the same bang for your buck (except maybe Rare Replay)

  • @dipset said in Convince me to buy a PS4:

    But my fuck that's a lot of money.

    yeah it is but remember all stuff was in Australian dollars and so in US Currency thats about $540 USD i spent today

  • @yoshi

    Hey, I'm not judging. 800 is 800 though. I get paid in Canadian dollars and our games are 79.99 + 13% tax so basically $90. It's bout the same. I feel the pain. Price of one new game was $59.99 10 years ago, then $69.99 at the beginning of this gen. Now since 2014 it is $79.99.

    So annoying because Canadian dollar was at parity with the US Dollar a few years ago. It fluctuates throughout the year and I honestly think its publishing companies fucking us because its only a select few products: books, movies, games, cars, shoes, liquor.

  • I only grabbed one thing yesterday and that was Detriot Become Human for £15.99.

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    A pocket camera, the Sony DSC-W830. Wasn't discounted, but I picked it up during Black Friday. I wanna ditch cell phones for good. I already use a Cowen Plenue for portable music and a pocket notebook to take notes.

    A 64 GB SD card for the camera for 12 dollars. I had a microSD card that size, but it appears to be lost.

    God of War for 17 dollars on

    Rick and Morty season 3 (Blu-ray) for 10 dollars on Amazon.

    I've got Ingmar Bergman's Cinema, a collection of 39 movies, waiting in the leasing office of my apartment building until Monday, but I pre-ordered that earlier this month.

    PJ Cars 2 on Steam.

  • Nothing Gaming-wise. Bought a Fujifilm X-T3, a 35mm f2 lens, Two 300mb/s 64GB Sandisk Extreme cards, a lens hood, and a strap.

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    Nobody had told him to get Bloodborne?
    For shame, Allies. For shame.

    I will also second the Gravity Rush games. Sooo much fun to fuck around with.

    Also also: Ratchet & Clank, Tearaway Unfolded, Infamous: Second Son/First Light, Shadow of the Colossus, Wipeout Omega Collection.

    Anyways, congrats on the new baby PS4. I think you'll enjoy it. It is essentially an Xbox One but with actual games and an actually functional UI.


    I got For Honor on the PSN BF sale, and like with all fighting games I absolutely suck at it but love it. Breach mode (storm/defend the fort) is Soo much fun.

  • So far got physical copies of Uncharted Collection and Lost Legacy for free (my local shops way of saying thanks for helping out with customers when I'm in there)
    128 GB SD card for my Switch for $20
    Fallout 76 just last night for $15
    Spyro Collection for $30
    Year of PSplus for $40
    $50 PSN card used to buy Beat Saber
    Shining Refrain for Switch for $25
    No Game No Life Zero for $7
    The Super Mario Encyclopedia for $20 (that I'm sending off to a family friends place)