The Game Awards announcements

  • Overall a great show.


    • Stanley Parable coming to consoles!!!
    • All three execs on stage was AWESOME. I want to see so much more of that
    • Stephen Spohn's profile
    • CTR: Nitro-Fueled. Sure it was a dead giveaway but I don't care. Still looking forward to it.
    • "Read it Boy."
    • The Mortal Kombat 11 interruption. That was super cool.
    • Psychonauts 2 trailer
    • Joker in Smash is BY FAR the biggest shock of the show. Sorry Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. You had that mantle before that mega-nuke.
    • God of War is GOTY

  • Good show (and a long one, too). The Outer Worlds was the most interesting reveal to me, looked really cool in that space frontier milieu. And there's some RPG talent behind it with the Fallout names. CTR looked really sweet with that new coat of paint, immediate buy in June. God of War winning the GOTY surprised me, but yes, that's a tremendous game, well deserved. And especially for the direction. Super glad that Roger Clark won his for Arthur Morgan, that's honestly close to some Gandolfini / Tony Soprano levels almost.

  • Oh and MUA 3!! Effing yes, I love the first two games, I own them on three different generations on PlayStation. But so yeah... Switch exclusive now. FFS, really.

  • Banned

    While I am excited for MUA3, does anybody else think it looks a little... mobile-esque ?

  • @el-shmiablo I definitively want to see more before getting too excited, love that we are getting a new one, but can't say the gameplay shown was too convincing.

  • @el-shmiablo
    It kinda does, although knowing Team Ninja its probably a move to keep as high of a framerate as possible

  • Banned

    @dmcmaster I know, I know.
    It just has that same cheap, mass produced look that all their mobile games have. For a second I thought it was a Marvel Delta Force port.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Actually maybe it's me but they kinda look like the MvC:I models or the TellTale models

  • Just finished watching the awards, can't see it live because it starts at the same time as my exam. Had to dodge major spoiler bullets for this one, but i failed (Youtube notified me of MK11 and Persona 5 in Smash).

    Anyway, man, what an amazing show! Geoff and his team really knocked it out of the park, there's not one moment of boredom here for me, really good pacing and content. I was a bit underwhelmed by last year's orchestra, and i can't say the same for this year's. Great performances from them all around. There's so many moments i want to gush about. That Reggie-Shawn-Phil uneasy alliance at the start, the MK11 fakeout, and Persona fucking 5 is in Smash now. I think all the guest presenters did really well, highlight for me is Christopher Judge. Congrats to God of War for the total upset, it's such a fantastic moment.

    As for the announcements, I'm personally most excited for The Outer Worlds (that new Obsidian game, looks super rad) and The Pathless (Abzu devs' next game, i LOVE Abzu so i'm way in on this). The Outer Worlds is coming out on consoles too, that's literally what i asked for when they announced the announcement.

    Also, Crash Team Racing's back! We're truly blessed, y'all.

  • I really enjoyed seeing SonicFox win best eSports player. What an incredibly wholesome moment :)

  • Great show, some cool announcements, MK11 looks great (i hope the video was actual gameplay), CTR looks great, i don't have i problems with any of the awards winners but i am sad Detroit and Dragon quest 11 didn't win anything.

  • I'm generally really impressed with this years show. I thought the whole show flowed a lot better and there was just a lot less cringy moments. Most of the jokes landed better and I thought the musical performances were better suited. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get a Bosman sighting but honestly it's probably for the better. Overall this was just a great leap forward for this show and I'm generally really excited to see what they can do next year.