Ally Introductions

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  • Name - Chad Ball
    Located - Akron, Ohio
    For a living I - Currently just graduated College
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Sports, Reading, Music, and TV.
    Gaming Historical facts - Started gaming with PS2, my first game was Ratchet and Clank.
    Firm believer that - Don't be arse.
    Champion of - People

    PSN - ThisIs4MyCity
    Steam - ImDrBallz
    XBL - ImDrBallz
    Twitch -ThisIs4MyCity
    Twitter - RealChadBall

    • My name's JP!
    • I live in Puerto Rico. It's pretty warm.
    • I give music lessons for a living!
    • Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - uuuuuhhhhhh
    • Gaming Historical Facts - Started on the NES with Mario & Duck Hunt!
    • Firm believer that fighting games are the ultimate form of 1v1 within gaming.
    • Champion of EZA content consumption.

    Twitter - mutecitygpx
    Twitch -

  • Name - Zack
    Located - Canada
    For a living I - am a graduate student
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - I read a lot, write some, draw a bit, enjoy most other forms of gaming too (board games, tabletop rpgs, miniature wargames).
    Gaming Historical facts - My parents actually got me into gaming, they were gamers first. My mother played Shining in the Darkness for her entire pregnancy with me. We were a Sega family until my older brother and I found an NES at a garage sale and then my dad bought us a SNES and later an N64. I have owned every console from a major publisher at some point. I mostly play RPGs but I don't restrict myself by genre.
    Firm believer that - Atmosphere is what makes a game.
    Champion of - JRPGs! Especially Final Fantasy and Mother.
    PSN - Zatsuku
    Steam - Zack of all Trades
    Twitter - @levelingwithyou

    I've also recently started a blog which so far doesn't have much content and has yet to gain any interest

  • Name - Jon
    Located - Farmington, Michigan
    For a living I - I am a stay at home dad for my 14 month old daughter.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading, writing and board games.
    Gaming Historical facts - There is more than enough to fill a book, as I have been gaming for over 30 years, with the Atari 2600 being my first console and an Apple IIGS as my first computer. Favorite systems include the Sega Saturn, of which I have a collection that includes, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Dragon Force, Saturn Bomberman, Burning Rangers, Magic Knight Rayearth and soooooo much more. I also love the Sega Dreamcast and Sega CD, as well as everything Nintendo. I am a retro collector, but that does not keep me from loving modern games of the current generation.
    Firm believer that - There is no need for negativity on the internet. We find entertainment in being judgemental and harsh towards everyone around us. We should be able to enjoy games with impunity and encourage others to enjoy games. It is alright to not like something, but it is wrong to tell someone they are wrong for liking it. Games are meant to be fun, so treat them as such.
    Champion of - Retro game collecting and showing the good in almost every game, even the cheesy FMV games of the 1990's.
    PSN - BogusMeatFactory
    Steam - BogusMeatFactory
    XBL - NA
    Twitch -
    Twitter - @bogusmeatfactor

  • Name - Steven
    Located - Philadelphia, PA
    For a living I - Full-Time Student (Majoring in Information Science & Technology)
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Playing guitar, watching anime and movies
    Gaming Historical facts - When I was a wee boy, I attempted to play StarCraft: Brood War on a dial-up connection. Didn't get past the update screen. :(
    Console Gaming History: My first console was the SNES. Loved the hell out of that thing. Then I got a PS1. Gamecube after that and the Wii was my last home console. Now, I mostly game on PC and 3DS.
    Firm believer that - Counter Strike: Global Offensive is equal parts best competitive shooter and frustrating rage machine
    Steam - ParkPants™
    Twitch -

  • Name - Rebecca
    Located - UK
    For a living I - am nice to my husband.

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - reading, writing, painting, D&D, sewing.

    Gaming Historical facts - first thing I ever played was commander Keen and then I got a gameboy played Pokemon blue and it changed everything!

    Firm believer that - education is a human right! And we, as a race, need to stop being shi!y to each other.

    Champion of - learning, self improvement, cats and ice cream!

    XBL - bex interrupted
    Twitter - @MrsMachineNSoul

  • Name - Tony S.
    Located - In Minnesota
    For a living I - I'm an Appointment Representative at a healthcare organization.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Painting/drawing, writing poetry, playing guitar, watching movies
    Gaming Historical facts - First system was the N64, Nintendo is my bias, but I've recently been gaming a lot on XBO.
    Firm believer that - being positive is harder, but worth it.
    Champion of - making a mean fish taco.

    Pretty much it for now!

  • Name - Jerrad Wyche
    Located - Albuquerque, NM
    For a living I - am a student, currently running my own video game podcast/youtube channel.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading, Editing, Graphic Design
    Gaming facts - 85k+ Gamerscore
    Firm believer that - Sonic is the most overrated video game character of all-time and that the Uncharted series has terrible shooting mechanics.
    Champion of - CoD 4, Roadhog (Overwatch), Madden, and Shovel Knight
    PSN - N/A
    XBL - ParagonJerrad
    Twitch - ParagonJerrad
    Twitter - @Jerrad_

  • Hi all.

    Name - Blake
    Located - Surrey, UK
    For a living I - Work at a restaurant
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Films, Sports (Football, American Football, Golf) and Formula 1
    Gaming Historical facts - First game I ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog on a Mega Drive II at a friends house after school
    Firm believer that - We should all respect one another and be treated as equals.
    Champion of - FPS', watching Sports and eating delicious junk food.
    PSN - Blakey101
    Steam - DisturbedSwan
    XBL - DisturbedSwan
    Twitch - DisturbedSwan
    Twitter - @TBlake7

  • @aer0blue By JP you mean you're PJ, right?

  • @Civil-Warlord I don't know what you're talking about...

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  • Name - The Hashtagonist
    Located - Canada
    Not for a living I: Write for The Daily Crate (Loot Crate) about games and sometimes other stuff.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - I enjoy martial arts, hanging out with my daughter and eating spicy potato chips
    Gaming Historical facts -
    Firm believer that - You cannot change the world from the "comments" section
    Champion of - Internet cats
    Twitter - @TheHashtag0nist

  • @Tegs How come Waffles isn't a hobby?

  • Located - Vienna, Austria
    For a living I - work for Bose
    Gaming Historical facts - First game I can remember playing is Wolfenstein 3D on PC at the age of about 3, after that I got a Gameboy, right at the time when Pokemon really blew up in Europe. So that became my first real gaming obsession. PS2 era was when I really played alot. Some of my favorite game series back then where Time Splitters, SSX, Final Fantasy, Ratchet and Clank, Kingdom Hearts and Shadow Hearts. I worked for a gaming site during the 360/PS3 era and mostly stopped playing a couple of years ago.

  • Name: Jack C(haosBahamut) that's all you're getting
    Location: Earth
    Non-gaming hobbies: Browsing the internet, playing with my dog, etc.
    Gaming History: Started with the SNES and Super Mario World (which I still have, both in working condition), became a Final Fantasy fan in early-mid 98 with FFVII, and am now mainly a PC gamer who does some console gaming on the side. Also was a mod on the Gametrailers forums (random fun fact that I'm proud of) and have a lot of adbots and troll accounts on my kill list.
    Firm believer that: Imagination kills people. (imagination created religion, religion is responsible for a lot of deaths throughout man's history, therefore imagination kills people; granted we can't live without it either so there's a conundrum :3)
    PSN: ChaosBahamut
    Steam: ChaosBahamut
    LIVE: AdventBahamut (solely for legacy GfWL titles and Windows 10 games that use LIVE)
    Battlenet: ChaosBahamut#1426
    Twitter: ChaosBahamut

  • @TheHashtag0nist waffles is a lifestyle.

  • Name - Musou Tensei, I'm not doing real name stuff on the internet, my online name is Musou Tensei, it has the same initials though, wasn't even planned really, lol.
    Located - West Germany
    For a living I - Weld
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - All my hobbies, Youtube, Internet, Game Developing are gaming related.
    Gaming Historical facts - I own over 1000 original retail games from NES till today.
    Firm believer that - Artistic Freedom stands above and is more important than Political Correctness.
    Champion of - Wizardry ;)
    PSN - MTZ82, but not a plus member
    Steam - MightyTallestZim82
    XBL - MTZ82, but not a gold member

  • Name - -Solid; I primarily go by LeonHartEX in other places though. But, since most people online know me as -Solid, I go by it here. But yeah, anything with LeonHartEX in it, that's me. Especially in fighting game tournaments and sites.
    Located - Charlotte, NC
    For a living I - Work at the American Red Cross
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Surfing the web, window shopping, and watching 90's cartoons. Should get to cooking and learning how to makes games.
    Gaming Historical facts - The first console I personally bought was the Xbox 360 and it was one of the happiest days of my life.
    Firm believer that - Q will be in Street Fighter V...PLEASE CAPCOM. I BEG OF YOU! D=
    Champion of - Not really anything honestly =P
    PSN - LeonHartEX
    Steam - LeonHartEX
    XBL - LeonHartEX
    Twitch - LeonHartEX
    Twitter - LeonHartEX

  • Name: Darío Melo, known to some as Darunia
    Located: Santiago, Chile
    Non-gaming hobbies: Making/listening to music, watching series, sometimes movies. I always welcome recommendations to all of them (especially electronic/psychedelic music).
    Gaming historical facts: Started playing when I was around 4 years old on a cousin's NES. My first games were Kirby's Adventure and Super Mario Bros 3. Finished Final Fantasy shortly after that, without help and not knowing English. Played TLoZ for a short time but didn't like it much, of course that changed when I played A Link to the Past. Since then I've been hooked to videogames for life.
    Firm believer that you should play in every console you can. We have enough coming from outside the gaming community, we shouldn't fight among ourselves.

    Love and Respect!