Ally Introductions

  • Name: Jai or Aldaira
    Located: Boston area
    For a living I: work in biotech
    Non-gaming Hobbies: writing, doodling, martial arts, a variety of varyingly nerdy TV shows/movies/etc, yelling on the internet
    Gaming History: grew up playing some PC games (Myst, Sims, Descent, King's Quest), but didn't own a console until adulthood - fell in love with games as an adult first with Portal, then the Mass Effect series, and am now dedicating lots of time to catching up on games I've missed and devouring newer things as they come out.
    PSN: aaldaira (in Overwatch, there's like a 40% chance it's my wife playing, though - she tends toward Widowmaker, DVa, & Symmetra, and I'm usually Pharah, Lucio, or Mei.)
    Twitch: aaldaira (just chat so far, no streams, but I'm considering doing some this summer)
    Twitter: @aaldairaa
    Firm believer in: not much at all, but likely to show interest in snarky bro characters, the sea, space travel, the sea as a metaphor for space travel, all things Disney, and people who are passionate about the things they love.

  • Name - Eric
    Located - Germany
    For a living I -
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Football (the real one!^^), cooking

    Gaming Historical facts - Started with a SNES, GameBoy and a old 486 PC, after the SNES i switched to PlayStation and never looked back, today i have a Videogame Collection of ~700 games and 12 consoles!

    Firm believer that - Deus Ex is the best Videogame ever made!!

    Champion of - nothing!

    PSN - TorroBulba
    Steam - Exist 2 Inspire
    XBL -
    Twitch - Exist_2_Inspire666
    Twitter - @Exist_2_Insprire

  • Name - Haya
    Located - Bahrain

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading, playing board games, TV shows, collecting way too many things and figuring out how best to display them, beginner gardening, and DISNEY.

    Gaming Historical facts - I was lucky enough to have a cousin next door who always had the latest in gaming systems which gave me a wide exposure to rarer consoles. I remember constantly playing on the Amiga and my favourite game was the Winter Olympics. I wanted a NES system so much but my mom for some reason was against Nintendo. lol. So the first console we ever got was the Sega genesis and I fell in love with Sega. :heart_eyes_cat: Then we got our first computer in the 90s, I think, and started playing Point and click games. I was a huge fan of Lucas Arts games. :heartbeat:

    Firm believer that - Disney is the best.

    PSN - Hesperus84
    Steam - faradiddle
    Twitch - Hesperus84
    Twitter - @FairlyAnon

  • Name - Michelle
    Located - Arizona
    For a living I - Write promos for businesses, but I'm mainly a full-time student (Game Design Major).
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Obsessing over Kpop and music in general.
    Gaming Historical facts - Started with a PS2, eventually got a DS and Wii. A disaster happened and all my discs got destroyed, so I've been slowly re-buying what I lost. Stopped gaming for a few years, then came back in full force. Got a Wii U, 3DS, and PS3. Recently bought a Vita which I adore (It's basically my Persona machine).
    Firm believer that - Super Paper Mario is criminally underrated, Midna is the best Zelda companion, and Shoji Meguro is a genius.
    Champion of - Mario Kart (DS onward) and Picross 3D.
    PSN - childofaeolus
    Twitter - @childofaeolus
    -Michemagius is the name I use in gaming communities, childofaeolus is what I use in all other communities. Michelle is my name, Mismagius is (one of) my favorite Pokemon, it just fit (used to be michedreavus but someone stole it from me). As for childofaeolus, I was really in to Greek mythology in middle school, and for some reason I'm still using the name.

  • Name - ZyloWolfBane (I keep my name private online lol)

    Located - Near Los angeles, CA

    For a living I - Wannabe Twitch Broadcaster, freelance work.

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) -Tabletop gaming, TCGs, Heavy Metal Enthusiast

    Gaming Historical facts - Well this is more of a personal gaming fact, RPGs in the 80s actually encouraged me to learn to read at the age of 4 so I could play the original Dragon Quest on NES, which we got for subscribing to Nintendo Power, Enix a year later actually sent us a letter that came with a coupon for Dragon Quest 2! Game companies were really cool back then!

    Firm believer that - Too much hype can be a bad thing

    Champion of - Beards and Dark Beers.

    PSN -ZyloWolfBane
    Steam -ZyloWolfBane
    Twitch - ZyloWolfBane
    Twitter - @ZyloWolfBane

  • Cool topic! I dig getting to know all of you a bit more.

    Located - New England
    Age - 20
    For a living - popcorn saleswoman and art student
    Non-gaming Hobbies - film photography, oil painting, taking boats to random places with my buds
    Gaming Historical facts - played anything on Blockbuster's shelves
    Firm believer that - The Boys of Summer by Don Henley is the greatest song of all time
    Champion of - all-nighters, dishwashing, third wheelin' and dealin'

  • Name - ObbyDent
    Located - Pacific Northwest
    For a living I - Create video content for my university
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Nerding out and creating film
    Gaming Historical facts - First video game I ever played was Pokemon Crystal version.
    Firm believer that - EZA is the best gaming community and group in the world
    Champion of - authentic and immersive gaming experiences.
    PSN - ObbyDent
    Steam - ObbyDent
    XBL - LOL no thanks
    Twitch - ObbyDent
    Twitter - GamingOblivion

  • Name - Andrew
    Located - Shanghai via Vancouver
    For a living I work as a photographer photographing large developments like office buildings, hotels and malls around Asia
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - photography (it bleeds over), music, movies, Youtube, eating anything and everything, traveling, going out with friends (Shanghai is a great city to socialize and network)
    Gaming Historical facts - I've been into video games my whole life. As long as I can remember, I've been drawn to them. Despite this, I didn't own a console or play any video games seriously from 2002 until 2013.
    Firm believer that - You attract more bees with honey than vinegar
    Champion of - making decent drinks with vodka
    PSN - matteroffactSH

  • Since I never had an account on the GT forums, i think is appropiate do this:

    Name - Pablo
    Located - Chile
    For a living I - Do boardgame demos for a game distributor. Most of the time I study physics though.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - I write reviews on a blog, but they're in spanish.
    Gaming Historical facts - I got into gaming when I was like 11, and haven't stopped since. Played a lot of N64 and Gamecube games when I strated and then got introduced to PC gaming and the marvels of the internet. I think that finding GT in 2013 helped me a lot with getting to know a lot of new games and genres that I wasn't interested in before.
    A few years ago, I used to administrate a gaming forum, go to events and organize tournaments. Now I'm happy with just being a normal user :p
    Firm believer that - Videogames are the artform of the 21st century.
    Champion of - Carcassonne.
    Steam - JazzBoatman
    Twitter - PabloIsRight

  • Everything that I want to share at this time is in my profile.

  • Name: Caleb
    Located: Spring Hill, FL (USA)
    For a living I work at a local hospital while attempting to manage course work for my BS.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies): Reading. Mostly literary classics. I enjoy writing, as well. And I collect vinyls of '80s rock albums like Appetite for Destruction and Pyromania.
    Gaming Historical facts: Played my fair share of PlayStation classics and even some 16-bit titles when I was very young. First console I owned was a PS2 when I was 8. I have owned each succeeding PlayStation and XBox console. Haven't owned one from Nintendo though (hopefully the NX will be my first). Fell in love with franchises like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Jak & Daxter, Mass Effect, and Elder Scrolls (to name a few). Got into PC gaming a few years ago. My library is now pretty evenly-split between my PC and my PS4. Haven't seen a reason to get an XBox One yet. My personal greatest games of all time are Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 9, and Final Fantasy 6 (in that order).
    I am a firm believer that a video game can enthrall you into a world, cause you to fall in love with a character, or take you on a journey of mystery and discovery far more effectively than a novel or film ever could. Also, games are not only used for escapism. You can actually learn a surprising amount about yourself from a game.
    Champion of: MGS3 multiplayer. Only one that I really got into. For some reason my brain could understand the horrible control scheme. Still miss it, though.
    Twitch: caleb_aranda
    PSN: cal_aran

  • Name: Sebastian
    Located: in germany
    For a living I: try to tinker around with ones and zeros
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies): anime, manga, light novels, japanese(language), japan in general, music, programming
    Gaming Historical facts: started with zelda 2 on the NES(hated the game at the time, i was young...), but fell in love with gaming on the n64 (Zelda OoT, Turok, so many others). Loved Pokemon Red in grade school. Fell in love with playstation with Metal Gear Solid. Liked Halo since the first game, but hated gears of war. Currently a Nintendo believer and Sony lover. Got nothing against the xbox though.
    Firm believer that: the new Zelda is gonna be the bestestest thing ever.
    Champion of: nothing, really.
    PSN: guroneko182
    Stream -
    XBL -
    Twitch: guroneko182
    Twitter: @Ruushii182

  • Name - Curtis
    Located - Buffalo New York, United States
    For a living I - Am a stay -at-home dad and do web design
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Table-top gaming, Board Games, Reading
    Firm believer that - Cthulhu slumbers
    Champion of - Nyarlathotep
    PSN - Zekebaker
    Twitch - Zekebaker34

  • Name - Jack Kaplan.
    Age - 20
    Located - Västerås, Sweden.
    For a living I - am a college student and competitive Overwatch player.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - writing, music, film, girls.
    Gaming Historical facts - Quake junior player 2005-2007, CSGO competetive player 2013-2015.
    Firm believer that - Bosman is best ally.
    Champion of - The sun.
    Steam -
    Twitch -
    Twitter -

  • Name - Sebastian
    Located - Sweden
    For a living I - Currently not working and on my way back to school after the summer, feels nice to get back behind the books actually.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Music and film for the most part, or whatever activities my friends and I get up to atm. Recently found out hockey is actually really fun!
    Gaming Historical facts - My very own first console was the ps1, got it with FF7 and a bunch of crap licensed games, so I got a sweet spot for sony, but loved playing on my brothers genesis and snes whenever I got the chanse growing up.
    Firm believer that - Everybody is created equally.
    Champion of - Uncharted. Man I love Uncharted.
    PSN - Seppo91
    Twitch - Seppo91
    Twitter - Seppo91

  • @Hoken Märkte på kartan att vi fler svenskar än vad jag hade förväntat mig!

  • @seppo91 for a country built on love and respect, it's not surprising!

  • @Hoken Well, that's true :)

    and if anyone is wondering, I was just telling him that I was surprised that there were so many allies from Sweden.

  • Name - Jimmy Good
    Located - MN, USA
    For a living I - Archivist
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Movies, Reading, Socializing
    Gaming Historical facts - My first console was the N64 and it remains my favorite to this day!
    Firm believer that - You should play what you'd want to and to not feel bad for missing out on any game franchise!
    Champion of - Educate and Entertain
    PSN -
    XBL - MoistDarkwolf (don't ask)
    Twitch -
    Twitter - @GoCritical

    I also have a Youtube channel called Critical Reviews ( and it was inspired by the crew here at EZA. If you have a chance, I'd love to know what you think of it!

  • Name - Christopher Wells (Wellsey)
    Age - 28
    Located - Isle of Wight, England
    For a living I - Am a Helpdesk Supervisor for a data-capture website used in Health Care
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Airsofting, Cycling, Socialising, Hermit
    Gaming Historical facts - Been gaming pretty much my whole life, when my parents purchased the ZX Spectrum. Then moved on the Sega Mega Drive (or the Genesis as my American friends would call it ^_^.) There I found a love for Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. My uncle then introduced me to Final Fantasy VII and I have loved the series ever since!
    Firm believer that - You can never own too many games
    Champion of - Love and Peace
    PSN - Wellsey002
    Steam - weano

    Love & Respect