Ally Introductions

  • Name - Maxfield Stanton
    Located - Atlanta, GA
    For a living I - work in digital advertising and marketing.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Drawing, writing non-fiction articles, cosplay, sometimes cooking.
    Gaming Historical facts - Pokemon Gold was my first Pokemon game after I won it from a Lay's potato chip bag giveaway. Thanks, Lay's.
    Firm believer that - hot dogs are not sandwiches.
    Champion of - Britney Spears. I love her, okay?
    Twitter - @DleifxamNotnats

  • Name - Steven
    Located - Chicago
    For a living I - (for now) am a student
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Cosplay and collector of Transformers and G.I.Joe
    Gaming History - playing since Atari 3600
    Firm believer that - Kirby needs to have more games.
    Champion of - the Driver video game series need to have a comeback.
    PSN - Questworld12
    Stream - MXAGhost
    Steam - MXAGhost
    XBL - MXAGhost
    Twitch - MXAGhost
    Twitter - @MXAGhost

  • Name - Matt
    Located - Amherst, MA
    For a living I - am a student, I work at a co-op cafe tho
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - automotive stuff, avid weird thing collector, record / music collections
    Gaming Historical facts - Still use the PS2 controller that I got day one / have Shadow of the Colossus tattoo
    Firm believer that - Kingdom Hearts is entirely trash. (starting out strong)
    Champion of - wasting time and energy on arguments that don't matter
    PSN - ABACADA6494
    Steam - Firehead6494
    Twitch - ABACADA6494
    Twitter - @Latt_Meonard

  • Name: Christine

    Located: I've lived in Washington state, Washington DC, and Maryland in the US, as well as in New Zealand. It's changed a lot in the past few years

    For a living I: Work as a biology teaching/laboratory assistant

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies): Knitting(!!), cooking, gardening, bird watching, drawing, hiking/beach walks

    Gaming Historical facts: For long time I had to go over to friend's houses and borrow or rent games because I couldn't afford my own. I got really attached to the Pokemon series because of that and pretty much was only able to buy a game if it was Pokemon

    Firm believer that: Small acts of kindness really can go a long way. Also small fat birds are the best.

    Champion of: Getting too comfortable to want to get up and turn the light off before bed

  • Been using this forum for nearly a year and I never formally introduced myself? Sorry for being rude!

    Name - Anthony
    Located - El Paso, TX. Strangely, the first "pilot" episode of Fiasconauts is set in El Paso and there's a character named Anthony in it. I believe either Ian or Kyle referred to him as an idiot, so that's gotta be me.
    For a living I - work as a projectionist at a movie theater. Think Fight Club without splicing in adult scenes.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Writing, reading, movies, music, beer/wine lover. Cats?
    Gaming Historical facts - Earliest memories ever stem from NES (Mario specifically) although I would say I really began falling in love when the PS1 hit. Games like Persona, Final Fantasy, and Lunar shaped my expectations. I've mostly kept with each generation after that, missing a few systems along the way. I'll play you one day, Dreamcast.
    Firm believer that - life is meaningless and it's up to us to assign it value/humor. I love Albert Camus' work on the Myth of Sisyphus. We may just be perpetually rolling a boulder up a hill for no reason but there is also no reason we can't take enjoyment out of this act.
    Champion of - karate and friendship for everyone. Dayman!
    Steam - Xenondrive
    PSN - SabotageTheTruth. Always open to requests, just let me know you're from EZA!

  • Name: Karl
    Located: Sweden
    For a living I: Work as a systems & web developer
    Non-gaming hobby(ies): Running, nature, music and books
    Gaming historical facts: I look back at the long loading times of Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex with abnormal horror.
    Firm believer that: Love and compassion are the most important things in life
    Champion of: Having patience
    Steam: Quecken
    PSN: Glaneft

    Feel free to add me, and if you're an EZA fan from Sweden don't be afraid to get in touch. Would be cool!

  • Global Moderator

    @Quecken Fun to see a fellow Swede here! Let me tell you Välkommen! :)

  • @Lotias It's nice to see Nordic Countries represented here :D

  • Name - Ocirus (John)
    Located - Minnesota
    For a living I - Currently looking for a decent job somewhere in my field of education (ha)
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Not too many outside of the usual movies, TV shows, etc. I guess I collect stuff? And sometimes I design shirts. My wife (also a gamer) and I love having people over for game nights, though it doesn't happen as often as we'd like :(
    Gaming Historical facts - Gaming is my life. I've been gaming since before I can remember (Master System and Genesis were my firsts) and will likely be gaming long past when I should. I have a bachelor degree in Game Design and Development.
    Firm believer that - Cooperative games are, unfortunately, dying (excluding MMOs, which are an entirely different thing, and certainly aren't appealing to introverts)
    Champion of - The Legend of Dragoon, cause it's the best damn JRPG. Ever. Speaking objectively. Seriously.

  • Name - Jenn
    Located - Canada
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Drawing, Animating
    Champion of - Having the worst sleeping schedule
    Twitch - Youchube
    Twitter - Youchubes

  • Name - Beth
    Located - Canada
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading, writing, sleeping
    Gaming Historical facts - When my Uncle came to visit one christmas he brought his og playstation with him with crash 3. I got hooked and called him Uncle Crash for most of my childhood. My mom got really into gaming after that too and bought a ps very soon after.
    Firm believer that - People are good and can do better

    PSN: OrgNoXV
    SW: 3351-7866-6407

    Add me if you like, I'll be happy to accept

  • I need to remember to pop in here more to greet people.

    @orgnoxv Welcome! Have fun, and lol Uncle Crash.

  • Hey guys! Just started watching their content the last few months and wanted to introduce myself.

    Name - Christopher
    Located - Brooklyn
    For a living I - Tax Accounting
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Watching Hockey, Anime, TV
    Gaming Historical Facts - Metroid II was one of the first games I ever played and one of my all time favorites.
    Champion of - Eating at super speeds
    PSN - LeoneHML
    XBL - xLeonex
    Twitch - ChrisxLeone
    Twitter - ChrisxLeone
    Instagram - ChrisxLeone ( I'm doing a post a day of playing through all the final fantasies currently if interested)

  • Name - Jacky
    Located - Hoeselt, Belgium

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - My band HEISA > -
    Music - Concerts - Movies

    Gaming Historical facts - First layed my eyes on my friend's glorious NES when I was around 6 in the late 80's. I wanted one bad until I got a GameBoy for my birthday/christmas. Loved that thing to death! After that I got my very 1st console: the SNES. Through the years I owned a PS1, PS2 slim, Wii, PS3, but I always preferred handhelds, especially Nintendo ones, I owned most of em. Currently I own a PS4 and a Switch, which has all the potential to become my favorite console of all time, for obvious reasons.

    Firm believer that - they should've gone with Bernie / Tool is the greatest.
    Champion of - nothing. But I do a lot of things very mediocrely, if that's a word (it's not).

    PSN - Jacques Nomdefamille
    Twitter - @jack655321
    Switch Friendcode - SW-6959-1254-4689

  • Name - Rowena
    Located - Sweden
    For a living I - Digitalize the topographical archive for the county museum
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading, genealogy, floristry, antiques, more or less
    Gaming Historical facts - I could count the number of games I'd played on one hand before I was twenty-six, which was when I met my game dev boyfriend. Started with coop Little Big Planet, then he bought me Dragon Age: Origins and I'm forever grateful!
    Twitter -

  • Name - Dennis
    Located - NYC
    For a living I - Optician
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - I'm a Big movie buff. Live and breath basketball/ NBA
    Gaming Historical facts - Grew up a Sega kid with the Genesis as my first home console before moving on to Dreamcast. Since then I've owned just about every console/ handheld that would release afterwards.
    Champion of - All classic style Resident Evils
    PSN - Lid1013
    Steam - Currypowder84
    Twitch- Currypowder84

  • Name - Henry
    Located - Orlando, FL
    For a living I - Retail
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Going to the movies, working on my car, going to concerts
    Gaming Historical facts - Started gaming in 1988 with an NES, moved to SNES which is my favorite console, then moved to N64. After I switched to PS2 and XBOX. Now I'm strictly XBOX and Nintendo handhelds.
    Firm believer that - There are two kinds of people in the world, those that can drive a manual and those that can't.
    XBL - Celicagame
    Twitch - Eric__Cartmenez

  • @Henry-Ramirez Driving manual is so much more satisfying than automatic. I see no reason to switch to automatic myself, having driven both.

  • @Henry-Ramirez Orlando! :D I'm glad our EZA population extends beyond just myself.

    @jipostus Well, the argument could be made that it frees you up to focus on other things. Our big 911 ambulances are automatic so I can focus on other drivers, navigation, patient needs, etc. But I agree that standard is much much more satisfying.

  • @Billy I pretty much meant that as for my personal car. Obviously automatic is better option for work purposes, heck, I worked as postal worker before, and for that I would never recommend manual.