Ally Introductions

  • Name - Sebastian
    Located - Sweden
    For a living I - Currently not working and on my way back to school after the summer, feels nice to get back behind the books actually.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Music and film for the most part, or whatever activities my friends and I get up to atm. Recently found out hockey is actually really fun!
    Gaming Historical facts - My very own first console was the ps1, got it with FF7 and a bunch of crap licensed games, so I got a sweet spot for sony, but loved playing on my brothers genesis and snes whenever I got the chanse growing up.
    Firm believer that - Everybody is created equally.
    Champion of - Uncharted. Man I love Uncharted.
    PSN - Seppo91
    Twitch - Seppo91
    Twitter - Seppo91

  • @Hoken Märkte på kartan att vi fler svenskar än vad jag hade förväntat mig!

  • @seppo91 for a country built on love and respect, it's not surprising!

  • @Hoken Well, that's true :)

    and if anyone is wondering, I was just telling him that I was surprised that there were so many allies from Sweden.

  • Name - Jimmy Good
    Located - MN, USA
    For a living I - Archivist
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Movies, Reading, Socializing
    Gaming Historical facts - My first console was the N64 and it remains my favorite to this day!
    Firm believer that - You should play what you'd want to and to not feel bad for missing out on any game franchise!
    Champion of - Educate and Entertain
    PSN -
    XBL - MoistDarkwolf (don't ask)
    Twitch -
    Twitter - @GoCritical

    I also have a Youtube channel called Critical Reviews ( and it was inspired by the crew here at EZA. If you have a chance, I'd love to know what you think of it!

  • Name - Christopher Wells (Wellsey)
    Age - 28
    Located - Isle of Wight, England
    For a living I - Am a Helpdesk Supervisor for a data-capture website used in Health Care
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Airsofting, Cycling, Socialising, Hermit
    Gaming Historical facts - Been gaming pretty much my whole life, when my parents purchased the ZX Spectrum. Then moved on the Sega Mega Drive (or the Genesis as my American friends would call it ^_^.) There I found a love for Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. My uncle then introduced me to Final Fantasy VII and I have loved the series ever since!
    Firm believer that - You can never own too many games
    Champion of - Love and Peace
    PSN - Wellsey002
    Steam - weano

    Love & Respect


  • Name - Yungstar

    Located - North Tyneside, England.

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Chess figures and photography

    Gaming Historical facts - Started with PONG, moved onto console. then 8 bit, 16 bit computers. now PC and console.

    Firm believer that - being polite helps all involved.

    PSN - Yungstar_2007
    Steam - oo_yungstar_oo
    XBL - oo yungstar oo
    Twitter - oo yungstar oo

    Name - Yungstar
    Originally from - never left
    Currently living - still here

    Home Console History - started with PONG. moved onto Acetronic MPU 1000 and then Atari 400. i've since owned most all 8/16/64 bit games consoles and 8/16 bit computers that released in the UK and still have them all (boxed). own all Nintendo (except Wii U), Sega, Sony and MS consoles released to date and currently use PC, PS4, X1 and x360 as my main games systems.

    I'm a HUGE LOVER of - a good online co-op.

  • Name - Sniper-BoOyA- (Michael Schrijver on Patreon)
    Located - The Netherlands
    For a living I - a Software Engineer
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Football (soccer) and traveling

    Gaming Historical facts - Started online gaming in the late 90's with a game called Ghost Recon (incl expansions Desert Siege and Island Thunder)

    Firm believer that - Do what you love. Despite what others may say/think.
    Champion of - Tactical Shooters
    PSN - Sniper-BoOyA-
    Stream - SniperBoOyA
    Twitch - Sniperbooya

    Platform(s) - PC and PS4

  • Name - SuperAfroBoy
    Located - Atlantic Canada
    For a living I - Desktop Support Technician (I take care of all the local equpment at a call center)
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - TV / Movies / Spending time with my wife and kids.
    Gaming Historical facts - It started in the late 80s / early 90s when my older brother had a NES that he would let me play. Eventually our family bought a SNES, with the SuperScope bazooka. Good times. In 96 for my birthday my parents got me a N64, eventually I bought myself a GCN, Wii, and now Wii U. I've also enjoyed all the Nintendo handelds, frome GameBoy to 3DS. I also owned an Xbox, Xbox 360, PS, and PS2, but I've always considered myself a Nintendo guy at heart. Also PC gaming, but my current desktop is really showing it's age.
    Firm believer that - Games can be art. There is no "right" or "wrong" console, be happy about what you like and accept what others like.
    Champion of - Fun.
    Steam - SuperAfroBoy
    XBL - SuperAfroBoy

  • Name - Duncan
    Located - Edmonton, Alberta
    For a living I - am looking for a job, but I have a degree in Game Programming
    Home Console History - Pretty much everything except the Dreamcast, I was a Nintendo kid but since I've been living on my own, I've owned at one point or another pretty much every console. I currently have like 3 PS2s sitting under my TV, disassembled for parts.
    I'm a HUGE LOVER of - Tech. Gadgets. Anime and manga. Food. JRPGs.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Tech. Gadgets. Anime and manga. Food. Internal sadness.
    Firm believer that - Gaming should be fun first, not graphics or story or anything like that. If your game is fun, sign me the hell up.
    Champion of - Rhythm games and Kingdom Hearts 2.
    PSN - Gyro_Scope
    Stream ID - Kazooie5659
    XBL - Kazooie5659
    Twitch - PolarCares
    Twitter - @DuncanKetcheson
    Website - (please go to my website it makes me sad that I spent so long setting up a server in my living room and almost all 30 hits on my counter are me refreshing the page and watching it go up)

  • Name - Chun
    Located - New York
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) -Sports Anime Manga
    Gaming Historical facts - Started Gaming on the Atari.
    Firm believer that - don't be a troll online
    Champion of - JRPGS
    PSN - aznxchunky
    Stream - aznxchunky
    XBL - mowmovv
    Twitch -aznxchunky
    Twitter -

  • Name - B
    Located - A bit outside of Pittsburgh PA
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Board games (not like Sorry or Monopoly- there's a wide world of board games out there- check out, horror and weird movies, sci fi books
    Gaming Historical facts - I inherited a 2600 from my cousin when he got an NES back in the mid to late 80's. Eventually I got an NES too and have been playing video games ever since. I had a SNES and Genesis, Sega CD, N64, Saturn, PSX, Dreamcast etc, etc. Yes I was the kid who had (and still has) all the consoles. I dabble in old PC games occasionally but I'm primarily a console gamer. My current primary platform is PS4.
    Champion of - retro-gaming. Go play your old games!
    PSN - burns807
    XBL - burnstar807
    Twitch - burnstar807

    Got into EZA, then GT, during their E3 2015 coverage and as I'm posting this we're minutes away from the first press conference of E3 2016 (HYPE!!!) so the 1 year mark seems a good time to get a little more involved in the community.

  • Name - Lloyd
    Located - Austin, Texas
    For a living I - Blizzard Entertainment
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Comic books, books, films, volunteer work (currently at Humane Society)
    Gaming Historical facts - I started on an Amiga 1000!
    Firm believer that - Microtransactions aren't the end of the world, but they can sometimes be scummy.
    Champion of - Uhh.. The intercontinental belt?
    PSN - FudgieATX
    Stream -
    XBL - FudgieATX
    Twitch - FudgieATX
    Twitter - @lloydmoore
    BattleTag - Fudgie#1448

  • Name - Kai
    Located - Hamilton, Ontario
    For a living I - working on that ;-;
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - K-Pop!
    Gaming Historical facts - First game was Link to the Past when I was 3 years old with my mom
    Firm believer that - Devil May Cry 5 will happen... eventually
    Champion of - K-Pop
    PSN - Yeoubie
    Stream - Yeoubie
    XBL - N/A for now
    Twitch - Yeoubie
    Twitter - Yeoubie

  • Name - Callum
    Located - Bishop's Stortford, UK
    For a living I - Currently work as a QA Tester in London at a well known developer but I keep trying to push into Game Design which is what I ultimately want to do with my career.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading far too many comic books and playing board games (the cool kind). I also write about the geeky things I like over on my website ( and tinker away on my own games in my free time.
    Gaming Historical facts - My life was changed when I was taken to a family friend's house and they had bought a NES for their kid. (Ironically their last name was Sega!) The first video game I have memories of playing is Super Mario Bros. 3 and it just blowing me away. From there me and my brother begged our parents for our own NES and I've been a console gamer ever since.
    Firm believer that - Gameplay is king, closely followed by story/characters with graphics only being there to facilitate entertainment.
    Champion of - Enjoying what you love and not letting others detract you from your fandom!
    PSN - cal-uk_kun
    Stream - thenerdtheword
    XBL - Cal El 52
    Twitch - thenerdthword
    Twitter - @thenerdtheword

  • Name - Olafur Waage
    Located - Sweden
    For a living I - Push buttons on a keyboard, Programmer :D
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Lockpicking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Gaming Historical facts - Got an NES when I was a kid, played it too much so my mom gave it away, never had a console after that, but my dad worked at a bank so he got a PC at home pretty early. I messed with it so he couldn't work so I had to learn to fix it for him. Been a PC gamer since, only console I got after that was a WiiU recently. So for me, game controllers are weird. :P
    Firm believer that - PC is the best platform
    Champion of - Any FPS/RPG game you can throw at me.
    PSN - None
    Stream - sinai
    XBL - None
    Twitch - None
    Twitter - @olafurw

  • cool idea dude

    Name - Mehdi
    Located - Winnipeg Canada
    For a living I - Anesthesiologist/Chronic Pain Physician
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Working on cars (mostly body mods, but want to get to the point that I can build my own hot rod eventually...)
    Gaming Historical facts - Started out my gaming on an Atari 2600 with Robocop! (even back then it wasn't as good as I thought it would be)
    Firm believer that - You only get out of life as much as your willing to put in
    Champion of - my inner rage
    PSN - Mango
    Stream - Mangocabal

  • Awesome idea, just in time for E3 =)

    Name - Mechanoid
    Location - Los Angeles, USA
    Living - Industrial Designer
    Non-gaming Hobbies - Drawing, Painting
    Gaming Historical Facts - Built my first PC as a kid back in 1999 with my uncle's help. My things have changed...
    Firm Believer That - It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life.-JEAN-LUC PICARD
    Champion Of - All Things Mecha
    Twitch - Mechanoid_Z

  • Name - Hessel.
    Located - Maastricht, Netherlands.
    For a living I - Take photographs and work in a Photography store.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Photography, making music in a band, sketching, visiting new countries.
    Gaming Historical facts - My first console was a SEGA Megadrive, after that I've had a PSX, PS2 and PS3. I've yet to jump into the current gen, I honestly don't game that much anymore but I love to observe the industry. Will buy a PS4(k?) after No Man Sky drops!
    Firm believer that - We all just need a little bit of love and respect.
    Champion of - Frontmission 3.

  • Name: Otto
    Location: Corpus Christi, TX, USA
    Occupation: Record label manager and musician
    Non-gaming Hobbies: Music and film are the two big ones, but I have a lot of different interests.
    PSN: gelidascent tomoko#11602
    Steam: unl337
    Twitch: tomokers
    Twitter: @spiritwaves
    IRC: tomoko on SynIRC
    Gaming historical facts: I've been heavily into gaming for almost twenty solid years now!
    Firm believer that: Shenmue 3 will save gaming. :100:%.
    Champion of: I'm a jack of all trades, sure, but a master of none!