Ally Introductions

  • Name: Otto
    Location: Corpus Christi, TX, USA
    Occupation: Record label manager and musician
    Non-gaming Hobbies: Music and film are the two big ones, but I have a lot of different interests.
    PSN: gelidascent tomoko#11602
    Steam: unl337
    Twitch: tomokers
    Twitter: @spiritwaves
    IRC: tomoko on SynIRC
    Gaming historical facts: I've been heavily into gaming for almost twenty solid years now!
    Firm believer that: Shenmue 3 will save gaming. :100:%.
    Champion of: I'm a jack of all trades, sure, but a master of none!

  • Name - Mikkel
    Located - Copenhagen Denmark
    For a living I - Write Movies and TV Series
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Writing, drawing and drinking
    Gaming Historical facts - I got into games playing Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers
    Firm believer that - TTA would make an awesome animated Tv-show
    Champion of - Backseat gaming
    PSN - Tuffenuf1

  • Name: Matti
    Location: Vaasa, Finland
    Occupation: Working in a hypermarket. Hopefully a student in a couple of months.
    Non-gaming Hobbies: I like making videos a lot, writing, also programming websites. Trying to get into JavaScript. All kinds of creating is very close to my heart. All kinds of sports are also fun (should do them more). SirMathays#2349
    XBL: SirMathays
    Steam: SirMathays
    Twitch: LordMathays
    Twitter: @SuorisMasa

    Console history:
    First console landed in to our household when we got an Xbox in 2003. Next one was Nintendo Wii. After that I've personally owned an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One. Last year I sold my Xbox One and currently gaming is quite light (I also sold my gaming PC). I play games on my brother's Xbox One from time to time. Currently I have my laptop, which isn't that powerful and I'm hoping to change that if I'm able to buy a Razer Blade Stealth.

    Gaming historical facts:
    Been very interested in games and in gaming for almost 20 years. I have keen memories of playing Commander Keen, Ski or Die, Transport Tycoon and other DOS games.

    I spent countless hours on Age of Empires II's and Age of Mythology's level editors, making my own stories and scenarios. Greatest joys were when I learned to do my own Cinematics in AoM!

    My friend got Diablo 2 and we were very scared in the Sisters' Burial Grounds and we constantly fled in fear. Blood Raven....

    My first experience in MMORPG's came in form of Guild Wars. Later I've realised that maybe I wasn't that good of a player, but I enjoyed interacting with other people and playing with my friends through internet was something very new and awesome! Adventuring with a friend was so much fun!

    Nintendo Wii had few but just excellent games! Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3.. they were just so great and fun! Fond memories...

    I was a huge fan of Halo! The original Halo trilogy, ODST and Reach were just so much fun and I got invested in the storyline. I have read some of the books and comics. Then Halo 4 just felt different, but I still enjoyed it. Then Halo 5: Guardians happened and now I just, I don't know. We have grown apart.

    Nowadays I play games significantly less than before. I just don't have that much free-time anymore. I have had to give up playing MMORPGs. Lately I've been playing Stardew Valley.

    There is so much more, but maybe I should stop...

    Firm believer that: Good outweighs evil!
    Champion of: Procrastinating..

  • Name: Marcel
    Located: Bratislava, Slovakia :flag_sk:

    For a living I:
    Design and develop educational games and apps

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies)
    Mixing and mashing up music and videos + Working out

    Gaming Historical facts
    I began gaming on a Commodore 64 and then moved onto a Windows 95 PC with a ton of DOS games. In the late 90s, I played a lot of Playstation 1 like @seppo91 @Brannox & others above (Final Fantasy VII, Crash and a LOT of demos). Also played a bit of Gameboy Pocket at the time (Tetris, Pokemon Blue and Mario). Afterwards I moved onto PC (C&C Generals, Battlefield 1942, Counter-Strike and many others) and somewhat later moved onto the Xbox 360 and eventually Xbox One. Currently planning on exploring VR via Oculus on Windows or Playstation VR.

    Firm believer that
    Games and virtual reality will transform the way we live, exercise and learn over the next two decades.

    Champion of
    Finding patterns or quick solutions others fail to see ;)

    Stream: hypstamarcel
    XBL: hypstamarcel
    Battlenet: HypstaMarcel#2179
    Instagram: hypstamarcel
    Twitter: marcelklimo

    Loving all the gaming histories above. ;)

  • @Jimmy-Good Thanks for the upvotes guys! I really appreciate it. Feel free to share anything I make that you really enjoy. My goal to work with alongside EZA is a longshot, but I press on regardless. I just love it!

  • Name - Steven Blomkamp
    Located - Canada, formerly South Africa
    For a living I - work as a generalist artist in the games industry. Making rad VR games at the moment.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - All sorts of art
    Gaming Historical facts - First game I ever played was Kings Quest V. First multiplayer I ever played was Quake. I try to play pretty much everything
    Firm believer that - EZA is the birthplace of turning the gaming community into a much more positive, inclusive, jolly place
    Champion of - bad puns
    Steam - NancyPantzy
    Twitter - @sblomkamp
    PSN - Fl0wrbed
    Xbox Live - cant even remember
    Twitch - sblomkamp

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    @Wellsey001 said in Ally Introductions:

    Located - Isle of Wight, England

    Funny! I live just across the little water :grinning:

    Name - Sebastian
    Originally from - Göteborg, Sweden
    Currently living - Portsmouth, United Kingdom
    For a living I - Just finished my university studies, now looking for a job within any digital design (anyone?).
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Drawing, reading, drinking beer at the student union, skateboarding and LOVE to watch Formula 1
    My Gaming History - always been playing games as far as I can remember. Mainly thanks to my older brother that now works as a lead programmer at a bigger studio. I believe SNES being my first real console with a gameboy not coming long after. Then it been mainly playstation consoles.
    Firm believer that - You can learn something good from each person you meet.
    Champion of - Sleeping
    PSN - Lotias (no surprise there).
    Stream - got like 5 accounts but never use it
    Twitch - You will find me in the EZA channel under LotiaZ
    Twitter - @Seblot90
    My user name Orgins - Found this when I was going to register on my first Internet forum way way WAY back. Liked it and ended up keeping it. I also use the name Cansin though in MMO games.

    Also like to think that Im an over all nice guy! :sunglasses:

  • Name - Jimmy
    Originally from - Eskilstuna, Sweden
    Currently living - Kumla, Sweden
    For a living I - Truck driver at a medium-sized company, driving regular shipping routes for a major international shipping company. Currently working nights only.
    Non-gaming hobbies - Cars, skateboarding, listening to music (mostly rock and metal), movies, being outdoors
    Gaming history - Been playing games since before I can remember, but the first console I owned was the first PlayStation. My mom bought it for my 8th birthday on a "student loan salary" if you will. Gran Turismo and Mickey's Wild Adventure were the first games I owned for it.
    Champion of - Skateboarding games. I have played pretty much every single Tony Hawk game to death, and I've clocked in about 500 hours on EACH of the Skate games. Also, truck simulators. I've got about 600 hours on Euro Truck Simulator 2.
    PSN - RoyTheReaper
    Twitter - @Skatejimmy5
    Username origin - It's kind of obvious. My name is Jimmy and I love skateboarding. The number 5 is completely random. My PSN name, RoyTheReaper, is from my love of the Finnish metal band Children of Bodom. Their mascot's name is Roy, and he is the grim reaper.

    Neat idea btw!

  • I'm really loving reading through this thread! I like seeing how diverse the Allies really are.

    Name - Alex White (nonbinary trans person, they/them pronouns)
    Located - Chicago, IL when at home, Rochester, NY for college (both in America)
    For a living I - am a full-time student at the University of Rochester. I graduate in May with a bachelor's in English literature and a minor in dance. I then graduate again the following May with my Masters in secondary education. In the short term, I want to be a high school English teacher, but I have long-term dreams of working in the games industry as a critic or writer.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - I really enjoy music, and grew up doing choir. I travel regionally to compete in dance battles for cash prizes, and I also am a performance artist. You can see my performance art stuff over at
    Gaming Historical facts - Despite being an only child, I grew up in a family of gamers. My dad likes racing games and Grand Theft Auto-style open-world shooters, while my mom loves puzzle games and side-scrolling beat-em-ups (most notably Double Dragon). My mom still has a working NES, so the first games I ever played were a little over a decade older than I am. I got hooked by Pokemon games, the Professor Layton series, and Final Fantasy, and since then I mostly play JRPGs, puzzle games, story-driven games, and League of Legends (despite my better judgment). Favorite releases include Until Dawn, Life is Strange, The Beginner's Guide, Persona 4, and both installments of Amnesia.
    Firm believer that - games are a mode of creative expression that rivals film and literature, and deserve academic consideration as such. I love story driven games because I get to pick apart their themes, storylines, and ways of communication in the same way I break down films or books for my major. I actually write essays sometimes on games that I really enjoy just as a fun thing to do on the side. I'm currently working on a very exciting one for The Beginner's Guide. I also firmly believe that games should have more and better representation of characters that reflect human diversity better than having the same generic grizzled white guy as every main character. As a gay transgender person, queer representation hits especially close to home.
    Champion of - Nancy Drew games! My mom and I used to play them together when I was little as our bonding time, and I still find them really enjoyable.
    Steam - alexwhiteplays
    League Summoner Name - alexwhiteplays
    Twitter - alex_is_UNiQ (a reference to my stage name when I do dance battles, which is U-NiQ for all-styles or Aleksandra U-NiQ for vogue). Honestly my Twitter doesn't see much use other than tweeting at the Allies and various bands and entertainers I like, though.

  • Name - Betty if you call me, you can call me Al.

    Located - Buffalo, NY,, though I've lived all over the world.

    For a living I - lawyer, professional old man, now trying to be a writer

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading, mainly modern/classical literature, writing. Music, though I don't think my tastes have changed much since the 90s.

    Gaming Historical facts - I grew up in the last generation to spend its childhood outside, and part of that magical generation that literally grew up with video games. I played the Atari, the NES, the Sega Genesis, all as social experiences at friends houses. In the early '90s, I discovered online gaming on services like compuServe, Prodigy, and eventually AOL, mainly text-based MUDs. I played those for years, and it shaped my love of video games as social/role-playing/imaginative communities. I had a period of time when I didn't game much in college and afterwards when I lived in Africa, but I came back Stateside in 2006 and pretty much hopped into the MMO scene when I came back, specifically WoW and occasionally trying others as they come out. Haven't owned a console since the Sega Genesis, lol.

    Firm believer that - The strength of video games as a medium is in playing with/being immersed with others, and that the toxicity of the last 10 years or so in the gaming community needs to end. Growing up as a nerd, video games were a safe haven for me, now, as it's grown more mainstream, I feel the community has become a bit more mainstream as well. Back in the day, we had trolls, but we literally called them "snerts" and they essentially got blacklisted because the community was small enough that your reputation preceded you wherever you went. Now the anonymity of the web has turned from a means of escape from RL struggle to a means of amping up one's RL struggles under a veil of unaccountability. Maybe it's because I grew up as a brown person in a gaming world with only white characters, but video game characters never represented me (much like society itself didn't really represent me), so I simultaneously don't understand why people are afraid of things like a female Link, or why people on the other side of the issue don't feel immersed if characters don't match who they are. Diversity leads to better stories, but empathy for characters who aren't representative of you makes for a deeper experience. I still remember how it changed my view of everything I went through in Metroid when I found out Samus was a girl (back in a time when I knew 0 girls who played video games). I remember when Sheikh revealed herself as a woman, and how it broadened my perspective on the Zelda universe and what these characters were going through. I could talk about gaming culture for hours, but I'll cut it there.

    Champion of - Old man rants about "these kids these days" even though I'm only 35.

    PSN - Zip.
    Stream - nada
    XBL - Zilch
    Twitch - eschatological in the chat
    Twitter - 140 characters is for advertising and wit. Not for discussions, and my inner lawyer can't stand it. Nope.
    Name origins: I studied a branch of theology called Eschatology on a lark in college (I was a Computer Science major), which is the study of the End Times in various religions. But then I fell in love with the lowercase "e" definition of eschatology, a study of human destiny, of who we are and where we're going, emotionally and socially. My name is about my commitment to question where we're going, whether we should be going there, and where we want to be.

  • @eschatological I was feeling really old with my gaming history until you came along lol! Text based MUDs ♡.

  • @Hesperus said in Ally Introductions:

    @eschatological I was feeling really old with my gaming history until you came along lol! Text based MUDs ♡.

    Still the best gaming experience of my life, man. I've typed "kill orc" maybe 97842834 times in my life. Got my WPM up to 120 because of text-based MUDs.

  • said in Ally Introductions:

    Name - Ville " jipostus" Lahtinen
    Located - Western Finland
    For a living I - Currently unemployed, planning to go study programming
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Walking with Dogs, Photography
    Gaming Historical facts - I have played original Metal Gear on MSX, BEFORE MGS was released. (Though I didn't understand it, as I didn't understand english back then...)
    Firm believer that - There is always something worth living for
    Former Champion of - ADOM (I have yet to have a single post version 1.1.1 winbeta 4 win)
    PSN - jipostus (though I don't use that as much these days, as I mostly game on PC these days)
    Steam - jipostus
    XBL - jipostus (I don't have xbox, and more than likely never will, but I still have XBL account)
    Twitch - jipostus (I watch some streams, including EZA)
    Twitter - jipostus


    I'm jipostus, I hail from Finland, and I just had to join these forums, as I just love EZA crew, and I am currently, even though I'm unemployed, 1$ patreon for EZA, and I just wanted to join the community here to see what goes on here, and I hope this community is as jolly and fun as the EZA on their streams and videos.

  • Name - Jordan Kirk
    Located - Romanian born, Oklahoma raised.
    For a living I - EPJ productipon technician.. or order filler, whichever works.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Love me some music. Was a music major for a year before I decided to jump into the work force. A pretty good trombonist, and a sub-par, but still learning/enjoying, pianist.
    Gaming fun facts - Some of my earlier memories include playing LttP and MegamanX with an older cousin, who lived with us at the time.
    Champion of - Mario RPG. Another fun fact: I rented Mario RPG so many times when it was relevant, that it would've probably been cheaper to just buy it outright.
    PSN -kirkking2000
    XBL -kirkking
    If I happen to be online, and own a specific multiplayer game, I'd be happy to game with others :)
    Twitch -kirkking2000
    I'll occasionally stream some games via PS4
    Twitter -kirkking2000

  • @jipostus Welcome dude :) We are all allies!!! Love & Respect ;)

  • Name - Sharoze
    Located - Manchester, Lancashire, UK
    For a living I - am an Engineering graduate. I recently turned my career toward Software Engineering and I am also working as Administration Officer at Government firm.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - TV shows, Movies, Gaming forums, Listening video game scores and other musical scores. I am enthusiastic on space and astronomy. Stuff about the unknown excites me.
    Gaming Historical facts - Started with super Nintendo but only played Mario on it. Finally started my gaming career with PS1 then PS2 (That 8mb memory was so expensive that I ended up completing full playthroughs on single sitting , PSP, 3DS, PS3 and now PS4 and PC.
    Firm believer that - Demons Souls/Dark Souls are one of the greatest games ever made. EZA is the best thing that ever happened in gaming history. I just ****in Love all the allies.
    Champion of - Dark Souls pvp, COD 4, (EZA forums posts hehe)
    Stream - SIX2SE7EN
    Twitch - SIX2SE7EN
    Twitter - @SIX2SE7EN

  • Name – Allen aka LaserCat
    Located – Soon to be Torrance CA, moving out from family house (currently Redondo Beach, CA)
    For a living I – Currently I work near LAX airport at a cargo warehouse working the front desk. I rather just play video games all day long but ya...gotta make money for rent.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) – Gaming takes up pretty much all my time, but when I’m not gaming I would prefer to focus on working out and getting is shape (mostly to pull off a decent cosplay) but haven’t buckled down on the fitness yet. Going to go all out after my move.
    Gaming Historical facts – (going to try to keep this short because I could go on for hours about this) I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember (ever since I played my SNES back in 1989), I would definitely classify myself as a “Huber Archetype” kind of Gamer, I get so hyped for new games especially games that tell epic tales of revenge and redemption! For me there is no better way to tell a story than through a video game.
    Firm believer that – Video Games are an Art Form, we are truly living in a magical age right now. Video games are becoming the best they have ever been and can express SO much now. And with VR around the corner am so excited to see what’s next!
    Champion of – Being the Jack of traits when it comes to video games, I have the special skill of being able to adapt to any kind of gaming console. PC, PS1234, DS, PSP, XBOXs, Old school, etc. As long as the game is interesting to me I don’t care what console it’s on…I’ll Play It! Also I’m a Huge Fan of Catgirls ;3
    PSN - OoLasercatoO
    Steam – LaserCat006
    XBL – Lasercat006
    Twitch – LaserCat006
    Username Origin- Back when Halo 3 was coming out my best friend would always go by the Username of “Darksim007” because he was a big Perfect Dark/Bond Fan. I mostly went by a lot of names like Leilong, and Akiba but he didn’t really like calling me those names because he hated anime. But then IGN showed a trailer for the Spartan Laser in Halo 3 and I lost my shit! I must have watched the trailer like 30 times, so much so that my friend decided to call me “LaserCat006” for now on because at the beginning of the trailer there was an image of a cat saying “LaserCat demands More Lasers!” and the 006 was from goldeneye after Bond’s best friend.
    Top Games- There are SOOO many but the ones that come to mind are the God of War series, ICO/Nico, Batman Arkham City, Ace Attorney Series, Metal Gear Solid series, DOOM, 999 and Onimusha 1
    Most Hyped For- New God of War, VR, Last Guardian, New Kojima Game and Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Name - Stuart
    Located - Townsville, Australia
    For a living I - work a boring desk job where I essentially buy in pallets of toilet paper....
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - comics, anime / manga, wrestling
    Gaming Historical facts - first console was the original Gameboy followed buy the SNES, Pokemon was my big obsession as a kid and is still one of my favorite franchises to this day.
    Firm believer that - people need to be more positive and inclusive in the gaming community sometimes. Also play what you want to play and how you want to play it - it doesn't matter what other people think
    Champion of - Social arkwardness
    PSN - stu1985 (unoriginal but everything else I could think of at the time was taken and too lazy to make a new account....)
    Steam - ZeusBurger
    Twitch - ZeusBurger
    Twitter - @ZeusBurger
    Wii U - nightwing2814
    3DS Friend code - 5172-0946-0155

  • Name - Tim
    Located - Currently Cork and due another change.
    For a living - QA Enginner. Fancy title for a software tester.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - travel, movies, football (soccer)
    Gaming Historical facts - MGS2 on European Extreme, I had to use a biro for the button mashing bit when Solidus is choking you because it was impossible to do with my hands without causing some form of pain.
    Champion of - I'll have to come back to you on this one.
    PSN - SPUD_1231
    Twitch - Spud_1231
    Battle net - tokeeffe9#2957
    Twitter - @tokeeffe9

  • Name - Ciarán
    Located - Dublin, Ireland
    For a living - Currently studying Animation.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - drawing, reading (books and comics), movies, excessive amounts of TV
    Gaming Historical facts - Played the entirety of Pokémon Yellow Version over two days without saving because it was my sister's and I couldn't let her know I'd been using her Game Boy.
    Champion of - the sun.
    PSN - Barrelbot
    Steam - Barrelbot
    Twitch - Barrelbot
    Twitter - Barrelbot