Ally Introductions

  • A bit late to the party but I haven't really been on here much. So here it is.

    Name - Simon Andersson
    Located - Sweden
    For a living I - Service technician on overhead cranes. (Hopefully gonna study to become a Electrical Designer though)
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Music. I love music so much it's crazy.
    Gaming Historical facts - Didn't get into gaming as a thing until PS1. I played NES, SNES and Master system as a kid but never as anything more than occasional entertainment.
    Firm believer that - No one can tell you what you are but you.
    Champion of - Diver's Dream (Dolphin's Dream in US). I've played that game so much, I love it so.
    PSN - lotsofotherstuff
    Stream - lotsofotherstuff
    XBL - /
    Twitch - lotsofotherstuff
    Twitter - lotsofotherstuf
    Battlenet - LOTS#21517
    Origin - musetwin
    Username origin - Just a thing I typed in when I was 16 and it kinda stuck around. Had it for to long now to change it.

  • Name -Just call me bigdude
    Located -USA
    For a living I -Ride Mechanic at a popular Amusement Park
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) -Car Enthusiast
    Gaming Historical facts -Probably was one of the best gears of war 1 players, still really good at gears though
    Firm believer that -Games should be a expression and not just a product to be printed for people
    Some games i like - Xenoblade, Gears,Halo,zelda, tomb raider

    Steam -Bigdudeone

  • Name - Seth
    Located - Iowa, USA.
    For a living I - am a datacenter technician for Microsoft
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading Fantasy (Brandon Sanderson), Theoretical Astrophysics, Anime, Any Thought-Provoking Media.
    Gaming Historical facts - I played Warcraft 3 every day for 8 years. (Age 10 -> 18)
    Firm believer that - i have no firm beliefs.
    Champion - the ability to talk about anything at extreme length. I dare you to challenge me on this. My thoughts do not stop. Please send help.
    PSN - None, Yet.
    Steam - Stormcrownn [Link Incoming]
    XBL - Stormcrownn
    Twitch - Stormcrownn
    Twitter - Stormcrownn

  • Name: Antti
    Located: Finland
    Age: 32
    For a living (kinda) I do IT at local recycling centre.
    Non-gaming Hobby: I guess that would be movies, it's a long time passion just like games. Absolute favorite film would be Taxi Driver and ofcourse Scorsese is my all time favorite director. From music I most enjoy tunes by Buckethead (as you can see in my avatar), such an insane amount of music in all shapes and sizes.

    Gaming Historical facts: I feel like I could write a ton on this subject, but i'll try to keep it short. I started gaming at age of 5 with NES. few years after that I got C64, Amiga 500, then came SNES and 386 PC I think. N64, Pentium and PS1 followed until I upgraded my PC.Tried Xbox a bit and got my first handheld ever Nintendo DS, again upgrading PC. Bought used PS3 from my friend and first time ever in my life I have PC that I can play the newest games. Bought everything new just last december. It's not high end but decent. I still have most love for Nintendo and Wii U is the most interesting of current consoles (since I have a PC, would be PS4 otherwise.)

    Firm believer that a little kindness goes a long way.
    Champion of giving orders to my friends in multiplayer games =P

  • Name - Evric Vazquez
    Located - NV, USA
    For a living I - Work for Apple Technical Support
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Music, movies, and tv shows. Like most young adults this age. Also love going out and finding hole in the wall restaurants and food joints. Love tasting new food and seeing whats out there.
    Gaming Historical facts - Got my first console, a PS1, in a shoe box from my parents. They bought it at a pawn shop. Even though I didn't always have the most money growing up, they supported my love of games the best that the could.
    Firm believer that - Final Fantasy XIII isn't a bad game, also not as disappointing as people say.
    Champion of - Expressing my opinion and respecting others opinion, regardless of if I agree or not.

    Steam - tcsrush1
    Twitch - RiceEater22
    Twitter - @classyrice

  • Name - Drew
    Age - 24
    Located - Connecticut
    For a living I - Get Shipping Dates for Nameplates and other things
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - I play to much D&D, have a backlog of Gunpla and complain about how Vince books the WWE.
    Gaming Historical facts - I had a SNES growing up, but didn't seriously start playing games until I owned a PS2 and my friend loaned me FF7, which I still haven't beaten. I use to be a GMOD admin until last Fall, I resigned when the owner refused to follow my advise.
    Firm believer that - The Star Wars Prequels are not as bad as the Internet says
    Champion of - Prequel apologists according to my brother
    PSN - I need a new one
    Steam -
    Twitch -
    Twitter - @pali_kun

    My username is a long story about War, Betrayal, Basement MMOs, Anime Chatrooms, and some gold I was never paid. The skinny is my friend asked me to betray my guild for a lot of gold, he never paid me. I then owned up to my role in guild's downfall through an Alt, kept the name and got the nickname Pali-Kun.

  • Name - Jacob
    Located - Missoula, MT
    School - University of Montana
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Game of Thrones, Making YouTube videos
    Firm believer that - Bigfoot exists
    From - Montana boy born and raised
    Favorite Bands - Queen, Eagles, AC/DC, Ninja Sex Party
    My first game - Final Fantasy X
    Favorite game - Persona 4
    Desert Island game - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Waifu - Chie
    Favorite Anime - Ranma, Great Teacher Onizuka, Death Note, Nadesico,

  • admin

    Name - Brent
    Located - Charlotte, NC
    For a living I - program websites and do music analysis.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading / TV / Movies - anything with a story
    Gaming Historical facts - Quake 2 made me love games forever. I could've quit before that.
    Firm believer that - I will spend my final years fully immersed in VR, and it will be amazing.
    Champion of - Smash Bros, Dark Souls
    PSN - Zubaz
    Steam - UltimateBrent
    Twitter - @ultimatebrent

  • @Pali-Kun "FF7 ....Still haven't beaten".......

    *old man (me) shaking his fist at you in a what's wrong with your generation kind of way /s

  • @RiceEater22 +1 to your parents dude. They sound really cool.

  • @Mango I beat disk one then he moved to North Carolina. Sometimes I scroll past it in the store and think I should finish you. First I need to Complete Ni No Kuni and DQ VIII

  • @Stormcrownn dude I challenge you to an Astrophysics discussion!

    Specifically do you ever get super melancholy thinking about how there's parts of this universe that are expanding away from us faster than we'll ever be able to reach them, then transition into an existential crisis?

  • @Pali-Kun I totally understand, my list of shame is growing by the day.

    FF7 was probably the first game I had an emotional response to so I can't imagine putting it down. Whenever I hear the opening music I just stop and have a good 10-20 min flashback of the goodtimes I had with that game

  • @Mango At times I do, but with LIGO confirming gravitational waves (TWICE NOW!), faster than light travel is theoretically possible. That definitely gives me a level of hope. (My theories on that are definitely fun to think about)

    And then I get sad that we probably won't see that level of technology, many living beings will be able to witness part of that transition? The last 2 generations has witnessed the most drastic technological progress in the history of the earth.

    Man I could keep going, but work! :(

  • Name - Kim Solhaug
    Located - Tromsø, Norway
    For a living I -Freelance game journalism whenever I can, it's something I want to do full-time while branching out into movie, TV and comics journalism/reviews.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Nothing special. TV shows, books, boxing, stuff and things. Sci-fi, low/high fantasy, Star Wars. Star Wars, lots of Star Wars. DC Comics.
    Gaming Historical facts - PS1 owner, second hand PS2 owner, got my first PC around 2006. It was so bad it couldn't fit Wrath of the Lich King on the HDD. PS3 a year after release, PS4 right before Witcher 3. And of course, a PS Vita.
    Firm believer that - KOTOR 2 is a underrated gem due to bugs.
    Champion of - Common sense.
    PSN - Naramar
    Stream - Don't use it very much.
    XBL - N/A
    Twitch - Naramar
    Twitter - @BatVikingen

  • Name - Axel
    Located - Singapore, but I'm French
    For a living I - I'm a videogame designer, working for Ubisoft, formerly Larian Studios
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Traveling, reading, cooking, learning languages, tasting beer, WWE (that's right Huber!), football
    Gaming Historical facts - I grew up with Nintendo, owning a NES and a SNES before defecting to Sony PlayStation! And switching sides again by getting an Xbox then an Xbox 360 (with a GameCube on the side). Came back to my senses and am now the proud owner of a Wii U, 3DS and PlayStation 4.

    My fondest childhood gaming memories would be SNES classics like Super Metroid, Secret of Mana and Mega Man X, the ultimate magical trifecta I've played again and again. The Baldur's Gate series was the one that introduced me to western RPGs and probably the most epic videogame adventure I've ever been in.
    Firm believer that - Metroid on NX will be the equivalent of Breath of the Wild for the series, and the best game ever
    Twitter - @AxelDroxler (I barely ever tweet, but I have my moments)

  • @Stormcrownn I see you P.J. -_-

  • @Civil-Warlord You may join me in my search. I am in an eternal journey to find the devil known as PJ. Many people yell at me questioning my desire for sleepwear however.

  • Name - James
    Located - Home base is Seattle, but I travel around the West Coast for work.
    For a living I - Count inventory
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Sailing
    Gaming Historical facts - I was never allowed to play videogames by my mom as a child, I convinced my dad to buy me an OG Gameboy and hid it from my mom for years. Played Tetris, Super Mario Land, and Doctor Mario.
    Firm believer that - People should be nicer to each other.
    Champion of - living outside my means.

  • Name - Ricardo
    Located - San Jose, Costa Rica
    For a living I - I'm an electrical engineer working as an applications engineer for National Instruments.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading or watching pretty much anything you could consider geeky, and big into Magic the Gathering. Aside from Spanish and obviously English, I speak decent french, and I've been taking Japanese classes for about 2 years.
    Gaming historical facts - It all started with the SNES our grandma got us, then the N64 and GBs, GBA, PS2 after that, and then last gen when I actually had money of my own I got all of the consoles, and right now I have a PS4, and I finally got a gaming laptop since I'd wanted to get into PC gaming for a long time, so I got a top of the line laptop, and Victoria 2 is probably the most intensive game I've played with it yet :p. I've always been a huge gaming fan, but Persona, and specifically P4 changed the way I look at games and made my fall much more in love with games.
    Champion of - Persona, and Papers Please, because I really think it is one of the best games anyone could ever play.

    Username origin - Always was into the concept of Bards, and I was reading the Hobbit at the time, plus the year I was born.

    I also want to add that EZA and before that GT where a big part for my love in gaming, specially when considering that I learned about P3 thanks to the GT review.