Ally Introductions

  • Name - Axel
    Located - Singapore, but I'm French
    For a living I - I'm a videogame designer, working for Ubisoft, formerly Larian Studios
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Traveling, reading, cooking, learning languages, tasting beer, WWE (that's right Huber!), football
    Gaming Historical facts - I grew up with Nintendo, owning a NES and a SNES before defecting to Sony PlayStation! And switching sides again by getting an Xbox then an Xbox 360 (with a GameCube on the side). Came back to my senses and am now the proud owner of a Wii U, 3DS and PlayStation 4.

    My fondest childhood gaming memories would be SNES classics like Super Metroid, Secret of Mana and Mega Man X, the ultimate magical trifecta I've played again and again. The Baldur's Gate series was the one that introduced me to western RPGs and probably the most epic videogame adventure I've ever been in.
    Firm believer that - Metroid on NX will be the equivalent of Breath of the Wild for the series, and the best game ever
    Twitter - @AxelDroxler (I barely ever tweet, but I have my moments)

  • @Stormcrownn I see you P.J. -_-

  • @Civil-Warlord You may join me in my search. I am in an eternal journey to find the devil known as PJ. Many people yell at me questioning my desire for sleepwear however.

  • Name - James
    Located - Home base is Seattle, but I travel around the West Coast for work.
    For a living I - Count inventory
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Sailing
    Gaming Historical facts - I was never allowed to play videogames by my mom as a child, I convinced my dad to buy me an OG Gameboy and hid it from my mom for years. Played Tetris, Super Mario Land, and Doctor Mario.
    Firm believer that - People should be nicer to each other.
    Champion of - living outside my means.

  • Name - Ricardo
    Located - San Jose, Costa Rica
    For a living I - I'm an electrical engineer working as an applications engineer for National Instruments.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Reading or watching pretty much anything you could consider geeky, and big into Magic the Gathering. Aside from Spanish and obviously English, I speak decent french, and I've been taking Japanese classes for about 2 years.
    Gaming historical facts - It all started with the SNES our grandma got us, then the N64 and GBs, GBA, PS2 after that, and then last gen when I actually had money of my own I got all of the consoles, and right now I have a PS4, and I finally got a gaming laptop since I'd wanted to get into PC gaming for a long time, so I got a top of the line laptop, and Victoria 2 is probably the most intensive game I've played with it yet :p. I've always been a huge gaming fan, but Persona, and specifically P4 changed the way I look at games and made my fall much more in love with games.
    Champion of - Persona, and Papers Please, because I really think it is one of the best games anyone could ever play.

    Username origin - Always was into the concept of Bards, and I was reading the Hobbit at the time, plus the year I was born.

    I also want to add that EZA and before that GT where a big part for my love in gaming, specially when considering that I learned about P3 thanks to the GT review.

  • Name - Cameron/Cam
    Located - Eugene, Oregon and Dana Point, California
    School - University of Oregon
    For a living I - interning with my brother's indie dev studio rn, so not much lol
    Non Gaming Hobby - Film, TV, writing, and (kinda cheating but) teaching myself to become a game dev.
    Gaming Historical Facts- Grew up playing Sonic and Knuckles with my two brothers, watching my brother beat Ocarina, eventually really getting into games myself with the PS2 and Gamecube and haven't stopped loving games since I started playing and learning about them as a kid.
    Champion of - one of the greatest RPG series ever made, Suikoden, and the dream of Suikoden VI somehow being made right under the current iron grip of Konami.
    PSN: crrich25 (though I'm not really on it at the moment since I only have a PS3 at home at the moment)
    XBL: PoeCameron25
    Twitch: PoeCameron25 (though I don't stream, but find me on EZA chat!)
    Twitter: @cameron_riach

  • Hey everyone! New Ally here and this seemed like the perfect place to make my first post.

    Name - Chris Griffin
    Located - Texas
    For a living I - Music Marketer for bands and products and a writer for various web-series/podcasts.

    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Movies, I'm almost always watching movies. If I'm not watching movies, I'm listening to music. Music is life.

    Gaming Historical facts - I've been gaming ever since I was able to hold a controller. I just wish I had more time for it now than I used to. The Dreamcast is the console that made me a hardcore gamer though, specifically Shenmue, which led me to being an Xbox fan for Shenmue 2. I suppose I should add that I've had "Shenmue" on my google alerts for as long as google alerts have been around.

    Champion of - shenanigans.

    XBL - TheChrisGriffin

    Twitter -

  • Name - Jacob
    Located - Ohio
    School - Juniata College, it's in Central PA
    Non-Gaming Hobbies - I like to arrange music and sing/play instruments, reading, film/TV, comics sometimes, the works.
    Gaming Historical Facts - I started on late SNES, mid-N64 as a young kid, loved Mario and Zelda and Donkey Kong 64 and everything, but the first time I remember actively choosing a game and loving it was with Sly Cooper and then Kingdom Hearts on the PS2.
    Champion of - Gotta say, I'm pretty solid at that one glitch where you can beat a Link to the Past in 5 minutes.
    PSN/Twitch - Jamicov (I'll probably be in the chat, hopefully able to start streaming soon!)
    Twitter - @TheJacobNovak

  • Name - Morgan
    Located - Perth, Western Australia
    For a living I - was a Visa Assistant, currently unemployed right now as well as being a full time University Student. Would like to make a living as a writer though.
    Non-gaming Hobbies - Writing (prose, poetry and scripts). Baking (specifically sweet treats).
    Gaming History - My older brother is the one who got me into gaming, he owned a PlayStation when we were growing up and I've had every PlayStation main console, as well as PC gaming.
    Firm believer that - Video Games can have a positive influence on people's mental states, since it's one of the things that helps me when Depression is kicking my ass.
    Champion of - Trying not to stress to much and seeming calm, while simultaneously stressing and achieving a state of calm because of it.
    Twitch - EmptyMorgue
    Twitter - EmptyMorgue
    Steam - EmptyMorgue
    PSN -TheOakLady
    Username Origins - EmptyMorgue is a reference to the first email address I made for myself back as a vaguely edgy, horror movie obsessed 12 year old. TheOakLady is from a heavy fantasy time in my life and the fact my middle name means 'Oak Man'.

  • Name - Ellis
    Located - Essex, England, uk
    For a living I - timber salesmen.
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - board/card games. Pubbing/drinking. any sport, best ones are ones were I don't have to move around too much haha snooker, darts, chess. Is that a sport? I don't know.
    Gaming Historical facts -
    -Played world of warcaft since day one. Not proud of it.
    -Stayed up till 5 in the morning playing Halo 2 online trying to find glitches in the maps. Found 5. Not proud of it.
    First PlayStation platinum trophy was with transistor... Kind of proud of that one.
    Completed every tomb raider to date. Old and new. Very proud of that one.

    Firm believer that - dogs can't look up.
    Champion of - bishi bashi special.
    PSN - thellis
    Stream - gregellis87
    XBL -gellis
    Twitch -
    Twitter -

  • @Ellis said in Ally Introductions:

    Firm believer that - dogs can't look up.

    alt text

  • Name - Brandon
    Located - Florida
    For a living I - am a college student. I hope to become a computer programmer one day.
    Non-gaming Hobbies - I watch a lot of tv and read a lot of books. I also love playing card and board games with my friends and family.
    Gaming Historical Facts - When I got a Gamecube for my birthday, my parents couldn't afford any games to go with it. I didn't care, though, I just spent several hours turning it on and off to watch the opening logo animation. There was a big, stupid grin on my face the entire time. I think that's a pretty good representation of the kind of person I am.
    Firm Believer That - The first three Thief games are masterpieces and they have the best fanmade content of any game series ever. I also hate the reboot for making me add that "first three" bit. I hate the reboot for a lot of things.
    Champion of - I'm gonna go ahead and plug the Vita here. It's actually a pretty neat little handheld, especially if you like niche Japanese games.
    PSN - Zelnux
    Twitch - goshgollygeewhiz

  • Guess I'm kinda late to the introductions.
    Name - Gill
    Located - Calgary Alberta, Canada.
    For a living I - Student
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - Drawing, wrestling, movies of sorts.
    Gaming Historical facts - My earliest memories of games is Mortal Kombat II for SNES...
    Firm believer that - Zelda Breath of the Wild will be a game changer.
    Champion of - the backlog.
    PSN - Gill2200
    Stream - Gill2200
    Twitch - Gill2200
    Twitter - Gill2200

  • @GoshGollyGee Yay, more Florida. I thought I was the only one.

  • Global Moderator

    Name -Luis
    Located -Houston, Tx
    For a living - I work for my familyscleaning buisness we clean houses, schools, and offices. They also run a mini restaurant inside a gas station so I pitch in with busy work when we don't have a job in the cleaning buisness
    Non-gaming Hobbys - Watching wrestling love it and not just WWE stuff been watching it since I was a kid. Music I listen to all sorts of genres but Hip Hop is my favorite. Watching sports occassionally I'll get wrapped up watching various sporting events from boxing, ufc, soccer, football etc but I'm not super into them.
    Gaming Historical facts - The earliest gaming memorys I have are when I was very young and lived in Mexico. My grandmother owned a convience story which was ran out of the house we lived in. She would have some arcade cabinets outside the store and I would play as much as I could. I think some of the games were Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede etc the classics. One of my first consoles I ever played was a Atari but not sure which one. Since all I can remember is a particular cartidge that was bootleg filled with lots of games. That was pretty much the only way to get new games the old fashion bootleg way. From there when I moved to the USA it was history my first consoles was a NES, followed by SNES, Genesis. I would write more but it would take up to much space haha.
    Firm believer that - Video Games are meant to be fun not to hurt others by verbally bashing someone or threats. Be kind to one another and if someone isn't then just ignore them.
    Champion of - nothing
    PSN - Swordfish00830
    Twitch - swordfish00830
    Twitter - Swordfish00830

  • Introduction time!

    Name → Cesare Vasquez
    Located → Monteforte Irpino, Italy
    For a living I → Student at Salerno University
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) → I read a lot, mostly fanfiction recently (yep!), movies, my growing collection of blu-ray, comics, manga, action figures.
    Gaming Historical facts → Started with my Sega Genesis (here was called Sega Megadrive) and Sonic, the first PlayStation with Crash Bandicoot and Ace Combat 2, the Gameboy Color Atomic Purple and Pokemon Yellow, PS2 with FFX, PSP in bundle with Wipeout Pure, X360 and Gears of War, PSV with Lumines Electronic Symphony, PS4 with The Last of Us Remastered and my loyal PC now ready for an upgrade.
    Firm believer that → Nier was my 10/10 of the last generation
    Champion of → SingStar and Rhythm Games, they kept alive the first Kinect for years and I love my Cobalt Flux Dance Platform.
    PSN → CaVcO
    XBL → CaVcO
    Steam → cavco
    Twitter → @cavco_
    YT Channel → CaVcO's Lab

  • @Civil-Warlord
    If I stay inside and turn the AC up way too high, I can pretend I'm somewhere a lot more pleasant.

  • Don't feel like filling out that form, so I'm just going to say:

    Hi, hola, greetings, salutations, my name is SD AKA Big Boom AKA I_Make_Big_Boom, and I'm excited to be here yadda, yadda.

  • You may call me "Dark Hazel Coconut" I'm a rogue warrior and I always work alone. I grew up in the streets of Erpot, this is where I learned all my fighting techniques and stances. I am trained in 900+ forms of martial arts, and I wear my trusty "Katana-axe" (Katana means sword in Japanese).
    I play video games to hone my fighting skills in the real life battlefield, my favourite game is Half-life 2 because it improved my real life jumping by 60%
    My Twitter combat updates can be found Here
    I am a firm believer that Half-Life 3 is hidden in a jungle somewhere, waiting to be found.

    Sorry for joking around so much, Half-life 2 is the best though.
    Love you guys!

  • Name - Tegan
    Originally from - Toronto
    Currently living - Vancouver
    For a living I - Animate the ninja turtles tv show (taking a break from animating raph and casey to write this haha)
    Non-gaming Hobby(ies) - reading, karaoke (various singing competitions), drinking with friends, eating poutine. Apologizing for things.
    My Gaming History - I dont remember when I started gaming....probably when I was about 4 or 5....old school DOS games until I got a nintendo. ealiest gaming memories would be commander keen, total annihilation, age of empires...that kinda stuff
    Firm believer that - People are generally awesome.
    Champion of - Dark souls as the best game ever.
    PSN - Laing10
    Stream - I will soon!
    Twitch - TegsL
    Twitter - @teganlaing