Help/Questions about Pokemon games on New 3ds

  • @parasitepaladin You will need a gen 5 game, and two DSs, two 3DSs or a DS and 3DS to transfer Pokemon from 4th to 5th gen. Then, you would download the Pokemon Transporter on the 3DS (which is free!) to bring them from 5th gen to either Pokemon Bank, or the gen 6 games.

    After that, it's unclear at the moment how you will bring Pokemon to Sun and Moon if you don't have Pokemon Bank. Otherwise, you would just transfer Pokemon from the Bank directly to Sun and Moon.

    If you want to rekindle your love of Pokemon, it would be great to play gen 5 anyway. Any reason you stopped at 4th gen?

  • @Hero-of-Lime Thank you very much! Okay, so I need two various DSs and a gen 5 game. Also probably pokemon bank? Thank you!
    Is Gen 5 black and white 1/2 or X and Y?

    Why did I stop? Good question. I think I hit a point where I wanted to aim for shorter games and try to get through my backlog. A 80 hour RPG would have been too much. Also, I also think I was probably burned out a bit with pokemon for whatever reason.

  • @parasitepaladin Happy to help! It's a pretty intense process when you cross a few gens like that. I hope you have the time to catch up, you are lucky you have two whole new generations to see before Sun and Moon! c:

  • @Hero-of-Lime

    Alrighty, that's good to know!

    This forum provides much better knowledge than google and youtube. I had such a hard time getting the specifics until I posted here.


  • @Mr-Piddles Have fun with Soul Silver, it's the best in the series!

  • @Mr-Piddles Also consider some of the better spinoffs such as Snap, TCG, the Mystery Dungeon games, and Stadiums 1 and 2 if you can get your hands on them. All but the Stadium games are either available on 3DS or Wii/Wii U virtual console.

    As for order for playing the main series, you can do it one of two ways. Either start with the oldest game, so the originals, then D/P/Pt, then HG/SS, then BW followed by BW2, then XY, and last SuMo. Or go with generation order which is listed in a post above, but be aware that quality will shoot randomly all over the place this way since two of the games are remakes that came out during different periods. Also be aware that you should probably play third versions if given the chance, so at the very least Platinum over Diamond and Pearl. Unfortunately, there's not a good way for you to play the third version of Generation 3, Emerald. This version has arguable the best part of the Hoenn Region, the Battle Frontier, which is not present in the Gen 3 remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Maybe eventually they'll release Gen 2 and 3's older titles on Virtual Console, but without grabbing a Gameboy Advance just for that the only way to play them until then is through emulation, which is easy but also backdoor shady.

  • @Mr-Piddles I played Pokemon Red for the first time on the 3DS. Now I am moving to HeartGold and Then Omega Ruby. I heard that each generation added different mechanics. So a jump from Red to Sun/Moon would be brutal.

  • @Alex840

    Always happy to hear people say that!
    I actually had some luck today, and found a near mint copy at a local game store. Didn't have the Pokewalker accessory, but I only paid 36 fo it... which was a STEAL.

    Seeing it on Amazon and eBay for nearly 100 bucks had me slightly concerned... still can't quite believe I actually found a decent copy. :O

  • @Elazar_DE Omega Ruby is pretty meh. I'd say you're better off playing Platinum.

  • @Mr-Piddles wow, $36 is really cheap. HG/SS have held value like a motherfucker!

  • @Mbun

    Wow, that's a lot to take in. For now I think I'll start over with Red and Soul Silver. After that, I'm still deciding the best route to go...
    I'll mos def grab Platinum over D/P based on what you said though. Makes sense, given all the enhancements.

  • @Alex840

    Man, you are not kiddin. The guy who sold it to me was equally surprised they even had a copy, and in the case as well.
    He also mentioned selling a ton of DS systems and Pokemon games this week. Gee, I wonder why?

  • @Mr-Piddles It has nothing to do with Pokemon Go either. HG/SS have been that expensive for over 3 years. Aside from the 3DS titles, you can pick up pretty much any other game in the series for under $15 though.