Censorship topic (out of the news thread)

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    There's been a lot of back and forth on this issue but I was just wondering (don't know if you stated it before) but how do you feel about Sony's right to control what they sell to the public? Regardless of what these games do/don't do show/don't show it's their right to control what they provide to their customers, no?

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    While it is Sony's decision, it feels extremely odd for the sudden heel turn on this, especially since it seems like alot of developers didn't get the memo until the last minute, or requiring Japanese devs (and I assume devs from Poland, or Ukraine, ect) to submit to a inquiry, and in a language that said devs might not have a major grasp on.
    I mean hell Omega Labyrinth Z is the perfect example of just how out of nowhere the news came to devs, as the games translation was about finished, had all the marketing material ready to go, was rated by the ESRB, and then out of nowhere they have to cancel it as a last minute change happens at Sony.

  • @themarcv Pretty much what DMCMaster stated. Add to the fact that many of the games that are being censored were already M rated games, featuring content much less graphical, violent, or sexual than games that are already on the platform (Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us, etc).

  • I'm glad Sony is starting to curate their store more to get rid of the trash. Hopefully MS and Nintendo will follow suit.

  • ill always be anti censorship when it ruins game content. Im glad Nintendo seems to be backing away from its old censorship problems from last gen (xenoblade x, #FE, Bravely Default). When nintendo stops trying to be my parent they are way better. also idk if microsoft ever has censored but i bet its easier due to Japanese games are usually the ones that push the envelope and they dont get many japanese games.

  • @exist-2-inspire One man's trash is another man's treasure.

  • I was upset that REVII was censored in Japan but there wasn't much of a fuss when it happened last year.

  • @bigdude1 said:

    idk if microsoft ever has censored but i bet its easier due to Japanese games are usually the ones that push the envelope and they dont get many japanese games

    I bet they have, but it would mostly be censoring overly violent games being released in Japan. To say that Japanese games are usually the ones that push the envelope is inaccurate, because you're coming at that conclusion from a western perspective where you don't see violence as something that pushes the envelope often, so you only see the sexual games as the ones getting censored. Whereas the truth is violent games from the west often also need to have things censored to be acceptable releases in places like Japan, Germany, Australia, etc. That said, I think Xbox is a small market in Japan, so the violent games we have might just never be released there period. I don't closely follow that stuff to know for sure.

    @Hanabi Was going to type the same thing. Way too easy of a setup.

    @iboshow From Japan or from our forums? We're not predominantly Japanese users, so it just isn't an issue that effects us much. I wonder if Japan got upset about it, but it they didn't guess it just shows that much like the people here who are neutral or noncaring about sexual content censorship, many Japanese people are neutral or noncaring about gratuitous violence censorship. Just cultural differences. China, on the other hand, has a way different situation and reason for the things getting censored, so I figure you're bound to see much more outrage over that.

  • @exist-2-inspire I think they all should go one better and permanently lock you out of certain things, like sending images or mic chat, if you've ever purchased any of these pathetic "games".

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    Don't take the bait.

  • @sheria I'm not. I just find it hilarious how silly they act - literally no different than a cartoon.

  • Taiwanese Horror Game “Devotion” Review Bombed for Mocking Chinese President Xi Jinping

    Game in question has been removed from Steam since this article was published.

    Posting this here too since honestly I kinda forgot this thread existed.

  • Hey, remember that thing about China I posted earlier? You guys get it yet? It has nothing to do with what is appropriate, it has to do with what will make the most money. Our hobby, by and large, has its content provided for by publicly trade and other for profit entities.

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    I also think that it is less an example of how censorship effects games and more how a totalitarian regime effects an indoctrinated peoples.

  • What a pathetically simple way of seeing the issue. The typical, narrow minded sight of a liberal.

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    @sheria I read that in Ben Shapiro's voice and have been laughing for several minutes now.

    Thank you.

    But seriously, what does this say about censorship other than that China lives under an oppressive regime that indoctrinates it's peoples from a very young age to obey their ruling figure?
    This is a county that has banned skeletons for being too spoopy for fuck's sake.

  • I laughed longer, I asure you, we now understand where you source your knowledge lol.

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    @sheria Are you actually going to add anything to the conversation or just keep parroting conservative buzzwords and phrases?
    I'm cool wither either, really.