EZA got a Studio

  • The recording studio is freaking INTENSE and I love the lighting. I really hope during the cup of jones or somewhere else we get an uncut shot of all the hallways , I want to be able to map out the studio in my head a little better.

  • There may or may not have been some tears during the studio reveal video. This whole deal has put me at peak happiness. So happy for all of the allies.

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    I was worried that EZA would loose some cosy factor now when they moved into a studio, but they really have managed to capture that "garage spirit" if you will, just looking even better than I ever dared to hope for!

  • That whole space looks just really great for them, I'm really happy about this. The streaming room works well with the two sofas, the other one being higher up there, and the window system is a cool addition to the background. And the recording studio... Just wow. That's some professional look in there. Love the light systems, can't wait to see it in use.

  • This looks absolutely amazing and extremely professionel.

  • The studio looks so cozy! I hope they're able to keep the place safe.

  • I think the stream room needs some sound absorption, it’s just a tad echoey, and I think they should lose the curtains.

    I love the main sound stage though, although curious how Ian’s role will work now he’s in a completely separate room.

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    Ian was talking about how the stream room actually had better sound than the Main stage and I don't remember it sounding echoey to me when I listened to the vod last night. I don't think they have it set up yet, but I think they're going to have a cam and mic set up in the control room so he can still chime in. And like Jones mentioned, they'll set up a mirror so he can see into the room through the window from his desk.

  • Sean's (Brandon and Brad's trainer that was at the studio reveal stream) behind the scenes video of the studio is up!

    Youtube Video

  • That was a really great surprise. A whole channel even. Subscribed, of course. Nice little interviews and more.

  • Ian and Huber going DIY in the office. Good stuff right here, relaxing even.

    Ian and Huber's Drywall Repair - Easy Update
    Youtube Video

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