The Outer Worlds - (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • I just watched this interview with the CEO of Obsidian, and I thought it would be a good share.

    Youtube Video

    Seeing the game and hearing them talk about it makes really optimistic about the game, it just feels like something that real care and heart has been put into.

  • I started playing Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines because of this Outer Worlds hype. I also intend on modding Fallout 2 and trying it for the first time. ALSO intend on modding New Vegas heavily to make it fresh to go back to.

    I have to say I love Vampire a few hours in. The writing is kinda cute - tongue in cheek. Mixes vampire literature into modern RPG dialogue.

    All that said, its just making me more and more excited for Outer Worlds. I think now that RE2 is out, I'm most excited for this game in 2019.

  • @dipset Vampire is a great game, but I've never actually finished it. There's a section halfway through that is just aggressively obtuse, so much so that I never make it past it.

  • @capnbobamous

    When I downloaded the Unofficial Patch "mod" it says it comes with a guide but I'm not sure where that guide is located. Def not in-game.

    I'm not gonna pull hair over finishing it. I got 4 classic RPG games that I've never touched before and I intend on modding them (for essential modernization reasons) and chipping away at them all. I'm on a cRPG hype train and its stopping at The Outer Worlds. I bought STALKER SoC, Deus Ex, Gothic 2 Gold, and Vampire.

    I'm a modding noob, only ever using mods on The Elder Scrolls which is noob friendly through Nexus so I think I find modding more obtuse than anything an RPG from the early 2000s can throw at me.

  • @dipset That's really the only moment that is bad, so if you can make it past then it's smooth sailing. I understand if you don't want to make that commitment though.

    Also the guide is probably a read me file inside of whatever folder the patch downloaded into.

  • So uhhhh... this game is coming out THIS month. It totally snuck up on me as I thought it was releasing in February 2020 but clearly I’m smoking crack.

    TOW shares a release date with COD MW and I will be getting both games but damn, what a tough time to come out. Either release the same month as COD or get buried in Vampire, Cyberpunk, and FF7 early next year. Tough spot to be in.

  • I have this pre-ordered. Probably my next game after I finish Control. Might be a few weeks though. Looking forward to some Obsidian goodness!

  • It's apparently available on Gamepass

  • @dmcmaster

    Is the Gamepass for PC up to snuff now (matched with Xbox library) or is that coming next gen? I might bite on the $1 subscription if I can get TOW on PC.

  • I hope to be able to lost myself into this world, I'm in need of a good rpg. This should offer interesting characters, milieus and missions based on what they've shown. Some nice humor, too. The only thing I'm a bit concerned about are the likely bugs a game like this will propably have at launch. Some patches are most likely needed to smooth things along the way, but I think I'm still brave enough to get this Day 1.

  • @dipset
    Not sure haven't checked the PC version yet

  • @dipset Basically still just Microsoft exclusives (so like 2 games worth actually playing) and a handful of 3rd parties.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Ahhh so I think the uniformity between PC and Xbox Gamepass is coming later. Considering I already own Forza Horizon 4, I would argue none of those exclusives are worth a subscription service.

    MAYBE when MCC has a full release and Forza 8 comes out, I’ll bite on the $1.

    Until then, Obsidian gets my full $79.99

  • I've pre-loaded it onto my xbox already. Gamepass has saved me a small fortune this year

  • Will try it out on Gamepass, then determine a purchase

  • Digital editions can pre-load the Day One patch along with the full game, but the physical editions will face updates of 38GB on Xbox One and 18GB on PS4. So it might take a while, be warned.

  • I’ll probably buy it on Steam next week and do the pre-load. People have said Steam pre-load “unlocking” is really bad and slow but I did it with Sekiro and it was fast for me.

    Unfortunately I have social obligations and I can’t just hunker down and play immediately after work. Sometimes I wish I was more anti-social

  • @sentinel-beach

    That is not a First Day Update, that is Here's Game's Other Half Update! Not cool.

  • @dipset said in The Outer Worlds - (PC/PS4/XBO):

    Sometimes I wish I was more anti-social

    Haha, I think like that a lot.
    I feel like a dick though.

  • @thedemonpirate

    Sometimes spending time with friends is the OBVIOUS choice. No question that those moments are more valuable than some dumb games.

    Other times... do I reeeeeeaaaally need to do pumpkin carving with coworkers on a Friday night when I could be playing The Outer Worlds......