The Outer Worlds - (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • Finished the game last night. I liked its stories both big and small, but the most impressive thing was the game design.

    I love doing all quests in RPG, so I love quest and map markers so much that games without them (like Breath of the Wild) feels hollow and lacking of content for me. But in The Outer Worlds the map was just the right size to simultaneously give you space for exploration and guide you to your next quest. Also the writing is so good that you really want to talk to non-questgivers, only to discover that they actually have a quest for you.

    I was a bit surprised by its short length (I did almost everything in 25 hours), but I will definitely play it again soon, so it’s not a huge problem. Also getting such great game for free with Game Pass rules!

  • Just started the game last night, first hour in. Solid character creator, fun and cheeky writing, and stats that actually matter for dialogue branches: the classic Obsidian hallmarks are popping up already. It's already brimming with personality in it's writing (can't get enough of the ship AI making mediocre threats while it lasted). Thank you Black Friday for making me get this game earlier than I expected.

  • Just got my ship fixed and left Emerald Vale. A few thoughts:

    • Having a companion like Parvati during the early main missions is a stroke of genius, she's such a fit for setting the tone of the game and showing how helpful and entertaining companions can be.
    • I think I'm warming up to the gunplay. The aiming felt weird at first, but it just took a few shootouts to get the hang of it. I really appreciate that the revolver feels powerful to shoot, but on the other hand the shotguns are a disappointment.
    • The VO performances so far are pretty great, Parvati especially. Same goes for the writing.
    • I got a sudden rush of Mass Effect nostalgia when I looked at the planets and stars outside my ship after taking off from Emerald Vale into space. This game just keeps ticking all the right boxes for me.

  • So, I just got to Monarch and all this time I've been playing with Felix and Parvati as my companions. They don't talk too much too each other on the road, so I assume that Obsidian decided to skimp on the dialogues a bit. Lo and behold, after I got Nyoka to join and pair her up with Parvati, they start chatting up interesting and funny stuff every 10 seconds. This is exactly what I wanted. Anyway, the game keeps getting better and better. I feel like the writing haven't missed a single beat so far, it's wonderful.