The poster game.

  • So, I just assembled my first (incomplete) draft of my favorite films of 2018. still have some to catch up on, but have enough for a good starting point. I always find it amusing to tease lists so I tiled the posters. I feel like some of them are super obvious and others are not. Just goes to show how important color and design are to your branding when you can still tell what something is at this level of granularity.



  • All this does for me is remind me that I've sadly seen no movies this year... cause I got nothing. Though it is a cool idea for a game. This could be a cool way of doing the forum GoTY list, with teases like this.

  • I'm recognizing... Overlord, Into The Spider-Verse, Three Identical Strangers, Green Book, Sorry to Bother You, Crazy Rich Asians and... that's about it.

  • Mission Impossible Fallout, The Sisters Brothers, Mandy, A Quiet Place (?)

    Realizing how little attention I pay to film posters! Thinking of some of my favorites of the year, I couldn't imagine their posters.

  • @ringedwithtile Don't feel too bad, it's a part of my job to pay attention to them and even I was having a lot of problems!

  • You guys got more than I thought you would. A Quiet Place is definitely one of the harder ones.

  • 0_1544380417351_Capture.JPG

    My list is already in flux. Two more potential movies on the docket today that may make it. Some rearranging will probably occur. Etc. Just thought this was a fun idea. I will post some game box art later, as maybe more people will engage. I don't expect everyone to watch 200 movies a year like I do. :)

  • My goal was 200.. I'm at 164 :(

  • @Faaip you can do it. I believe in you

  • @tokyoslim Hehe we'll see.. I'll have to do some serious marathoning

  • I definitely couldn't list 20 films I really dug this year (maybe a dozen?), as I've only seen about 40 2018 releases. I'm always a bit behind the curve when it comes to modern movies, but there's always that feeling of trying to fit in a couple more, just because film discourse really intensifies at the end of the year!

    In my watching, I spent a good portion of this year hammering out the 1930's. Probably watched over 100 from that decade.

  • @ringedwithtile Where do you find 100 films from the 1930's?

    Theaters are a bit expensive for me so I usually only see a handful a year.. I'm mostly stuck with a few streaming options

  • The public library is a really good resource if you're in a large city; I was able to find a lot through that. I highly recommend not only checking for dvd/blu ray selection, but also seeing if your library offers services like Kanopy or Hoopla which have really strong and interesting selections. I also lived at home for a bit this year, and my dad has TCM, so I got him to PVR me a bunch of stuff before I stayed there. Other than that, streaming options. Youtube has some good stuff that's either in the public domain or copyright holders don't seem care about taking down. A surprising amount of Japanese films with decent prints.

  • Great suggestions man, thanks a lot! I'll do some digging

  • Banned

    @faaip Netflix DVD has an insanely good selection, many also on Blu-ray. Almost any old movie you could want. I prefer it over their streaming service by far.

  • @ezekiel Oh dude, yes! I've been meaning to do that for forever haha