Mysterious Monsters - Official Discussion Thread

  • I posted some feedback about the show to youtube, but it makes more sense to discuss it here I guess:

    I have a thought on how to improve the show by changing how "analyze" works. What do we think about this:

    1. Make it so the damage values for all the questions are always displayed for all contestants, but they are displayed underneath the monster in no particular order (so no one knows which question is '8 hp' or whatever).
    2. The "analyze" ability now just means that contestant has the power to say "I want to target the 8 hp body part" (or any value they pick)
    3. If the contestant doesn't have analyze, everything stays as before: the contestant says "I want to target the left hand" and it would still reveal the hp value underneath.

    This removes the need for the game to stop for contestants to cover their faces. And even if no one has analyze, knowing when a person happened to pick the most difficult question is a fun little detail to show.

  • Doing it that way removes a significant (dare I say the paramount) statistical advantage of analyze though. Being able to see if a monster is defeatable or not with the remaining hit points on the board.

  • @tokyoslim I guess so, although I never thought it was that significant. I think the players already have a basic sense how killable a monster is based on "feel". If someone was taking into account that level of strategy then they probably won't get definitive information until very late into an especially bungled category.

    Anyway, even if there are a few instances per game like that were the strategy is changed, one also has to consider that "Analyze" only costs a mere 10 gold but it isn't often used with the current system. Depending on the category, being able to avoid a "1 point" question and/or avoid the 8 point question is often worth much more than paying 10 gold once. Maybe players would use it more (and get more questions right) if it didn't stop the game.

  • Kyle is the most entertaining contestant yet.

  • Here's a very neat surprise!

    Youtube Video

  • It was super fun, short and sweet.

    I found myself surprisingly rooting for Google and

    was super pissed when Siri stole the win at the end!

  • @axel

    Yeah, Google was a beast.

  • @bam541
    This is incredibly creative and a great job!

  • Please be excite

  • Were you excite?

  • @tokyoslim

    Dude, you DOMINATED up until the late-game Blood combos. Still, that was a jolly watch. Great job!!

  • I think we might have determined that that was the single highest point total swing on a single question to date. Took a haymaker on the chin, never really recovered. lol I can do better!