Mysterious Monsters - Official Discussion Thread

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    Huber's Game Show, Mysterious Monsters, is a potential new show for Easy Allies once we hit the $55k goal on Patreon!

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    Current Patrons: Be sure to check out the full Playtest of Mysterious Monsters!

  • I am not worthy to witness King Hubers goodness. This looks so good!

  • Loved the playtest session already as it is! That's a great foundation to build upon. Trivia questions with RPG elements, what a cool combination and execution. I'm imagining this in a studio environment with all the props, that'd be so awesome. :)

  • This was a great watch and an excellent proof of concept. Also, shout out to I think Ian for being in the comments of the post on Patreon last night to answer comments and questions about the show.

    To repeat part of what I said on Patreon: I truly believe this is something special and I really hope the world gets to see this.

  • I feel like I would slay at this game

  • This was pretty cool. I've got complaints but they're basically just audio/visual things that I assume would be sorted out whenever this escapes the test-run phase and goes into full production. If I had to make one suggestion it'd be to have a video game related monster in every game, but it changes to a specific subgenre each time(for example questions focused on the Mega Man series or the Sega Dreamcast, something like that.)

  • Very cool concept, it should be a very fun show to watch once all the production values are injected into it!

    I would also suggest having more video game-related questions in there, I believe they only have 2 categories at the moment (retro and modern games), and they were both in the second phase.

    Are the Allies actually taking feedback somewhere (Patreon?) or is the game pretty much set in stone already?

  • @axel Some questions did get answered shortly after posting and Jason popped in with a comment giving an update of sorts. They are reading and taking in comments, but there's a lot I'm sure they are already aware of.