So, where's that Ben Moore V. Battletoads stream?

  • I've been waiting ever since the end of E3 for this one.

    Ben, buddy, when are you going to stream this? I can't wait to watch it. We'll all be in chat as a support group to get you through that speeder section.

  • Forgot about this - sounds good!

  • He was gonna stream it earlier if it wasn't for EVO, so it's probably soon since a bunch of other allies are fulfilling their bets.

  • ben has to stream battletoads and huber god hand, but i'm in no hurry. they're @ xenogears right now.
    it will probably happen before the next event. ps experience or tgs

  • I couldn't watch Ben's stream live but just finished watching via:

    I felt your pain Ben; that was some epic stuff.

    I bet you felt mentally drained after all that?!?!?!

  • I like how fast Ben turns off the stream after beating the level. He was probably just so glad to be done.

  • @Smartzke It was the hardest cut I've ever seen, it was beautiful.

  • Damn, I love this game. I wish he knew the mechanics better, no wonder it's so hard for him.

    Ben, if you're reading this here's some pro tips that make the game a lot easier...well at least the first three parts anyway.

    1. Dash attack - Double tap either direction to run. Hit B for a nice headbutt attack. Takes out most enemies in two hits.
    2. You can fly those monsters in the first level! Stick'm or headbutt them and there's your chance to mount it!
    3. For the chasm level stick to the side to prep your wrecking ball attack. This takes out pretty much everything in one swift hit and you can take out multiple enemies with it too!

  • Great stream. Popped into mind that the allies are all finding their own style when they stream - individual sessions are going from strength to strength across the board.