What's the worst video game purchase you've ever made?

  • @ffff0 said:

    Switch is designed to be used in very specific ways.

    If anything, it is the opposite, since it is a system that supports docked mode for your tv, handheld mode for playing on the go, and tabletop mode where you can set it on a stable surface away from home (or at home when the power is out) and play undocked. Most consoles only have the docked mode.

    If you use it just like Nintendo want you to, then you have a great time. But if you want something else, the system can't support that.

    Sorry, but this feels like a nothing argument I could apply to anything. If you use a toothbrush just like the dentist wants you to, then you have a great time! But if you want something else, the toothbrush can't support that. Well yeah, it is a toothbrush. It is designed first and foremost to brush teeth and anything else you figure out you can do with it is a bonus on top of that.

    As I said above, Switch can already do more than most consoles that are stuck with one way to play the games on them. Of course there's downsides to the versatility it adds, but it lets you play how you want to play more than most systems, so strange to see this argued against it. Also, I think of Nintendo Labo. Sure they have the kits and software designed to build and do very specific things, but they also have the garage section to encourage designing and programming your own creations.

    For example, Nintendo what you to use Joy-Cons, but I never take Switch outside of the dock, and Pro controller feels better in my hands. So I don't need Joy-Cons and I have to reason to charge them or keep them around.

    I bought a Pro Controller with my Switch Day 1 and have used the Joycons a number of times I can count on one hand and only with the Snipperclips demo was I forced to interact with them. There's afew games that require them by the nature of how the games work like Super Mario Party, but those games are easy enough to avoid. Even Odyssey that was begging me to use them I nope'd at and used my Pro Controller with, and sure it felt stupid jerking my traditional controller directions during parts of the game, but it meant I never had to use the Joycons.

    That said, they're always attached to the sides of my Switch, because why wouldn't you keep them there where they naturally charge anyways? It is both a charger and a holder so you don't lose them, plus it makes it easier to dock and undock the system, and it provides you with attached controllers for handheld mode. The only situation where I could imagine you not having them is if you were scheming to recoup cost of the system purchase by immediately selling your Joycon set, which I wouldn't recommend. The fact that you can even undock them to begin with, so you can swap them out for different color or special edition ones without being forced to buy an all new system just for that is actually another example of a freedom the Switch allows that stuff like the Vita or 3DS never did. If one of your buttons got mushy or a stick broke on that, you were mostly just screwed.

    I know that very few people have issues with Switch, but I'm a weirdo with weird requests.

    I feel like I've heard Community Comments / Showcase posts from you before, but maybe mixing you up with someone else. Either way, no no no. Many people have issues with the Switch. I'd argue almost every owner has something they don't like about it, whether it is a nitpicky thing like no Netflix app on the system or something serious like how horribly Nintendo has handled voice chat for their first party games, despite Fortnite showing you can simply do it the way everyone wants it on the Switch and it works just perfectly.

    Again though, that's everything. Every console. Every product in general. I wish my phone had a better battery life, but if it did it would've costed much more, and I would've still gone for a model with a less stellar battery life out of budget restraints. Tradeoffs are everywhere. Nintendo expecting you to keep your Joycons around the base unit or snugly locked into it to charge them when you're not using it is not at all what I'd consider unreasonable or forcing you to use it a specific way. Having to use a Wiimote in conjunction with the sensor bar during the Wii era to navigate a menu to launch a classic game, that you could then take control of with a normal controller, now that was actually a hassle where you had to go out of your way to find a Wiimote! Switch is very intentionally designed for that to never be a problem though. Don't have to use Joycons for navigating the menus and a place to keep and charge them is built into the core of the system.

    while I can satisfy all my requirements on other platforms

    You can just as easily misplace your controllers with any other systems, and those don't even come with a place to physically attach them to the system to charge or just stay put. You can dangle them off a charge cord, but that's not the same thing.

    Nintendo says to me: "No, we know better what you need, and you should play exactly as you told."

    They've honestly been easing back on this lately. There's still some unique to them frustrating stuff like the voice chat kerfuffle, but outside that previous policies they had like not allowing you to voice chat or add random players is gone now. There's more options than just exchanging friend codes too thankfully. Nintendo is even openly allowing more mature games they would've denied in the past to appear on their platforms, when funnily enough Sony suddenly is looking like past Nintendo and trying to police devs on what they can and can't release on Playstation now that Sony has gotten too cocky from being on top this console generation and thinks they can get away with anything to boost overall sales.

    Maybe it's profitable to ignore minority, but it doesn't make it any better for me.

    Seriously sounds more like what Sony is doing right now to me. Also doesn't help that all the most interesting Sony stuff right now is locked behind an additional expensive purchase of VR while the base console itself just gets endlessly cinematic experiences. PS3 era was leagues better for consumer variety.

    @El-Shmiablo said:

    I seriously wonder what the fuck is going on at Nintendo HQ sometimes.

    I think the out of touchness is the age of the higher ups at the company showing, and this is probably why Nintendo has startled hustling to train and transfer to these leading roles to younger people finally. Has been working out great for them so far, so hopefully it just gets better and better with time. Sakurai said Nintendo was picking the 5 Smash Ultimate DLC characters, and everyone naturally freaked out expecting them to pick awful things, then the very first one we find out about is Joker from Persona 5, which is extremely in touch with the kind of picks people do want. And this is coming right off the back of Sakurai putting a Piranha Plant with a reused asset Final Smash in the game. I respect the man, and the character looks admittedly fun, but if you're going to make me choose between them, then of course I'm going with the hip to what people actually want Joker from Persona 5 pick instead of the wtf pick Piranha Plant fighter that will forever annoy people, even if it somehow ends up being the most fun character ever added to Smash.

  • Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. Such a huge disappointment.

  • WWE 2k19, what a shit game. That gameplay is still horrible, OMG.

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  • @tokyoslim Yeah... but the Ghost replica is kinda cool looking?

  • @inustar The only part of the purchase that I still own.

  • @tokyoslim I quite enjoyed Destiny after The Taken King dropped.
    Same with D2. Forsaken was great.
    So basically never buy Destiny games at launch and always wait for the expansion.

  • @el-shmiablo I never even finished Vault of Glass.

  • @tokyoslim Shame. It was actually a really fun raid. The platforming and stealth sections were very cool.

  • @el-shmiablo Seemed like the best part of the game. I couldn't get enough people to go through it at launch w me though, so it was effectively locked content. Made it about halfway through apparently, few people had to take off to do life. Never made it back in.

  • Fallout 4 for PS4, i wanted to play it because everyone said that it was a good game, but after 5 hours of playing it, i just quit, couldn't play it anymore, it's awful... not my cup of tea

  • @tokyoslim I ended up doing most raid stuff with some Goons late in the game's life.
    If you ever feel like giving Destiny 2 a spin, let me know. I can totally understand why you and others have a lot of apprehension jumping in, but it really is quite a fine game at this point with a ton of beef to it.

  • Nope, I'm not giving them any more money. :p
    I can't even play most of the game I paid over a hundred bucks for unless I buy the expansion, since they locked some of the OG content behind the paid content now.

  • @holy_angel_mx

    I borrowed Fallout 4 off my brother so I didn't actually have to pay any money, but damn, I quit at 13 hours. What a disappointment. I can't think of one story line or faction or gameplay element that made me want to keep playing.

    They nerfed the role playing elements from New Vegas where I couldn't play as a pure-melee bumbling idiot and forcing me to be somewhat intelligent ruined it for me.

  • @holy_angel_mx I'd say I regret buying Fallout 4, since I played it for like 6 hours and hated it... but it was worth purchasing because my BF had a ton of fun and finished it. I still think it sucks though.

    I regret a few games, recently it's been Elite Dangerous that was better in my head, than it was in reality, and Mass Effect Andromeda that I bought Day One due to ME being my fave series. I had faith in Bioware, and it turned out to be misplaced.

  • @dipset 13 hours! woah! you really put your time on it, 5 hours it's my max for games that i don't like

  • One more: the Activator for Sega Genesis. I had seen it in a magazine and wanted it for ages but just assumed I'd never find it. Then I finally saw it at Toys'r'Us while birthday shopping with my grandma. It even came with a free copy of Eternal Champions! Oh how they both sucked. They're two of the few Genesis items I still have in-box only because I made such little use of both.

  • Ridge Racer Unbounded. Fucking hate that shit. It just doesn't control, feel and look like a Ridge Racer game at all to me. The driving mechanics felt sluggish, there's no sense of believable speed. The building destruction stuff isn't even that cool. Super boring game.

    I also regret getting Street Fighter V early on. The fighting style of the game isn't for me (i have been and always will be a Tekken guy), and the singleplayer content is lackluster.

  • naruto to boruto shinobi striker.

  • @bam541 Yeah man early SFV was roouuugh.
    That game has had so many peaks and valleys it is insane.
    It's like "Hey we've reduced the input lag from the highest in almost any fighting game to the lowest in almost any fighting game. How can we please our fanbase after this? I KNOW! IN GAME ADS!!!"

    Like what the fuck Ono get it together.