What's the worst video game purchase you've ever made?

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    @tokyoslim I quite enjoyed Destiny after The Taken King dropped.
    Same with D2. Forsaken was great.
    So basically never buy Destiny games at launch and always wait for the expansion.

  • @el-shmiablo I never even finished Vault of Glass.

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    @tokyoslim Shame. It was actually a really fun raid. The platforming and stealth sections were very cool.

  • @el-shmiablo Seemed like the best part of the game. I couldn't get enough people to go through it at launch w me though, so it was effectively locked content. Made it about halfway through apparently, few people had to take off to do life. Never made it back in.

  • Fallout 4 for PS4, i wanted to play it because everyone said that it was a good game, but after 5 hours of playing it, i just quit, couldn't play it anymore, it's awful... not my cup of tea

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    @tokyoslim I ended up doing most raid stuff with some Goons late in the game's life.
    If you ever feel like giving Destiny 2 a spin, let me know. I can totally understand why you and others have a lot of apprehension jumping in, but it really is quite a fine game at this point with a ton of beef to it.

  • Nope, I'm not giving them any more money. :p
    I can't even play most of the game I paid over a hundred bucks for unless I buy the expansion, since they locked some of the OG content behind the paid content now.

  • @holy_angel_mx

    I borrowed Fallout 4 off my brother so I didn't actually have to pay any money, but damn, I quit at 13 hours. What a disappointment. I can't think of one story line or faction or gameplay element that made me want to keep playing.

    They nerfed the role playing elements from New Vegas where I couldn't play as a pure-melee bumbling idiot and forcing me to be somewhat intelligent ruined it for me.

  • @holy_angel_mx I'd say I regret buying Fallout 4, since I played it for like 6 hours and hated it... but it was worth purchasing because my BF had a ton of fun and finished it. I still think it sucks though.

    I regret a few games, recently it's been Elite Dangerous that was better in my head, than it was in reality, and Mass Effect Andromeda that I bought Day One due to ME being my fave series. I had faith in Bioware, and it turned out to be misplaced.

  • @dipset 13 hours! woah! you really put your time on it, 5 hours it's my max for games that i don't like

  • One more: the Activator for Sega Genesis. I had seen it in a magazine and wanted it for ages but just assumed I'd never find it. Then I finally saw it at Toys'r'Us while birthday shopping with my grandma. It even came with a free copy of Eternal Champions! Oh how they both sucked. They're two of the few Genesis items I still have in-box only because I made such little use of both.

  • Ridge Racer Unbounded. Fucking hate that shit. It just doesn't control, feel and look like a Ridge Racer game at all to me. The driving mechanics felt sluggish, there's no sense of believable speed. The building destruction stuff isn't even that cool. Super boring game.

    I also regret getting Street Fighter V early on. The fighting style of the game isn't for me (i have been and always will be a Tekken guy), and the singleplayer content is lackluster.

  • naruto to boruto shinobi striker.

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    @bam541 Yeah man early SFV was roouuugh.
    That game has had so many peaks and valleys it is insane.
    It's like "Hey we've reduced the input lag from the highest in almost any fighting game to the lowest in almost any fighting game. How can we please our fanbase after this? I KNOW! IN GAME ADS!!!"

    Like what the fuck Ono get it together.

  • @el-shmiablo I'm personally still not a fan of the way the game plays but can agree there have been some inspired choices since launch. That said, going from announcing all 6 characters at last year's Capcom Cup to announcing 1 this year and not committing to an exact number of DLC characters for Season 4 is, in my opinion, the worst decision they have made since taking Guile and Alex away from early adopters.

  • The Switch, I think. Bought it for Splatoon and Mario as everyone seemed to be enjoying them, but I find them both utterly boring and tedious with poor controls. Plus it never held its charge for longer than a few hours.

  • I'm usually very careful when I buy games and there was a phase where I'd try a new IP every summer.

    One summer I was excited to give the Uncharted series a shot and went straight to Uncharted 2. Yeah it definitely wasn't for me. It was a mediocre TPS Rambo game in the disguise of Indiana Jones. Gameplay, challenge and exploration are important aspects for me. Uncharted 2 lacked in all those areas.

    It also suffered from the common story driven issue of having gameplay that didn't sync up to the story well.

    The Last of Us was a far better experience for me.

  • Order 1886.

  • @kaminski Had the same experience with Uncharted 1, and then I foolishly got 4 expecting it to be better. Least the multiplayer was sick.

  • Unlimited Saga. I will forever remember how much I didn't like that game.