The 2019 Desire Index

  • Spelunky 2 has been pushed out of this year so it's now been disqualified. Updating accordingly.

  • Updated mine to add NFS Heat. Cautiously optimistic. Also removed games that has been released and XIII remake because I just found out it's been delayed to 2020.

    @bam541 said in The 2019 Desire Index:

    1. The Outer Worlds
    2. Control
    3. Shenmue III
    4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    5. Death Stranding
    6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    7. NFS Heat
    8. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
    9. Medievil Remastered
    10. In the Valley of Gods

  • @bam541 Thank you for updating and the XIII remake news! Will adjust accordingly.

  • Today is the day the releases start to come at a rapid pace. To kick off, Oninaki is available today and concludes its time on the Master Index at 24th overall with two total desires: sixth highest and 12th highest.

  • With 39 games on the Master Index today, the one placing last, Telling Lies, is now out and now trims the list to 38. It had one desire of 12th highest.

  • After much waiting, excitement, intrigue, and most definitely desire, the second most coveted game on this Master Index, Control, is now available. Finishing at 12 desires, two people had it as their most desired game while five others had it within their top three.

    When such a coveted game is released, it potentially can shake up the order a good bit, so give me some time to update the Master Index accordingly.

  • Today is a major day as we have THREE games out! We haven't had such a massive day since February, but let's celebrate what you can play right now!

    To start with the lowest, Blair Witch finishes at 36 out of 37 games with one desire of being 11th highest.

    But the two major games in comparison (in terms of desire anyway) are Man of Medan (finishing as the eighth most desired game of seven desires, the highest of which was fourth most) and the biggest one, Astral Chain. The third most coveted title had FOUR top desires while four others had it in their top five! Those four top desires are second only the most wanted game, The Outer Worlds!

    Enjoy these and many more as we get into the fullest month of September. See ya next week!

  • We're now in September, the month of releases where a majority of the Index will be pruned and cut down.

    To kick the month off, we have a double release today! Of the two, the lower is Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered. It finishes 14th overall with just three desires (which should let you know, if a game has only three desires and is taken off in the top half, we're getting close to the end!). Of its desires, the highest of which is being second most desired.

    But a game that's been on the Index since its inception and been relatively high throughout has been Catherine: Full Body. It's top ten finish (8th most desired game) had six desires to its credit, one of which having as the most desired game.

  • Today's release is Creature in the Well! It finished at 27th overall desired with just one desire of sixth highest: Mine. I've been interested in it since PAX East when I first saw it and I really enjoyed the developer showcase stream EZA did awhile back. It's reviewing really well, but I'm concerned it may be imbalanced in difficulty and repetitive in areas. Had a friend write up his thoughts and he's super down on it. Still will try it myself and see though.

  • And we have another double release day! To begin with the lower ranked of the two, 22nd overall most desired Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 ends it run with a lone desire of being the second most coveted game.

    The bigger release is Gears 5, as now everyone gets to play it (Stuttered releases annoy me). The game finishes as the 12th most desired game, and with it four desires, the highest of which was being the most desired.

    While today's double was nice, Friday's double is even bigger so come back then for those stats as well!

  • Our third straight double release has heavy hitters in both brand name and desire! To start with the lesser (for this list anyway), Borderlands 3 is now available for all. The 12th most desired game had only three desires (again, three total desires being good enough for placing top 15 goes to show just how shrinking this list is getting). The highest desired turned out to be mine, as after Gears 5, Borderlands 3 moved up to my second most desired before being retired.

    But the more important game is actually Daemon X Machina. Why? Because it finished in the top ten (At 10th). But the mindblowing thing is it had five desires and FOUR of them had it as the most desired game. The lone outlier had it at sixth highest, but the point is those who wanted it, wanted it BAD.

    Hope you all are enjoying all that has released! See you in a week for the next update!