The 2019 Desire Index

  • I just discovered a video from Crows Crows Crows dated three days prior finally confirming the delay of the Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Edition until sometime until 2020, stating it around summertime at the latest (June-August). Which is a bummer being the temporary top desire for the brief period it was. As such it is disqualified from the index. Still two games left to officially release! Will update the first in a couple of days.

  • @Brannox when is the 2020 Index going to begin?

  • @scotty I'm not sure I'm going to do one.

    Primarily, upkeep during the middle four or so months of the year was the hardest portion, because having to factor in new announcements, people updating without a simple comment saying "updated" like other people would, and the thread turning into (which isn't a bad thing at all) a release reminder service for people just in case they had forgotten a release date. Couple that with when a MAJOR game came out (The Outer Worlds to use an example), not only did I have to take it off, but I had to go back and reorganize the desires by seeing what the next desire up on everyone's list was, and if that made games go higher or lower on the Master list.

    While I still enjoyed getting to see what everyone was looking forward to and getting to compare what games were coveted and which games only had one supporter, I'm fully aware I would go weeks if not months at a time being the lone person commenting just to make I kept my word (which, at the conclusion of the original thread which you can find in the HoF, I promised I would stick with this for an entire year).

    If anyone else wants to take the mantle, I would be happy to participate (and if anyone out there IS interested and reading this, you can PM to know how I did it to determine if you want to do it the same way or go a different direction).

    Much like when I ran the Selective Creation and Kill Your Babies threads, eventually, I ran out of ideas and, especially in this case, I notice participation dwindle with each passing update/thread/whatever.

    However, if a thread gets made where we just put our anticipated lists without aggregating, that's cool too. So I guess if enough people say they want to do another, we'll see, but as I'm sitting here now, it's not something I'm enthused to continue doing.

  • @brannox said in The 2019 Desire Index:

    However, if a thread gets made where we just put our anticipated lists without aggregating, that's cool too.

    From the things that you said; this option is the most doable one probably. Yeah, that can work.

  • Thanks for doing this!

    For next year, I'd recommend maybe just doing a one-time list around the beginning of January, sort of a snapshot of everyone's anticipation at that moment in time, and leave it at that. Updating it constantly sort of removes its meaning in my opinion. Maybe we can then do another one after E3 for example. And it'd be a lot less work so win-win :)

  • I'm not sure when I came to this realization, but once the desire index stopped being a snapshot of "other people's desires as of summer/E3" it become a lot less interesting for me personally. E3 creates a hype for myself that lasts a certain amount of time before returning to baseline. While I'm in that "post E3 state" I'm much more interested in every announced thing and, likewise, it becomes more interesting to hear how other people have been affected. That naturally leads to what games people are interested in, and what games they are above/below to that person.

    If indeed a January list is what ends up happening that would, however, probably be pretty cool too. Such a thing would still have that quality I like of being a "fixed snapshot" at a moment in the year where it feels like everyone is looking ahead at the same time.

  • @Axel @Chocobop Thank you both for the feedback!

    I like the snapshot ideas and doing just two (One at the conclusion of GOTYs in Jan. and the other post E3) is appealing as a one off, and while I agree it's at its strongest at the moment of submission, I (speaking for myself here) really did enjoy seeing how one game's release could affect others' feelings. Also, people's hype changes over time. My personal post under the OP has a dedicated log of edits showing my thought process when things were added or switched.

    But it IS inarguable is not just any person's personal desires, but the collective whole in having this actually be a thing and eventually move on to something else. Despite my grumbles, I still am happy so many wished to leave their picks and thoughts and it gave me a project to work on.

    Remember, I made this one when people didn't just want to the overall Master Index and wanted a 2019 specific one. If we created a new thread that was just, "What're you looking forward to, regardless of release date, circa Jan/June/whenever," I'm ok with that. Much like the GOTY threads, they could work like little check-ins every six months to see how people are feeling.

    Regardless, at the end of the day, I made a promise to see this through to the end. Speaking of which....

  • Ladies and gents we've come to the penultimate release of our Master Index! Phoenix Point, which finishes second overall of the remaining six games had two desires, one highest and one second highest.

    One more left, one week from now.

    At that point, I check post Game Awards if anything gets dated/shadowdropped that night, but after that, the thread (as far as my upkeep/curation) is done!

    Until next week!

  • And as it happens, today is also the day Valve confirms In the Valley Gods is officially on hold. Therefore, it's now disqualified. Fun fact, it is the last that would have multiple desires.

  • Alas, the end is nigh. The final release from the Master Index, and it being Shovel Knight: King of Cards, with its lone desire, finishing second.

    This means the three remaining games: Panzer Dragoon Remake, Hylics 2, and Battletoads for Xbox One were dated for 2019, but at time of writing, were not released, nor was any official word made about their delays.

    And with that, this thread is done. A heartfelt thanks to each and every person who provided their desires, came back to update and for all those who popped in to just follow along.

    On to 2020!!