The 2019 Desire Index

  • I know it's coming pretty soon so it doesn't matter too much, but i just realized that I don't even have Metro Exodus on my list. I don't know how that happened, really forgot about that.

    @bam541 said in The 2019 Desire Index:

    I missed this thread before, good thing you bumped it up.

    1. The Outer Worlds
    2. Control
    3. Shenmue III
    4. Rage 2
    5. Days Gone
    6. Dreams
    7. Devil May Cry V
    8. Left Alive
    9. CTR: Nitro Fueled
    10. Metro Exodus
    11. Medievil Remastered
    12. My Friend Pedro
    13. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
    14. In the Valley of Gods
    15. Sable
    16. Wolfenstein Youngblood
    17. Psychonauts 2
    18. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

  • E3 Update

    1. Astral Chain
    2. Daemon X Machina
    3. Metal Wolf Chaos XD
    4. Super Mario Maker 2
    5. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
    6. Panzer Dragoon

  • @Hanabi Fuck yeah Astral Chain!

  • I legally can't put any Switch exclusive stuff on my list since i don't even have a Switch yet, but my god i want to play Link's Awakening so bad!

  • @smoothrunes said in The 2019 Desire Index:

    1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    2. Devil May Cry 5
    3. Mortal Kombat 11
    4. Astral Chain
    5. Daemon X Machina
    6. Control
    7. Metal Wolf Chaos XD
    8. Judgement
    9. Code Vein
    10. The Outer Worlds
    11. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
    12. Ape Out
    13. Rage 2
    14. Hellpoint
    15. My Friend Pedro
    16. Age of Wonders: Planetfall
    17. Trials Rising

    Been a while since I updated so I had to get rid of a bunch of released games. Added Astral Chain, even though I don't own a Switch, it makes me want to get one even more now (and that's good because one of my most anticipated Switch games, Metroid Prime 4, has basically been set back to stage 0, plus Bayonetta 3 still seems like a ways off).

  • Happy Massive Release Day everybody! Not since October 27, 2017 have we had such a packed release day. FOUR games all are stricken, and it's pretty clear one stands above all others:

    Metro Exodus finished as the second overall desired game, finishing with 10 desires, with one being the most desired game.

    The next highest overall desired game was Jump Force, finishing in 39th. With only two desires of eighth most and 14th most, it barely held out over Crackdown 3, which also had two desires. Finishing 42nd overall (so only a three spot difference), the two desires for the Xbox exclusive were even lower: 13th and 20th overall.

    The final game out today was ALMOST the least desired game on the list. Out of 58 games, Far Cry: New Dawn ends at 57th, with only one desire of 18th.

  • I can't do this...I desire so many things equally, I'd feel like a monster making any of them lower than number 1, lol.

  • But I'll do it anyways. I'm just going by the master list, so none of these are actually in any order, even though I know it doesn't work that way.

    1. Devil May Cry 5
    2. Daemon x Machina
    3. Judgement
    4. Shenmue III
    5. Astral Chain
    6. Fire Emblem: Three Houses
    7. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    8. Luigi's Mansion 3
    9. Dragon Quest Builders 2
    10. Super Mario Maker 2
    11. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
    12. Catherine: Full Body

  • @minamik If that isn't your order, then I won't factor it in to the Master Index, but I want to if you want to go with a list that showcases your true range of 'wanna play the most' to 'can wait a little bit.'

    If those are the only 12 games you desire, and WANT your desires taken into account, if you rearrange them (or just say, yeah, this is my true order), I'll update the post. If there are other games you want, I certainly encourage you to add them as well!

  • @brannox Okay, I edited it to be a bit more ordered. 1 and 2 have both had demos, so I'm the most excited for them currently, then through 7, I'm excited about but haven't been pumped in the veins with a hype needle, and 8-12, I'm excited about, but am fine waiting for currently.

  • @minamik Fantastic! Taking your desires into account and updating accordingly.

  • If they'd just give me a release date for Nioh 2, it'd climb those ranks pretty quickly, but alas.

  • @minamik Not only that, but other games as well, like DOOM: Eternal, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding would have good spots on the list in there were any official statement dating them for 2019. However, the moment a game gets dated, it immediately becomes eligible, so for example, if Nioh 2 gets a date for this year announced around E3, you can certainly come back, put it on the list, and it'll get started.

  • There's also a few I'd maybe add if we actually knew anything about them, such as Pokemon or Animal Crossing, but as it stands, they can sit on the bench as far as I'm concerned.

  • @minamik That's fair. Both of those games are on the above Index, so if you wanted to include those as well, you could potentially increase their place (dependent how high they would place in your desires).

  • @brannox There's always time for that once we've actually seen something from them, haha.

  • @minamik I have to ask, did you forget about Trails of Cold Steel 3, or are you just not interested, because that would be kinda surprising.

  • @bard91 Welcome to Hottake City, my friend!

    1. I didn't care for Cold Steel 1 and 2 as much as the Sky games. I feel like making them sort of Persona-ified made me not care as much for the characters or story. If you decide to hang out with, say Machias and Towa, but then are missing out on character development stuff with, say, Sara and Fie in exchange, then not knowing as much about them makes me care less about them as characters.

    And it's fairly obvious how much the games push the Rean x Alisa ship, but then it's strange because, hey, they're obviously the canon couple, but if you want to get together with Laura, then that's fine too. I feel like adding all these options distracts from the story they could have told.

    1. The release order is very very wrong. Never mind, that I feel that no one should have played Trails of Cold Steel 2 without having played or concurrently played Trails of Zero due to that ending, but going into Trails of Cold Steel 3 without the context of Trails of Ao is completely absurd, as there will absolutely be huge chunks of that game that no one who hasn't played through the Crossbell Arc will understand.

    If I can somehow manage to bungle my way through those 2 Vita releases (My Japanese reading skills are trash, but with more voice dialogue in the Vita versions, I at least stand a fighting chance), then maybe I will update my interest.

    1. I can't help but worrying about NISA bungling Cold Steel 3 even worse than they did with Ys 8. Most of the people who even worked on Trails stuff at Xseed have also left or been laid off, so it's a very weird situation.

    2. I will buy it, because I love this series, but at this point, interest is not something I'm ready to express.

    Sorry for the long rant, lol.

  • @minamik Fair enough, playing Sky currently I see your points, though I still prefer Cold Steel, simply a matter of preference though.

    Yeah it's rough with Zero and Ao, I'll just use the fan translations, I could make an attempt as you are mentioning and it would actually be great practice, but I just know my Japanese is nowhere near enough to tackle RPGs, as I've clearly seen when trying to do so in the past, so I'll settle for a lower quality.

    I guess you feel much more strongly about it, and I can respect that, I just see it very differently as someone that absolutely loved ToCS.