The 2019 Desire Index

  • @minamik I have to ask, did you forget about Trails of Cold Steel 3, or are you just not interested, because that would be kinda surprising.

  • @bard91 Welcome to Hottake City, my friend!

    1. I didn't care for Cold Steel 1 and 2 as much as the Sky games. I feel like making them sort of Persona-ified made me not care as much for the characters or story. If you decide to hang out with, say Machias and Towa, but then are missing out on character development stuff with, say, Sara and Fie in exchange, then not knowing as much about them makes me care less about them as characters.

    And it's fairly obvious how much the games push the Rean x Alisa ship, but then it's strange because, hey, they're obviously the canon couple, but if you want to get together with Laura, then that's fine too. I feel like adding all these options distracts from the story they could have told.

    1. The release order is very very wrong. Never mind, that I feel that no one should have played Trails of Cold Steel 2 without having played or concurrently played Trails of Zero due to that ending, but going into Trails of Cold Steel 3 without the context of Trails of Ao is completely absurd, as there will absolutely be huge chunks of that game that no one who hasn't played through the Crossbell Arc will understand.

    If I can somehow manage to bungle my way through those 2 Vita releases (My Japanese reading skills are trash, but with more voice dialogue in the Vita versions, I at least stand a fighting chance), then maybe I will update my interest.

    1. I can't help but worrying about NISA bungling Cold Steel 3 even worse than they did with Ys 8. Most of the people who even worked on Trails stuff at Xseed have also left or been laid off, so it's a very weird situation.

    2. I will buy it, because I love this series, but at this point, interest is not something I'm ready to express.

    Sorry for the long rant, lol.

  • @minamik Fair enough, playing Sky currently I see your points, though I still prefer Cold Steel, simply a matter of preference though.

    Yeah it's rough with Zero and Ao, I'll just use the fan translations, I could make an attempt as you are mentioning and it would actually be great practice, but I just know my Japanese is nowhere near enough to tackle RPGs, as I've clearly seen when trying to do so in the past, so I'll settle for a lower quality.

    I guess you feel much more strongly about it, and I can respect that, I just see it very differently as someone that absolutely loved ToCS.

  • @miserableperson said in The 2019 Desire Index:
    Update for 2019:

    1. Gears 5
    2. Super Mario Maker 2
    3. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    4. Control
    5. Mortal Kombat 11
    6. The Outer Worlds
    7. Dragon Quest Builders 2
    8. Battletoads
    9. Luigi’s Mansion 3
    10. Pokemon 2019
    11. Phoenix Point
    12. Trials Rising
    13. Rage 2
    14. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

  • Despite the bizarre staggered release, the 38th overall desired Anthem is now available to everyone and as such has been stricken from the Master Index. Anthem finished with only two desires: 7th highest and 17th highest.

    1. Dreams
    2. Judgment
    3. Shenmue III
    4. Psychonauts 2
    5. Mortal Kombat 11
    6. The Outer Worlds
    7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    8. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    9. Dragon Quest Builders 2
    10. Pokemon for Switch
    11. Devil May Cry 5
    12. Astral Chain
    13. Animal Crossing for Switch
    14. Super Mario Maker 2
    15. Control
    16. Trials: Rising
    17. CTR: Nitro-Fueled
    18. Yoshi's Crafted World
    19. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Edition

    Special Mention to Wattam which I don’t believe has a hard date.

  • updated my desire index, for some reason Days Gone is my most desired over Sekiro, probably because I haven't seen anything of Sekiro since TGS and I'm media blackout.

  • @iboshow Do you mean Dead or Alive 6? I put that on the Master Index, but I got confused for a moment because the 6 is missing on your list. Also, I'm not factoring in DOOM: Eternal yet because there hasn't been an official statement it will come out this year. However, if it DOES become dated, it will immediately become eligible. To compensate, I just gave everything below that on your list a +1 increase to your desires.

  • A top 10 desired game is out today! Trials Rising finishes at 10th overall with seven desires, the highest of which was 6th. As such, it is now stricken from the Master Index.

  • Ape Out has now been released and as such, been stricken from the Master Index. It finished at 47th overall with a lone desire of 12th highest.

  • A double release date today as #30 Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove and #43 Dead or Alive 6 are both available and gone from the Master Index. The former had three desires to its credit, the highest of which at third most, whereas the latter had only one desire, and it being seventh highest.

  • I've added Pokémon Sword and Shield to my list at position #3 (of 3).

  • Left Alive is now out, finishing at 36th overall and two total desires: 8th and 17th. As a result, it has now been taken off the Master Index.

    1. The Outer Worlds
    2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    3. Astral Chain
    4. Control
    5. Judgement
    6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    7. Super Mario Maker 2
    8. Dreams
    9. Catherine: Full Body
    10. Luigi's Mansion 3

    I feel strongly about that top 5 but then the bottom 5 I desire a lot less. Respawn has blown me away with Titanfall 2 so I have hope, but we have no idea what direction this Star Wars interpretation is going.

  • While factoring in the newest desires, I decided to go ahead and strike the 46th most desired game, Total War: Three Kingdoms (only one desire of 14th highest) from the Master Index, as technically it's now out for the east coast of the U.S. and I'll be passed out when goes live for all.

    But another reason I bring up the newest edit of the Master Index beyond taking a game off is because just ONE day before I can officially take it off, Devil May Cry 5 slipped from second to third most desired game on the list by virtue of Judgement having an additional desire.

    So in all likelihood, that's the way it'll stay for the next 24 hours until I take it off for good.

  • @brannox I think Total War: Three Kingdoms is out May 23. It's been delayed several times so I could be wrong.

  • @shoulderguy Thank you for the catch! I use a huge list of games' release dates from a website, but apparently they don't update as often (or correctly, I'm not sure) as I would like. Readjusting!

  • Devil May Cry 5 is now HERE! The third most desired game now is sunsetted from the Master Index. It finishes with 11 different desires, with two people having it as their most desired game, and four others had it in their top five! Enjoy your demon hunting!

  • Why hello there. Been awhile (2 weeks in fact) since the last game on this Index had a release. No I haven't forgotten about the thread. Yes I'm crazy.

    But enough of me! What's more important is the third overall most desired game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is now out (Well, I'm writing this technically on the 21st, but I'm going to be busy tomorrow and didn't want to risk juggling multiple things.)

    SO! With 10 total desires, with one person having it as their most desired game, Sekiro is now officially stricken from the Master Index.