The 2019 Desire Index

  • @brannox No it hasn't released yet, it's been pushed back.

  • @axel Everything I found pointed to April 3rd. Could you provide the new date/window? Readjusting and thanks for the correction!

  • @brannox

    They said "several months" back in February, but there's no clear date, probably May or June.

  • @axel Thanks a ton!

  • A couple of notes: First a release -

    SteamWorld Quest released on Switch today, finishing at 31st overall desired, having two desires (5th and 14th highest), and so stricken from the Master Index

    The other, a change: While it might be a bit of a lowball move to drop a game on the index the day before it comes out, I'm striking Days Gone from my PERSONAL list, thus lowering its overall spot from 10th overall to 20th. While that is where it'll most likely finish (unless the other four who put it on their lists wants to update. If so, let me know), I'm doing so because I'm disappointed that four trusted sources all have said the same thing. I'm disappointed, but at least I'll save $60.

    Also keep in mind because I'm changing my list by dropping a game, everything else moves up and potentially changing the order.

    Oh Days Gone. What could've been...

  • As mentioned above, now striking Days Gone officially from the list, finishing 20th at four desires, one of which had it as the most desired.

    Still bums me out it isn't polished and its bloated/boring from what I've read.

  • Bringing this thread back from the dead to remind/let you know the third most overall desired game (finishing with 11 total desires, the highest of which was second most desired) Rage 2 is now out and stricken from the Master Index.

    Next week is going to be a run of releases, so it'll be interesting to see the list shrink a good bit!

  • Observation finishes at 38th overall with the lone desired of ninth highest (which is to say... mine) and because its now available, it is stricken from the Master Index.

  • The 40th most desired game, Splitgate: Arena Warfare, is now free to play on Steam, meaning it's now stricken from the Master Index (it did finish with one desire, being 10th highest.... again, mine.).

  • Total War: Three Kingdoms is out today, meaning it finishes at 41st overall most desired and had a lone desire of 13th highest. Therefore, it is now stricken from the Master Index.

    EDIT: I decided to make two posts because the preview on the main and sub-forum page wouldn't make you think the following post had important info.

  • An important note: Judging from the release calendar, it appears the next one to come off will happen until a week after E3, and if there is any significant updates to lists after the show, I want to go ahead and say now:

    IF you come back after E3 and update your list, PLEASE leave a post saying you did so. You do NOT have to post your new list, you can simply edit the one you currently have. If you DON'T leave a post, I might skip over your list when you've updated it because you didn't make it known you changed it.

    I'm very excited for the show and I'm curious if more games will get added here or not. Until then though, this thread will now go dormant for almost a month (unless someone comments). See ya here then!

  • A small update, removing games that has been released and bumping Bloodstained up, it looks way better now.

    @bam541 said in The 2019 Desire Index:

    1. The Outer Worlds
    2. Control
    3. Shenmue III
    4. Wolfenstein Youngblood
    5. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    6. CTR: Nitro Fueled
    7. Medievil Remastered
    8. My Friend Pedro
    9. In the Valley of Gods
    10. Sable
    11. Psychonauts 2

  • Death Stranding is now eligible.

  • ... and I shall update it.

    @bam541 said in The 2019 Desire Index:

    1. The Outer Worlds
    2. Control
    3. Shenmue III
    4. Death Stranding
    5. Wolfenstein Youngblood
    6. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    7. CTR: Nitro Fueled
    8. Medievil Remastered
    9. My Friend Pedro
    10. In the Valley of Gods
    11. Sable
    12. Psychonauts 2

  • Haven't updated my list since December and suddenly got the urge to do so now, but I'll wait another 10 days for those E3 date reveals.

    In other news, Sable's now coming out in 2020, so it's basically not eligible material for this index anymore.

  • @sentinel-beach Thanks for calling it to my attention! Taking it off now.

  • After doing a final check before the big show to make my document is in order, I discovered 32nd overall 10 Beautiful Postcards is actually out, but for how long, I can't tell. It was one person's most anticipated title, but since it's out, it's now gone.

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps was delayed into Feb. 2020. Striking it off.

  • DOOM Eternal has finally been given a 2019 release so its now eligible. That said, I'm going to be VERY busy, so I can't update the Master Index with it (because there are some lists above with DOOM), until I can dedicate the time. And that's not happening until after E3.

  • @brannox No problem, I think a lot of people will update their lists throughout E3 so you should probably wait until it's all over to update the overall list anyway :)