Let's Vote for our GOTY 2018!

  • I forget how we handle early access games?
    Do we count them, or not?

  • Ah man. Same plight as last year, I have only played SOME of the heavy hitters. I kinda wish we did the 2017 revisited since I wrapped a few up from last year, this year. Same will happen with 2018 into 2019.

    I'll send you my list. I did at least play A LOT this year.

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    oh I really gotta make a list for this as well! really enjoyed a lot of games this year.

  • Yaaay another GOTY thread! Will make a list and PM you

  • @tokyoslim I'd say they don't count, only when they're officially released.

    @DIPSET Well, if you played only some of them, it means they appealed to you more than the others, so that says something good about those games already.

  • I've personally got 10 games I feel deserve my vote, and it's going to be heart-breaking to leave 2 out of my list! Never had this problem before, this year has been very, very good.

  • I have like 10 games that I wanted to give HMs to, but couldn't.
    My top 4 were easy for me, though the order changed around a few times over the past couple weeks.

  • While I feel like I probably already have my list, I'm gonna wait to send it until after the holidays to finish a few things off. Hopefully I don't forget!

  • Kudos for the long voting period. I have been kinda addicted to BFV for the last 2-3 weeks so my DQXI and RDR2 playthrough hasn't progressed at all. I'll probably need to refresh my memories of the nominees too.

  • I must say, having The Walking Dead: The Final Season and especially Life Is Strange 2 is weird. I think it's better to vote for them in the year of the final episode, since some people are waiting for a full release to play them.

  • @ffff0 Yeah, you could basically classify them the same as early access games. Some early access games pretty much are the same model, (just last areas missing) except the content isn't split into multiple parts.

  • Sent my list in. Axel makes a good point. I haven't played EVERYTHING but what I chose to play was intentional and very telling of what I perceive to be the most attractive and quality games of the year. I struggled with the #4 GOTY vs Honourable Mention, but I put my objective hat on and made that decision.

    Looked back at my "Completed Games of 2018" from Sabotage's thread and everything I nominated are the ONLY new 2018 games I even played this year. Just enough to make a list. So 8 of the 22 games I completed in 2018 are even new. A lot of catch up and just playing older stuff.

  • Gonna take me a couple days, but I'll be getting to this!

  • I just want to shout out Kingdom Come Deliverance, it's the finest Eurojank game there is. There's nothing quite like it, i'm still ways off from finishing it but the sense of wonder and joy that i feel when playing it made quite an impact on me. Never has it been so easy for me to just completely role play in the game world, it feels so rewarding when you take it seriously. Seeing shopkeepers and other people treat me like proper knights when i dress like one is still one of my favorite gaming moments from this year. Definitely getting my vote.

  • My game of the year is Hollow Knight, but since it was released on PC last year, I can't vote for it sadly. This post is mostly just to remind everyone to play Hollow Knight because I care about ya'll.

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    Hollow Knight is fantastic but I'm also glad it can't be voted on for this year. If they were individual console awards, for sure.

    And ya, now is a great time to maybe convince people to put a game on their list or make it a little higher. I must still make my list but while we're early, at least two games deserve some attention. Return of Obra Dinn (PC) and Astro Bot Rescuse Mission (PSVR). If you have the means to play either before the votes end, please do so. Obra Dinn is probably the best detective game since Her Story at least and Astro Bot is just a fantastic and creative 3D platformer that really shows how to use VR in those types of games.

    Oh and Celeste, but we all know Celeste is fantastic right?

  • @tokeeffe9 Yeah, I think the fundamental rule of GOTY needs to be having released originally that year for fairness sake, even if I also adore Hollow Knight and didn't get to play it until this year. Thankfully I keep watch of the PC market and knew to scream about it when it was new there, to make sure it got the attention it deserved in its year of launch, even if I knew I didn't have to means to enjoy it myself until the consoles got it.

    Just retroactively insert it back into your GOTYs for 2017, even if you didn't play it until later.

  • @tokeeffe9 Return of the Obra Dinn wil make my list for sure, though I'm not sure well, it was definitively a great game but it didn't have anywhere near the impact of Papers Please which is one of my top 5 games of all time.

    And simply to add to the Hollow Knight conversation it would make my list if it could but probably pretty low, I recognize it is a brilliantly made game, but after 15 hours I reached a point of frustration with it that I was unable to overcome and that really tarnished the experience for me and ended up in me dropping the game before beating it, not necessarilly a fault of the game, but something that did worsen my experience.

  • #1 Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    #2 Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    #3 Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    #4 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    #Honorable Mention: Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion

  • @bam541 I have Kingdom Come because I backed it on Kickstarter, but still haven't touched it, it's the big one I missed this year and sadly won't have time to play anytime soon. It had so many patches since it came out so I feel like that was the right choice, it's probably in a much better state now, but it's a shame I won't be able to consider it for my GOTY list.

    @SabotageTheTruth I only started playing Hollow Knight a few weeks ago, taking my time with it, but I can already tell it's going to be one of the Greats. Definitely a shame it came out on PC last year, it never really got a shot at proper GOTY representation.

    @Yoshi If you want to officially vote, please send me a private message with your list ;)

    I'd like to suggest everyone checks out Yoku's Island Express, an easy contender for Jolliest game of the year. It's short enough, you should have enough time to play it before voting closes! Watch the Easy Livin video and let it convince you:

    Youtube Video