Need advice on catching back up with Kingdom Hearts

  • Allies,

    In preparation for the imminent release of KH3, I purchased KH: The story so far and envisioned myself playing through the entire package. But of course life, and Red Dead 2, happened and now im hardly a month from release and haven't even put the disc in my PS4. Let me first disclose that i DID play KH and KH2 back in the day upon their original release. I have not touched them since nor played anything else in the series.
    I do not have all the time in the world so I am looking for the most efficient way to revisit KH games (and not just watch story recaps on youtube) and also play whichever essentials I missed. What are your thoughts on which games to play and which to miss? I was planning to play KH1 and 2 again and then maybe birth by sleep because i hear good things. I also recall that a lot of the games retread the exact same worlds, story beats etc. If you could only play 2 or 3 of the games before KH3 comes out, which would it be and which can I skip entirely? Love and respect.

  • Considering Kingdom Hearts 3 is about a month away, I'm not sure you've got time to finish multiple games, unless you don't plan on playing it at release. While the other entries fill out some of the large narrative gaps in the numbered entries, I'd say just shoot for 1 and 2 since time is waning. I know you said you didn't want to watch any recaps but I found a really good one by the team over at GameTrailers. I wonder what ever happened to that talented team?

    Youtube Video

  • I'm honestly not even concerned, I probably won't play KH3 on release, but having only played 2, with all of the games they've put out and how long it has been, I can without exaggeration say I have zero interest in catching up and when I play the game I'll simply wing it and enjoy the gameplay and the disney characters and pay no mind to whatever nonsense plot it has. At one point I was definitively interested, but it has simply been so long that I no longer care.

  • I agree with what @SabotageTheTruth said here, but I also wanted to add my input:

    1.) You don't have time for the full series. Simply put, as stated above if you're not playing at time of release, there's too much to go through and too little time. You are correct in 1, 2, and BbS being the most essential plot wise, but from all the trailers I've seen, they're incorporating elements from pretty much EVERY KH game (except for Re: Coded), so take that how you will. It took me a month and half to go through the whole series earlier this year, but that had some caviats:

    • I skipped the mobile game out of download frustration
    • I had the time to devote to going the through the series AND I started WAY earlier
    • I chose to only partake in some side content, not all of it as their are some challenges (secret bosses, mini-games, etc.) that are just NOT worth it. At. ALL.

    2.) I WILL say however, that you should also play 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage. It, and the conclusion of Dream Drop Distance, has story ties into how 3 is going to start. And 0.2 takes five hours MAX. As for Dream Drop Distance, it's fine, but there is a MASSIVE difficulty spike out of nowhere for the final world, and it's not worth it.

    3.) As much as I will champion 358/2 Days is a decent game, (and in my personal opinion the movie included in the collection takes away from the experience of gameplay) this is probably the only entry that you don't NEED to play, but still should do some cursory research on. However, Chain of Memories is the one you should do light research on that you SHOULDN'T play, because the gameplay is completely different than the rest of the series (plus other frustrations as well).

    4.) Again, Re: Coded and the Unchained x movie I believe you can skip, but since each is like 2-3 hour movies in the package, it's up to you to slog through them if you want.

    5.) If you only care about story and are not concerned with distractions (mini-games, 100% completion, etc.) and only want to take in the story, be prepared for 2 taking the longest. Personally, I found Birth By Sleep to be the quickest, but I think it comes down to how I played it, so this may be different for you.

    6.) Secret movies: If you want to watch them, then you have a choice to make: Play on the harder difficulties, making it easier to unlock, or just watch them via YouTube. Some of the movies are the most interesting bits of story, but their requirements are RIDICULOUS on Normal. While 1's unlock criteria isn't bad (Beat Hades Cup, Find all Dalmatians, unlock all trinities), 2's and BbS's will be difficult

    7.) Summary:

    • Definitely play 1, 2, Birth by Sleep, and 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage either in that order OR in story order (The only difference is BbS is first)
    • Look into 358/2 Days and Chain of Memories' stories, and potentially the end of Dream Drop Distance.
    • You can skip Re: Coded and Unchained x.
    • Determine if you want to see the secret movies
    • I hope you have fun, regardless of what you decide!

  • I'm planning to watch a video to be caught up with the games that aren't number titled.

  • I'm a huge fan of the series, so I wouldn't really like to say anything other than try to play them all. There's no need to play 3 right away.

  • I bought the E3 $99.99 all in one bundle and played KH 1, next week i want to start playing 2 on the easiest difficulty and see if i can finish the rest before the 25th (RE2) so i can have a time off before playing KH3.