I just had the most fun I’ve ever had in an online game.

  • I stole a train near Valentine with 2 of my friends. We followed the track all the way to Saint Denis. Once we arrived at the station, I stopped the train, and used game chat to let everyone know that the train was rolling out with or without them. By the time we were pulling out, 3 more people had joined us. Along the way, a few more people joined us, and we all had lots of fun creating a fight club in the train cars, and doing other silly things. In total, we were probably on the train for 2 hours.

    Out of nowhere, however, another posse pulls up, and starts shooting us. It didn’t take us long to realize they were trying to steal the train from us. For the next hour or so, we went back and forth, defending the train and trying to steal it back. Once we regained control of the train for the last time, we all came to an agreement to stop the battle, and all rode our horses to the nearest bar and had drinks together.

    These last few hours have been the best online experience I’ve ever had in any game. Thank you Rockstar for the amazing game, and thank you players (if you’re out there) for being cool people!

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