What January titles are you picking up.

  • @felmek
    Trying to cut down on that too, right now my only January purchases RE2, KH3, Onimusha and Vesperia (trying to deiced between PS4 or Switch)
    Noting in February right now
    Only DMC5 in March (the Collectors Edition mind you)
    and thats about it, trying to cut my spending in general with a plan to move in March/April.

  • Resident Evil 2 Remake. The hype is real.

  • Tales of Vesperia.

    cant wait to replay it with all the content!

  • @bigdude1
    Can't wait to finally play it in English, seriously wonder what took so long localizing it.

    Also I really hope the next Tales of game goes for more of a Vesperia look.

  • I have Tales of Vesperia on my PS3. Played pretty far and my cousin said there were some differences on Xbox360. He enjoyed playing as Patty when we played a bit. Had to check online once because it needed me to type a word in japanese.

    I need info whether DMCV CE(non-jacket one) will come to EU since DX version isn't available physically. Mainly to tune out that Subhuman song.

  • Tales of Vesperia
    Resident Evil 2
    Kingdom Hearts 3

  • I pre ordered RE2 and KH3 (bought the $99.9 collection) since E3, Vane looks interesting and i am on the fence with Ace Combat 7.

  • Funny enough, likely nothing. ace combat is a maybe depending on reviews but I avoid horror games so re2 is out(can't wait for a huber playthrough) and i am not even slightly caught up on kingdom hearts but it might be. A sale pick up if it drops in price like FF15

  • Kingdom Hearts III is a maybe, besides that i'm not interested in anything coming out this month, i think.

  • My RE2 CE got cancelled so need to think whether to go digital or not since they only offer base game as physical copy

  • Tales of Vesperia, Resident Evil 2, and Kingdom Hearts 3. Waiting to see how Travis Returns turns out, and if February is not too packed, I might get it, Onimusha, or Ace Combat...yikes...

  • I'm depressingly poor...
    But I will pick up KH3, just might not be until Feb for my birthday.
    I have a tradition of finishing the KH games in one weekend to continue.