Reason for Bans

  • Just curious, if you go to the info of a banned account, E.g

    Are you able to see recent ban history?

    Mods can at least. And we're able to go to the users tab and filter by banned users.

    If all users are able to do that, then hopefully that is good enough and we can do a better job at leaving notes on banned accounts.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in Reason for Bans:

    Just curious, if you go to the info of a banned account, E.g

    Are you able to see recent ban history?

    We only see a red box saying:
    "Access Denied
    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that you do not have access to."

  • Back in the day, I use to trawl through the xbox forums reading the appeals and the moderator responses as to why they got banned. It was a great laugh. 100% of the time the appeals failed.

    Expanding off what tokeeffe mentioned about the bots, and without trying to derail the topic. It's my belief bots are the cloak and dagger enemy of the 21st century. They are underestimated and aren't being treated serious enough. Just look at all the controversy on facebook, reddit and twitter bots have caused. The the end of 'My2Cents'.

  • I'm thinking in future just leaving a mod comment to note on warnings/bans in the topic it happened in as at least that would let people know that something has been done.

    My main reason why I don't want to do this though is it leading to the topic derailing further.

    I'd be interested to hear what others think?

  • I would like that, but I also understand how that could be bad for the topic as a whole. You could just say something to the effect of "This person was banned, PM me for more details." Just spitballing though.

  • I think that would be good to test and see how it goes

  • @tokeeffe9 I think it's usually a relief to other participants in the thread, so it shouldn't derail too much. Also, maybe a blanket rule stating that discussion of bans and warnings in threads is off-topic and could lead to additional warnings.

  • Cool, I'll see what the others think and we'll probably do a trial period or something. Thanks guys.

  • Just an update on this. We're going to add a Mod notes to the initial post where a user has been warned or banned. We'll see how this works out first and can discuss more from there.

  • Good plan! Seems like the best way to do it