Has Resident evil 2 has chance to top Resident evil 7 as best in series?

  • Hello friends,

    so resident evil 2 remake is going to release next few days and is getting insane amount of hype to the point that it will get very positive reviews by critics and i was also left impressed that how impressive it looks.

    but then RE series prior to RE7 was mediocre and overrated. RE5 and 6 were the game that become some of the most hated games of last gen and probably terrible games. RE4 was most praised yet it was incredibly overrated. RE2 remake looks leaps and bound better in every way. and first 3 games were just fixed camera games that many fans liked but i also think they were kind of mediocre.

    as a result resident evil 7 release and not only the best in series but also become easily by far best resident evil game ever due to most atmospheric RE game with best controls and gameplay something lack in prior games. it was easily best game of last year. even story was best in series too. as previous games also had bad story.

    so friends, do you think RE2 has chance to surpassed RE7 as best in series? or will it be fall behind?

    I wish they remake RE2 in first person but third person is also fine by me. being first person it would have be amazing.

  • Due to how much I like RE2, I think I'm going to have a lot of issues with this new incarnation. I'm still excited though, even if I would have much preferred they simply give it the REmake treatment like they did with the Gamecube.

    I can't truly answer your question as I don't hold RE7 as the best in the series. Personally though, I think it will fall behind. RE7 had a new concept for the series and they did a really good job with it, the game also did something great with it's VR compatibility, something RE2 simply doesn't have. Capcom have continued to create TPS Resident Evil games with RE6 and both Revelation games, they haven't exactly impressed though and that hurts expectations wit regards to this remake.

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    RE5 is actually one of my favorite games in the entire series. I've played through it fully several times across multiple platforms, and I have incredibly fond memories that I wouldn't trade for anything.
    6 can go die in a fire though. Like hoooly shit what a bad game.

    Personally I thought 7 was alright but didn't hit the same high notes like 4 and 5 did for me.
    2 looks great though and I am really looking forward to it.

    But yeah 6 is trash.

  • Does it have a chance in topping Resident Evil 7? Ya I think it does. I like Resident Evil 7 a lot but I wouldn't consider it the best in the series, it is an excellent comeback after how awful Resident Evil 6 is.

    Personally, I'm a much bigger fan of the REmake, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 and I had an absolute blast with Resident Evil 5. That game in co op is fantastic, along with the extra game modes in it.

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    I actually wrote out a 3 page essay on why Resident Evil 6 is not just a terrible Resident Evil, but a straight up bad game.
    The hard drive it was on has since died.

    I just don't understand how they fucked up 6 that bad.

  • I have a strong feeling it might, but like most things its subjective.
    And judging by your OP and past comments you've only played RE4 and nothing else.

    And I think RE5 has gained a bit of a cult status over time, especially since it is a hell of a fun time in coop, and RE6 has been growing on me over the years (it also has the best Mercenaries mode)

  • I think RE2 is going to be better than RE7 but RE7 wasn’t even close to the best. RE7 only feels effective in its horror and storytelling on one play through whereas every other game in the series has value in multiple play throughs. That alone removes it as the best.

    The only mediocre game in the mainline series is Resident Evil 6 which is just outright bad. RE3 feels less ambitious but none are mediocre.

    RE2 can be amazing if there are at least 2 very different scenarios and the game is consistently scary.

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    I didn't like RE7 at all, so yes, easily.

  • I want to see RE2Remake sell well so we get more third person survival horror games in the future.

  • @danjin44 said in Has Resident evil 2 has chance to top Resident evil 7 as best in series?:

    I want to see RE2Remake sell well so we get more third person survival horror games in the future.

    third person killed the immersion.

    lets hope RE8 will be in first person once again and improved the combat too.

  • @b-cell Not for me, I personally much immersed in third person.

  • Combat is by far the worst in RE7 as well. The boss battles were extremely chunky.

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    Come full circle and rip off The Evil Within which let's you choose between both.

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    @danjin44 said in Has Resident evil 2 has chance to top Resident evil 7 as best in series?:

    @b-cell Not for me, I personally much immersed in third person.

    Yeah, I find third person much more realistic. First person is robotic.

  • I think RE2 remake will do well. The series started to lose it's way when it focused more on action then horror. This doesn't seem to be the case with RE2 remake from what I've seen from videos. I loved the PSone RE games and I wouldn't have been turned off if they went the fixed camera route but I'm actually glad its over the shoulder. Fixed camera is cool in a retro kinda of way but I'd rather be scared of the thing I can actually see and fight instead of being scared that a shitty camera angle is hiding the fact that there's a zombie eight feet in front of my that I just can't see.

    I think it was awesome capcom corrected course with RE7, but I never bought it. I watched a playthrough and enjoyed it and might get it later just for the VR stuff but it didn't blow me away. Just my two cents.