Games/Franchises that should make a comeback

  • I’ll report back with a more heartfelt answer but right off the bat, “SOCOM: US NAVY SEALS” went from the poster child of PlayStation 2 online networking, the game that created GAME BATTLES (later MLG), and helped shape console multiplayer, to a game that Sony used to cash in on gaming trends and sent to die a horrible death.

    The series deserved better than its send off and the tactical shooter genre needs a comeback in the era of R6 Seige having success despite the market preferring more streamlined titles.

  • Out of the games/franchises mentioned, the ones I agree with the most are:

    Super Mario RPG - Been yearning for a proper sequel or spiritual sequel since the day it came out. And if Mario is consider "too occupied" with his other RPG series then I've long wanted a Kirby version of SMRPG. Kirby already has a huge cast of characters and enemies, plus many varied settings. There won't be any problem coming up with playable characters, NPCs, a bestiary and dungeon locations. Also, like the Mario series, Kirby has "platformer DNA" so it makes sense to emulate the SMRPG approach.

    James Bond 007 - I too love, loved Nightfire and still revisit it with great fondness. Everything or Nothing was a blast. Bring back Bond!

    Half-Life - To be honest, I was more in love with the original than Half-Life 2, but so much time has passed that I would expect a new game to be different than all the previous entries. The setting is great, I wouldn't care even if they did shifted into a different stroyline. And unlike a lot of series that I want to make a comeback, this one has very broad fan support behind it.

    Here are some of my own suggestions:

    1. original, single player Star Wars games! Man, oh man...what happened here?! When I was growing up, it used to be that Star Wars games were as fun/important to me as the actual movie trilogy -- if not more so!

    2. a Quintet revival: Actraiser 3 or a top down action RPG successor to the Soul Blazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma trilogy.

    3. Turok! Ignore the reboot, and take the best ideas from the other games. After developing two PC remasters/remakes, ideally Nightdive would be able to secure permission to make an original game in the series.

    4. Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre. It doesn't have to copy one of the two existing branches in the series, a new invention in the strategy genre using the Ogre Battle setting would both be interesting and fitting with the series's history.

    5. Warcraft IV. WC3 is my favorite RTS. This is another sequel I've wanted since day one. And if they don't want to stick closely to the past, then a fresh design take on Warcraft 3's "RTS armies with RPG heroes" basic premise seems like ripe territory to create something that still works but feels entirely different.

    Some quick Honorable mentions just to wrap things up: a new Castlevania, new Advance Wars, Kid Icarus: Uprising 2, Lost Kingdoms 3, and Hexen 3.

  • It hasn't really been gone that long.. but I'd love to get another Bioshock one of these days as well

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    YES! how could I forget this? Vanquish is such a fun game! I played through this so many times and almost platinumed it. If this were to come back I would be very very happy.

  • @lotias Some of Platinum's best work and one of the best third person shooters I've ever played. Has that same kind of effortless bad assery that Devil May Cry has. So good.

  • Syphon Filter
    Base Wars
    Twisted Metal

  • Almost forgot another one; SWAT needs to return. SWAT 4 is so damn good, still my favorite game in it's genre, which isn't exactly up on the high horse these days (single player wise). The scenarios in each level makes it so special. Still can't get over how cool the serial killer house infiltration is, despite it being so short.

  • @brannox +1 for Portal

  • @el-shmiablo I would LOVE! Vanquish to make a comeback, it's one of my favorite third person shooters!

    Most of the franchises I'd like to come back have already been mentioned, except for one.

    Binary Domain, a real swimmin' in 7s type of game and it deserves a second chance!

  • Shining Force, an actual SRPG, not these crappy action things sega has been pumping out

  • It's Dino Crisis for me. I've wanted a Jurassic Park Isolation ever since Alien Isolation and I think a remake/reboot of Dino Crisis is the best chance of that.

  • @tokeeffe9 Dino Crisis VR

  • Not sure whether it even classifies as dormant, what with the recent Switch port announcement and the continued Online game in Japan, but Dragon's Dogma needs a proper sequel. Maybe after Itsuno takes a break from DMC after 5 releases, he can come back to his other baby.

    Tony Hawk or skate. or really any skateboarding franchise to step back into the limelight and become relevant again.

    Also, where the hell is Virtua Fighter? If Shenmue can get revived, so can VF. Even go the kickstarter route again if you have to.

  • @smoothrunes At least you get some VF character in DOA.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Speaking of I wonder if the VF and KOF guest will come back in DOA6

  • @smoothrunes
    Well Tony Hawk just announced some smartphone game a few weeks ago, that claims to go back to THPS roots.

  • There's just too many to be honest. I'd personally be more interested in seeing a few franchises return to form, franchises such as Tomb Raider and Resident Evil.

  • @sheria Besides the colossal misstep that was 6, I think RE has generally been quite on point from entry to entry.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Games/Franchises that should make a comeback:

    @sheria Besides the colossal misstep that was 6, I think RE has generally been quite on point from entry to entry.

    It's had its highs and lows since Zero. I think it would make the best comeback by taking queues from the likes of Sonic Mania, Mega Man 9 or even Broken Sword 5; realising that technology doesn't make the game and recognising the things that made it so good in the first place.

  • @sheria I don't see the correlation between those games an RE.
    Sure they could pander to the nostalgia crowd and release a game with horrible voice acting and characters totalling 100 polys across the entire game, but I don't think that is what people enjoyed about RE.
    Though I may be wrong, I think it was the atmosphere, tension, and general mystery of the original games that hooked people in. Solving obtuse puzzles under the threat of zombie attack and wondering when the next dog would come leaping through a window at me is what I remember most.