Games/Franchises that should make a comeback

  • I can't say I was a big fan of the controller delay in KZ2. KZ3 was a much better game overall in my opinion. Had an absolute fucking blast playing splitscreen coop with my roommate.
    Also one of the best uses of the PS Move, along with Resistance 3.
    R3 is straight up the best console shooter of the entire last gen. Got serious HL2 vibes from that game in some parts.

  • Resistance in general was painfully underrated considering how fun it was.

    I don't necessarily want it to come back. It got weapons, enemies, and scale right. But I really couldn't care less about that story or world.

  • @dipset I wouldn't mind another Resistance, but it needs to be straight up 3-esqye from the onset.
    It is a shame that series finally found its Groove only after everybody stopped giving a fuck.

  • Still need to get around to playing Resistance, think I got 2 and 3 sitting around somewhere

  • Play Resistance Fall of Man with a friend as well as Resistance 3. R2 threw out split screen and was kinda like Call of Duty meets horror. It was the dark horse. Still fun though. Just not fun with friends.

  • Resistance 3 is amazing. It's the only Resistance game i played (aside from the PSP game which was also amazing), i was quite blown away by it. That game can feel atmospheric as heck, I still remember how younger me feels when going to that abandoned town level in the middle of the night. Really cool weapons too, Insomniac's still flexing their creativity there.

  • @bam541 The train level was so fucking good. Timing your shots with the sway of the cars as they rounded corners was so satisfying.

  • I too miss Resistance. The first holds a special place in my heart, and while I dug 2's story, dropping the weapon wheel for only two weapons was annoying. 3 looks fantastic still, but it feels like it's missing something. Retribution is ok and Burning Skies is passable (both are better with New Game Plus bonuses), but the true hidden gems are actually the two books. Those are some pretty good stories.

  • Chrono series. I want a proper chrono trigger sequel or at least a remaster

  • Just dawned on me but a Twisted Metal Battle Royal game might be interesting.
    50-60 vehicles, keep special abilities for each one.
    Idk could be interesting.

  • @dmcmaster I'm kind of over the BR craze (though Apex came out of nowhere and is honestly fucking amazing) but that would actually be pretty awesome.

  • @dmcmaster I'm in. You've got me.

  • Not big into BR myself, but something about a giant vehicle based BR game with a map special made to ensure crazy vehicular scenarios sounds amazing.
    And unlike every other BR game the focus of vehicles would probably kill alot of down time.

  • I would say Streets of Rage, but 4 got announced in the summer.

    Other games: Viewtiful Joe, Dino Crisis, any IP that needs to be pried from Konami, and Power Stone.

  • @brawlman Power Stone would be fucking amazing.
    I so very much want a proper Guardian Heroes sequel. I know the three tiered branching path side scrolling coop beatemup strategy RPG fighter is a crowded genre right now, but I really think Treasure could knock it out of the park.

  • @el-shmiablo I'd have fate in Treasure, but they screwed up big time with Advance Guardian Heroes on the GBA. It's the only sequel to one of their games I don't like. I would not mind a proper sequel to GH, but unless it takes place in the distant future or alternate universe, I prefer that game as one-off. Especially with the multiple endings. If that never comes to fruition, at least there is Code of Princess. That game was developed by former employees from Treasure.

    Power Stone 2 I played a lot back at my local mall, and at friends who owned a Dreamcast. 2 was mt first Power Stone game.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Hell I wish Treasure would actually make more games in general, think thier last game that wasn't a port or remaster was Sin & Punishment 2.

  • @dmcmaster That is correct. Treasure was always known for developing games on their own time and pace. 9 years is enough Treasure, ust make a knew game for the PS4 or Switch. We'll take it.

  • I would even settle for a port of Guardian Heroes HD to modern consoles.

  • I'm really in the mood recently for a new Phantasmagoria game. I loved one, and had a good time with 2 back when I did beta testing for Sierra. Doesn't have to be point and click, but more of an adventure-style game in the 90's Cronenburg body-horror weidness genre.