Updated: EZA Forum FantasyCritic League 2020 Season Thread

  • @iboshow I like punishing the foolish.

    The reward for drafting Breath of the Wild 2 is... if it comes out, it's a 90+
    The penalty for drafting BOTW2 should be, that if it doesn't - you get NOTHING.

  • I agree with you, I think Kyle altered the rules to his advantage, and capitalized on it. Maybe the right way to do it is to include some sort of "trade deadline" for drops. Make it prior to E3 and by that point you have to make your decision. It can extend to anything you drafted, but you have to finalize your subtractions by the beginning of June.

  • Eh, I just think that the "right way" is no drops. There's nothing wrong with risk/reward. It's the entire point of the game!

    That being said, not criticizing Bosman. Shady dealings is Bosman's M.O.
    It's to be expected. :)

  • Yakuza 7 is reviewing pretty well in Japan. Looks like it's gonna be pretty solid.

  • I liked Don's idea of trading

  • Yeah, I think I brought that up to @elitefusion a while ago.

  • Yeah, I don't see the point of drops. Maybe allowing one... but unlimited seems ridiculous. At least they only allow drops for games not releasing.
    One thing I can say in its favor though is that this means they should end the year only with games that released, and that should mean more risks on games that might not be good in the end.

    Also if Yakuza 7 gets above 80 I'll be thrilled

  • @inustar said in Updated: EZA Forum FantasyCritic League 2020 Season Thread:

    One thing I can say in its favor though is that this means they should end the year only with games that released

    That depends entirely on when things get announced delayed, really. If something gets delayed out of November or December, there might not be much to replace it with that hasn't been snapped up. I had that issue in Royale last year. Ended up replacing it with another TBA that I thought miiight drop over Christmas because of vague tweets.

    At least in Royale when you sell a game back, you only get half of what you paid for it.

  • Gods and Monsters exists and will release sometime between now and March 2021


    @iboshow will be happy.

    And is this the one Don is obsessed with too?

  • @dipset Don is obsessed with Skull and Bones. Gods and Monsters was originally Feb 2020 so it better release in 2020 :P

  • @Inustar Looks like Crusader Kings III will release September 1st, 2020. I tried drafting it but settled for John Romero's Empire of Sin a different strategy game. I wasn't sure if any of the Paradox Interactive titles would release in 2020 because they are a small publisher working with smaller studios but this might be an indication that the ball is rolling. Hoping my game gets a release date too.

    Youtube Video

  • @dipset I don't think it is very accurate to call Paradox a small publisher, they are certainly not of the huge guys in the industry but they have their hands in a good number of decently sized, if niche, games.

    I'm also thinking CK3 is a bit of a risky bet, their last Grand Strategy games have received less than favorable reviews, and with the DLC model they follow I wouldn't be too surprised if the initial reception aint great.

  • @bard91

    True but this is coming from the guy who bet on Fast and Furious Crossroads. I do think CK3 looks to be pretty fun and based on the community enthusiasm I thought it was a solid pick. I also like my pick with Empire of Sin, but I'm scared the 2020 window has moved. They put out some new trailers but no release date.

  • @dipset I'm pretty pleased with the reports coming out from people who've played CK3. Don't think the game will score amazingly high, but I am confident it will get me points.

  • Ok @TokyoSlim so you went all-in with Origami King? Didn't expect that! A respectable move, it's yours.

  • Yeah. Been saving my entire bankroll to splash on something "big". I think it's a pretty safe bet for points. Got it for my last game in one league and second to last game in the other.

  • @tokyoslim

    Fuck how much did you bet? I put like $30 on it.

    Edit: NVM, I bid $19 and was pretty much the bottom rung on this bid.

  • @dipset I spent it all.

    I have been able to pretty much get anything else I want for $0
    Knew there'd be a fight for this one, tho.

  • Hey Mr. @TokyoSlim There's this one little thing in our league I've noticed. Remember when @Capnbobamous was sure about that Bat Family game coming out and wrote it as their pick? Well, now there's an actual title like that being free to select and bid on, and it isn't tied to Capn's pick in our league. So basically someone could be a bit evil and pick that "official" Bat game title and Capn would be left empty-handed if the game did indeed release later this year.

    So what I'm getting to is that is there any way to tie that official title over there into Capn's one that they wrote down much earlier when the site itself wasn't even ready for such a move? I think it'd be fair. Oh maybe I should add @elitefusion in this as well.

    In other news, my ticket is full. I seem to be the first one. I took what I could, I'm okay with it.

  • @sentinel-beach ?? Where did you see a Batman game officially announced? TELL MEEEEE