Updated: EZA Forum FantasyCritic League 2020 Season Thread

  • I got some much needed pickups this week. I got 2 of my 3 bids: Kena, F1 2020, and I lost to @Inustar on Deathloop.

    I knew my Deathloop bid was low @ $23 but I didn't think it was $90 competitive either.

    I def thought people would bite on Kena so I overspent. I think the game looks really damn good.

  • @dipset I would have bid on Kena as well but I didn't even know it's coming this holiday until way after the reveal. That's a good get.

    Meanwhile, Summer in Mara's gonna drain 40% of my points if it stays on it's current score... I don't feel bad for putting my belief in that pick, but damn that's a lot of negative points. I'm considering playing it safe with my last pick, but I just like risky picks so much.

  • @bam541 Honestly really surprised. PS5 launch period is starting to look extremely light on system sellers.

    I didn't expect it to release 2020 after it wasn't announced with the reveal, but at least within spitting of the launch period. Just saying 2021 makes me think we're looking way into March at the earliest.

  • @hazz3r said in Updated: EZA Forum FantasyCritic League 2020 Season Thread:

    PS5 launch period is starting to look extremely light on system sellers.

    That's how PS4 was too.

  • @hazz3r I feel like Sony is relatively generous in terms of giving their first party devs time to work on games, so I'm not surprised. They're probably trying to think in the long-term anyway. For now, it seems that one of their strategies is making deals with a bunch of third party devs to get timed "console exclusives" that'll help cover the launch period, like Deathloop.

  • GG Boys.

    I was in contention for the Championship trophy, but Fast & Furious fucked me big time terrible.


    Dropped to the bottom of the pack...

    Yeah yeah, I know, it looked like a PS2 game but it's made by a reputable studio. They clearly needed the money to tide the staff over until Project Cars 3.

    Enjoy the points @elitefusion

  • @dipset This years Left Alive

  • That's rough! Too bad this pretty much also cemented @elitefusion's win already in August. :/

  • There haven't been a lot of reviews yet, there's still still hope it could climb to 50-60!

  • I have a feeling there aren’t many reviews because critics are skipping it. Kotaku wrote about how it’s not bad in premise and some of the performances aren’t bad, but apparently the gameplay is outright awful.

  • Hello all, this is just to make sure that those who are in the league are aware that the new draft will take place next Saturday. We've not yet heard from:


    I don't think we have room for new people assuming everyone wants to participate this year, but if not then maybe we can open it up.

  • If there's room I think I'd like to try the Fantasy Critic league. I've never tried that sort of thing before. If not, no worries, I wouldn't want to take it away from anyone if they're already invested.

    If anyone else is interested in trying it out who doesn't already have a fantasy league, let me know too and we can see about getting it setup!

  • I think we can essentially have an unlimited number of people. If we get too many more, we may want to adjust the number of games we are all picking... but adding people shouldn't be an issue.

  • Copied from my post on Discord: I can only do Saturday the 2nd after 9:15 PM PST. The only times that I have free are Monday the 28th all day, Thursday the 31st all day, and Sunday the 3rd after 6:15 PM PST. I work until 9 PM PST all other days. If I am the one odd person out I can just set up an auto draft.

  • That's quick, should we wait a couple weeks into January?

  • Hitman 3 comes out pretty soon. Don’t think we can wait.

    I’m off work until the 4th so I can do any time that’s most convenient for people, but if we can avoid starting between 4-10 PM PST I would appreciate it!

    Also, I would love more people and less games. It means we have even less sure things, although we might struggle with drafting!

  • I'm totally down to have my heart broken by bad decisions again! Sorry I'm not as active on Discord right now. I keep the Desktop app closed while I work, and since I've been working from home most of the year, I kinda walk away from my PC when I'm off work.

  • What would be the time on Saturday? I'm still a little unsure about participating this time around.

  • I’m still down to do Saturday but after 9:15PM PST would be 12:15AM EST and that’ll be way too late. Took us 3 hours last year.

  • I'm up for joining this year