Updated: EZA Forum FantasyCritic League 2020 Season Thread

  • I couldn't find a thread for The Medium so I figured I'd post this gameplay demo here. Until now, I haven't seen footage of this before; just the reveal trailer. I think I will like this game and I'm super open to more of these survival horror games popping up.

    It definitely copies a lot of Silent Hill's homework, which I figured would happen, but it's also just outright taking the cheesy acting too which I can live without by today's standards. Also a healthy dose of Until Dawn's talking to yourself as you discover items and such.

    Anyways, I'm into it, but it does look a bit rough. Kinda like a lower budget Until Dawn. Still difficult to tell how this will review because the cool stuff we see in this demo could be repeated 14 times over for all we know. I went from intrigued to excited after this demo.

    The Medium - Official 14 Minutes Of Xbox Series X 4K Gameplay Trailer
    Youtube Video

  • Has this been talked about anywhere yet? Discord? A new round for '22?

  • @sentinel-beach

    Yeah we’re doing a new season and drafting on Jan 10th. I think there are some pinned messages on Discord.

  • On a Monday? Damn, I might have to sit this year out, because I'll be at work then, and these drafts have tended to happen around 4 AM here in Finland. Might be Tuesday morning for me. :[

  • Draft Day is 1/10/2022 at 5pm PST. If you can't make it, I'm fine with drafting from a list for you or auto drafting using the hype score. If you want me to draft for you, PM me a list of the games you want in order and I'll do my best. If you run out of listed games, I will draft based on hype meter.

    Also: none of the proposed rule changes have a majority vote yet, so if you haven't voted, you might want to take a look at that Google doc in the pinned posts on the discord.

  • Also, if you'd rather just sit the year out, let me know that too, and we can open some spots up if anybody else here wants to join. (we can do that anyways if there's enough interest.)

  • I would like to join if any spots are available!

  • @brunojoey i am going to send you an invite in about an hour to the league and our league discord, where we discuss rules changes and talk polite amounts of trash at each other's pick-ups.

  • @Brandon_Reister @iboshow @bard91 I don't think we've heard from you yet so I figured I'd ping you here.

  • Last call for @bard91 and any new folks that want to join in on the mayhem this year. Draft is TOMORRRROW

  • Drafted third from last in a 15 team league. I think I did ok with it, but obviously the universe is nerfing me by putting me in my least favorite draft position.