Easy Allies Podcast -SEASON 4- Score Tracker (Update every Friday)

  • This Thread focuses 100% on the Scores and weekly bets from the Easy Allies Podcast, with details and a Score Board


    EPISODE #145 - January 16th 2019: Quote of the Week: I need these horrible little stinky games! -Kyle Bosman

    BET: "New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe" will be released on Friday, January 11th. At this point next week, how many people will be watching it on Twitch?
    Actual Answer: 245
    Winner: PIGS WIN
    Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 230

    EPISODE #146 - January 23rd 2019: Quote of the Week: Bungie swinging their Ding-Dong around... -Kyle Bosman

    BET: "Ace Combat 7 Enemies Skies Unknown" will be released Friday, January 18th. Will there be Aliens? How many Missiles will we have in our first mission?
    Actual Answer: 85
    Winner: PIGS WIN
    Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 20

    EPISODE #147 - January 30th 2019: Quote of the Week: AAAAHHHHHHEEERRRRHHHH... -Ben Moore

    BET: "Kingdom Hearts III" will be released Tuesday, January 29th. How many shoes will be on the back of the box?
    Actual Answer: 10
    Winner: PIGS WIN
    Winning Bet: Kyle Bosman, 9

    EPISODE #148 - February 6th 2019: Quote of the Week: Microsoft does, what Nintendon't -Kyle Bosman

    BET: "Wargroove" will be released Friday, February 1st. How many times will the term "Advance" appear in the top 10 most recent reviews on OpenCritic.com?
    Actual Answer: 37
    Winner: GORILLA WIN
    Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 13

    EPISODE #149 - February 13th 2019: Quote of the Week: Welcome to: Reacting to IGN! with EasyAllies! -Kyle Bosman

    BET: How many Twitch viewers will "Apex Legends" have at this time next week?
    Actual Answer: 620,000
    Winner: GORILLA WIN
    Winning Bet: Bradley Ellis. 200,000

    EPISODE #150 - February 20th 2019: Quote of the Week: ---

    BET: Crackdown 3, FarCry: New Dawn, Jump Force and Metro Exodus all release on Friday, February 15th. At this point next week, which will have more viewers on Twitch? (TIE BREAKER: How far ahead will it be?)
    Actual Answer: ---
    Winner: ---
    Winning Bet: ---

    Jan 15th 2019 - Updated Gorgeous Gorillas Logo, now with the Switcher Snake looking over his shoulder and facing the other direction

    Jan 15th 2019 - Made small Logo icons for weekly winning scores (Pigs Win // Both Win)
    Jan 25th 2019 - Adjusted small Logo icon for the Scrappy Little Pigs to reflect the updated logo (Pigs Win // Both Win)
    Feb 18th 2019 - Took away the blur on the scoreboard "wobble" animation. and cleaned up the rotation animation frames (now more frames and higher FPS), the blur created too much artifacting in .gif format compression (FOR COMPARISON: OLD // NEW)

    Bild Text
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  • Great work as always Kev!

  • I slightly cleaned up/steam-lined the Logo (Slightly easier to read and less distracting parts)
    here's a comparison:

    Bild Text

  • Update on the animation, the blur in the wobble animation created too much artifacting when turned into a .gif image.
    so I took away the blur and upped the framerate, created more in-between frames to make the animation in general look smoother.

    comparison from this weeks scoreboard:

    Bild Text
    Bild Text