EZA GOTY 2019 Deliberations

  • It's debuting on Twitch right now, but since it's pre-recorded, I'm watching it on YouTube
    Youtube Video

  • I know they worry about the "ugliness" of the deliberations, but I don't think I ever hear anyone really being deliberately mean, and I don't know of another time of year we get so much Ally feedback on so many games at one time. Love this ridiculous stuff.

  • After watching the complete deliberations AND the Awards wrap-up, I had a couple of tech issues (several times a few seconds would be repeated then be jumped ahead), but overall had a great time with it. My one bit of confusion is why the Allies spent so much time in getting the big one down to a list of 10-12 when there could only be one winner, and said winner was determined relatively quickly.

  • Watching their personal GOTY picks right now. What is the track Damiani played at least twice before the stream? It's like super positive, Smash maybe, brass instruments playing like from Heaven. Edit. It's Gangplank Galleon Remix. :)

  • @brannox Because they need a list of 10 for Nominations? I have no idea. Now we need a EZA's Top 10 games of 2018

  • @iboshow That's what it was coming across like in the moment. For a little bit, I actually thought they were doing a Top 10 deliberations disguised as their normal GOTY deliberations and that would have been the upcoming video (which if the website's calendar is accurate will be a couple of days from now), but that feeling left pretty quickly. Still was weird in the moment though.

  • Swery (developer from The Missing) gave a SHOUT OUT to EZA :)

  • @brannox They spent so much time on the nominees because while only one could win, it's important to make sure everyone realizes that there are a lot of great games from 2018. Was kinda hilarious how focused they were on 10 though, since it's their awards they could have just said 12 nominees.

    I had fun watching this, but I will say I think there are some tweaks that could be made for next year. I would say perhaps in certain categories they could have one person create the nominee list and then everyone can vote. Sure, everyone should be involved in categories like GOTY, character or RPG, but for trailers or music? Just agree to let the people who are experts make the nominees list. That trailer part took a long time...
    I think a few more silly categories could have been fun too.

    But, shout out to Ian for a great edited awards video. Really well done.

  • @inustar Your second sentence is my entire point. If they were happy to axe an entire category (puzzle), then having an arbitrary number of GOTY nominees should've taken less time.

  • I'll admit, the 2017 GOTY deliberation was extremely frustrating but luckily, this one really wasn't. I'm not a major fan of the idea Ian kept pushing through these deliberations though, with certain games "getting their time in the sun", as then it feels like they're silently pushing a one award per game rule. I'm glad a few other Allies tried to steer away from that line of thought and it still ended up being a pretty even spread throughout.

    I really do think the deliberations would feel more fluid with some sort of time limit on the smaller categories, say 15 minutes or so. Because it's so loose, some categories get extremely bloated and the same point can often be brought up for a game, multiple times.

  • @sabotagethetruth If I ran a GOTY deliberation, wouldn't offer up a game of the year category, then determine it via a point system based on number of nominations and wins instead of an arbitrary pick.

  • @sazime Sounds like a real similar system to what we use, haha.

  • @sabotagethetruth The deliberations would have benefited from having a set nomination list ahead of time, and then just debating who should win. It seemed most of the time was about who should be nominated, while the winner wasn't as difficult. I would love to see them instead go into this next year without a 5 only rule, and just let each ally nominate one game for each category.

  • The one thing that was frustrating is Ian pushing for the missing for best story even though the others felt like there was other games that deserved to win, i hate to say this put i don't like it when outlets give awards to make a point of push an idea.

  • @a7x458 Well he was pushing for it because he thought it was the best narrative. There's nothing wrong with that. After all that's the point of deliberations, for each person to push for the one they want to win.
    I think they gave it the award because he swayed enough people.

  • Also... consider that Ian didn't decide the vote on that category, Damiani did.

  • I'm not attacking Ian,he is one of the main reasons i started watching GT and still watch EZA, I'm just saying it felt like the other Allies wanted to vote for another game but didn't because Ian was pushing for it.