Anyone else picking up Moon Hunters this week (PS4)

  • Never heard of this game before going to PSX last year. Got to play it a bit and really enjoyed the little time I had with it. It's a four player top down rogue lite where you seem to kinda make decision and build up your characters legacy, the kicker is a play through is fairly short. The idea is that you play through the game multiple times to get new story elements and build up your legacy more. Since I played it ive had my eye on it and it releases this week. I know most people are going to be digging into I Am Setsuna but are any other allies willin to hunt the moon???

  • Fairly short doesn't begin to describe it. I was waiting for this game to come out for years, and the final product was nothing like what was originally promised. Do not buy this game. If you must buy it, at least wait until it's heavily on sale. The full game feels like a demo.