Waste of time for experience media ?

  • After an argue amongst friends we started to discuss the value of "re-experienceing" consumed media. To clarify I mean media, such as books, films, games etc a second time around. Is it worth to go back and revisit these places again after you've finished them, or is that just a waste of time? One of my friends argue that once you have gone through a film/game you have already seen it and as there are constantly new amazing things being created you should focus on what lies ahead. As if we just keep going through the same old films and games, as good as they might be will be missing so so many new experiences that are being created each and every day.

    Then my other friend argue that just because you revisit media which you already may have consumed might just help you. Going back allows you to grow a stronger bond with the material, see more details that you might have missed the first time as well as knowing that you will get a good experience. Just because you go back to old things doesnt necessary mean that you miss out on new cool stuff.

    So I ask of you dear allies, where do you stand in this question? New is always better? or should we not forget old experiences that we might have had in awesome games and films?

    Would be interesting to see where you all stand!


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    This is something I have been debating many times, as I got friend who always "just" look for new stuff to consume and very rarely look back to the old.

    First of all I have to say, something that I didnt really accept until like a year or two ago; Play what you want to play.

    I believe that going back to a game, film or book that you already gone through can be a lot of fun. You might discover new details, get a better understanding of story or just get a bunch of enjoyable hours. Its like revisiting places you've been before, you now got a emotional connection and in my opinion it can enhance the experience.

    Its nothing wrong to consume new media, but there is so much so you wont have time to catch anyway. Also, I almost feel as if its hard to appreciate something if you dont go back and maybe reflect on something instead of just go "thank you next".

  • I don't think its a waste of time. It also depends on your intent.

    You can re-read a book to instill the information into your brain more. I used to have to re-read books in university all the time to make sure I properly understood everything and that I had it memorized for years to come.

    I've re-watched many movies for enjoyment, but also to study. If you want to learn how to make films then you need to study the ones you like. That involved repeated watching. I don't think any of this is a waste of time. Especially when so many movies, books, etc are terrible nowadays, why not consume what you know is great?

  • I've read the Harry Potter Books a Dozen+ times

  • I get not wanting to replay games or rewatch movies but the idea that it's a waste of time is kind of insane to me. With movies or books or TV shows you can learn a lot from rewatching something with new context, especially if there's a twist ending that changes how you thought everything went up until then. Games can have that too but there's also just plain replay value. I can love an 80 hour beast like Persona 5 sometimes but I'll always prefer games that last like 5-10 hours that I'll replay a million times like Super Mario 64, Cave Story or Metal Gear Rising.

  • The idea of anything that makes you happy being a waste of time annoys me a bit.
    Finding things that give us joy should never be considered a waste, whether that's experiencing new things or going back to an old favourite.

    Experiencing things over time is so interesting to me. A book you read when you're 12 will be different to you when you're 25, or 50.

  • It's a waste of time to begin with.

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    I very regularly replay Super Mario RPG, Guardian Heroes, and Dead Space to completion, and receive immense joy each and every time.
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