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  • Half of this video is just Yong Yea bitching and moaning about the same stuff that he has said 800x in his other videos and then he transitions over to this apparent travesty. The whole tone of these opinion-news bits is ridiculous and juvenile.

    This report could be read in under 60 seconds but is spoken about for 10 minutes. Baffling to me.

    OT: Not surprised Bethesda has another oversight to their online game. Their handling of this doesn't surprise me either. The are incapable of developing an online game let alone a dynamic game. Their aggression towards people exploiting their own oversights show me that they didn't prepare for the community and communication element of developing an online game.

  • @dipset so pretty much standard YongYea MO, I don't mind the guy but I don't really like watching his videos anymore precisely because of this even if I do likely agree with his position.

    Anyhow, the new F76 fuck up of the week, not much to say at this point really

  • @bard91
    Could start making bets on the next F76 fuck up.

  • Not the NEXT controversy but I think a report might come out that they have a skeleton crew supporting this game within 4 months.

    They're gonna abandon ship.

  • @dipset
    I can actually see that happening

  • Ok throwing down my bet, next week's controversy will be false bans on people who never accessed the dev room

  • Sorry guys, as mentioned in the Bethesda Faces More Ridicule topic, made a bit of a mess hoping to merge it into the general Fallout 76 topic.

    Anyway, apologies about that, hopefully if Sheria gets back, they will post it in the general topic for people to discuss.

    Locking this topic.