The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2018!

  • @ffff0 Just offering my take on it given the disparity between the previous games in the series and this one. Like I said above, nothing has come out about trouble during development or with budget.

    Also many people work on a game, so even if you have some problems with several aspects of the game, it doesn't mean that every member of the team didn't care about results.

    Sure, and the larger the team the less I think you'd find a project absolutely nobody cared about, but that's not what I'm talking about. I used the words phoned in, as in fine with creating something mediocre that would pass without losing the studio money or getting anyone on the team in trouble while lacking passion and a vision.

    there are people who enjoyed this game (including Damiani), so this team must done at least something right.

    You'll always be able to find people who enjoy anything for various reasons because different things appeal to different people, and some people are more forgiving or less bothered by flaws than others. Having a beloved art style accompanying also doesn't hurt either.

  • My only exposure to this game is the battle music. Absolutely glorious piece.

  • I didn't really hesitate in putting Torna as my number one for the year, it just stood out that much despite technically being just DLC, it's competition across the year was just weak and few and far between.

    I don't have much interest in the rest of the countdown now, but thanks to Bigdude, Danjin and Cweeny for also giving this DLC a shout out.

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    FYI @Mbun they did add three difficulty modes to Ni no Kuni 2, with appropriate modifiers for each, i.e. better rewards. I started on the medium one recently and have been getting my butt handed to me on the first Kingmaker trial boss.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Did you play it with surround sound headphones on?
    I literally lost a whole day to Tetris in VR and didn't know it, I'll just try it for a few minutes I said. 8 hours later I finally manage to pull myself away from it thinking it had only been a few minutes.

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    I played NNK2 before the difficulty update and I remember it being really easy up until a point where I had to stop and randomly grind levels in order to progress, so hopefully they balanced that better as well.

  • I really loved Ni No Kuni 2, so much so, I platinum'd the thing. While the story isn't anything special and the cast of characters isn't especially strong, the exploration, towns, kingdom building, music, and combat mechanics (on harder difficulties) are all really fantastic. In a world without Suikoden, Ni No Kuni 2 is the closest thing we have to building an empire filled with named characters that all have personalities and personal quests. Absolutely jolly and wonderful game, one where the passion and care for it was made very clear to me.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    they did add three difficulty modes to Ni no Kuni 2, with appropriate modifiers for each

    Oh, I'm aware. Damiani streamed them back when they were added, but they're still trash. Still wild swings between way too easy normal enemies and absurdly tough bosses and corrupted enemies for no reason. Doesn't hold a candle to Draconian in Dragon Quest where it is actually balanced or the wealth of modifiers Xenoblade Chronicles 2 lets you tweak to what you like as a player. Felt like a cheap way of claiming they fixed a problem without actually fixing it.

  • Wait when did Xeno2 get difficulty modifiers?
    Guess it's time to hop back to it, got to the point where the giant monster thing eats the party before work and life threw a few curve balls.
    Tried going back to it before the Torna DLC came out (need to get) but kinda forgot how to do everything

  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission

    #17. Astro Bot Rescue Mission - 12 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 1 (Mbun)
    #3: 1 (Macka)
    #4: 2 (Tearju Engi, tokeeffe9)
    HM: 1 (ffff0)


    Release date: October 2 [US/EU]
    Developer: SIE Japan Studio
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Platform
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4


    EZA Review

  • @dmcmaster Basic ones were in the game at launch, but the crazy customization menu where you can tweak just about everything was part of the free DLC updates throughout 2018.

    @Axel Dang, only #17? Guess that's the cost of being a VR game when most people still don't have VR. Absolute must play if you own it or (in my case) know a friend who owns it who'll let you come over and play.

  • As I mentioned above, Tetris Effect was one of many things that made VR stand out this year, and this was another that caught my attention. While Brad's review REALLY sold me more than anything else, it does look just a little bit like the beginnings of VR's true potential. By no means am I holding that against it, but that makes me more excited to see what's next. Truly the definitive VR platformer to date.

  • Would love to play this game, but VR just makes me sick. I bought it, thinking I could handle it, but I couldn't get past the first level.

  • Astro Bot has been THE game that pushed me very very close to the edge of buying a PS VR, everything I've heard about it sounds so damn wonderful.

    But at this point I'm probably going to wait for PS 5 / PS VR 2 before I take the plunge.

  • I have this game on my to do list

  • Pure platformers aren't my thing, but I liked Astro-Bot. Great use of VR and it's a full game (unlike may other VR titles which feel like a tech-demos).

  • This looks so jolly, i wish i had a PSVR.

  • Astro Bot is one of those games that I'd love to play, but will never get around to play it. I've never been a big fan of VR and I doubt I'll ever purchase one. I hope they'll make a non-VR compatible version of it in the future.

  • @hidz
    i'm in the same boat but the price of psvr has been droping so much and not to mention the sure to be refined VR ps5 edition it will be hard to pass up.

  • @hidz said:

    I hope they'll make a non-VR compatible version of it in the future.

    That would ruin lots of the charm of the game even harder than porting Super Mario 3D World to Switch would. The design is the game is directly blended to the VR experience. That's why it is a significant release and not just another platformer locked behind VR. Hopefully over time VR gets better (makes less people sick) and cheaper though. If VR can stick around until most people own it and are used to it, even if they make better Astrobot games or other VR platformers going forward, this one will be worth going back for and hopefully stay compatible with the new systems.